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  • Players First...Winning Second


The Basic Philosophy of Gaelic Games

The Code that Underpins the Basic Philosophy: 'The greater the sense of achievement, fun and fair play that young people experience when participating in Gaelic Games, the more they will enjoy their involvement and strive to develop their True Potential.'

What is Gaelic Football?

Gaelic Football is a fast and exciting field game unique to Ireland. It can be described as a mixture of soccer and rugby, but it is a lot older. There are 15 players on a team and the object is to kick, hand-pass or fist a leather ball through to the opponents goal, into the net as in soccer to score three points, or to put it over the crossbar for one point. The time for each game differs for youth competitions, generally 30 minutes, with two halves of 15 minutes each for U-8, and increasing to 70 minutes with two halves of 35 minutes each by the age of U-18. Shoulder to shoulder tackling is permitted and an opponent’s kick can be blocked with the hands. Check out the Our "Links" Page and "How to play Gaelic Football"

Philadelphia Shamrocks

The Shamrocks is an organization that provides a positive and supportive athletic program in Gaelic Football, hurling and camogie.   While these sports are the national sports of Ireland, the Shamrocks welcome all players between the ages of 6 and 17. All age groups train on the same evenings, providing an agreeable environment for parents who have multiple children in the program.

Gaelic Football training generally will not conflict with other sports programs. Since Gaelic football is generally described as a blend of soccer, basketball and volleyball, we welcome children with multiple talents, skills and interests.


Hurling and Camogie are similar to field hockey.  It is fast paced and learned easily  Come on out and give it a try! 

The Football Season

Practices generally begin shortly after St. Patrick's Day. Unlike other sports, there is not a game per week or multiple games per week. The season is comprised of local, regional and national tournaments. In addition, there is a "street league" whereby we play "Blitz events" against the other local Gaelic football programs.