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Sheehan Hockey Website Intro/Setup

Welcome to our new website.  We will be using this website this season to make announcements, view the schedule/calendar, post statistics, and allow you to receive cancellations and schedule changes via a text and/or email.  The website will be utilized by the players, managers, parents, and coaches.  Below you will find a brief description on how to navigate around the website using the menu bar on the left.


1. Set-up Text Alerts (This is how you will be notified of a cancelled practice/game) - Click on 'Bulletin Board' on the left menu and then follow the directions to set-up text alerts.  

2. Required Paperwork - for those that need to complete their Physical, Parent permission form, and Code of Ethics - you can click on 'Handouts' and print out the paperwork.  REMINDER - NO ONE IS ALLOWED ON THE ICE AT TRYOUTS WITHOUT THIS PAPERWORK COMPLETED PRIOR TO TRYOUTS.


WEBSITE NAVIGATION TIPS - use the Main Menu tool bar on the left side of the page to navigate around the website

Welcome Page - periodic messages on the banner across the top.  Messages/stories can be posted in the main body of the page (where you are reading this message).  The bottom of the page displays the upcoming events.

Bulletin Board - this page will hold older stories that are removed from the Welcome Page as well as tips for the website.

Calendar - our schedule for each month. ****NOTE: This is not the final calendar. It is still being updated**** Provides you with the start times of practices and games, and also the time/location of the bus departures for away games (Exit 13 means that the bus pick-up/drop-off is at the commuter lot on Rt 5 at the end of Exit 13).  Parents, if you click on the away teams name, I have attached the directions to the Arenas.

Team/Roster - this is where you can go to view our stats.  There is an offense/goalie tab on the right.  Once the team is selected, I will enter the entire team.

Schedule - Shows our game schedule.  ****NOTE: The schedule is not finalized. It is still being adjusted and games added  ****Please subscribe to this schedule - if game dates/times are changed, it should change on your calendars (ical, google, etc) that you subscribed it to automatically.  

Game Results - once game results have been entered, you can view them 

Contact Info - info for outside sources

Links - this is where we will provide links for valuable resources.

Handouts - links to the Metrics, Forms required by the school, team rules, etc.

Sponsors - we are going to try and sell advertising space to local businesses in the section.  There is also a 'coupon' link on the top right that we can possibly post coupons that viewers can use at our sponsors business.

Directions - directions to our away games.  Rink addresses are here too, for the GPS.

Photo Album - pictures can be uploaded here.  We do have a limited capacity so we might have to limit the amount of photos.

Message Board - people can post messages.

All-Time Leaders - the players career stats will be held here.  Any player who scores a goal will have there name and goal totals written here.  As well as keeping track of the top performers all time for the careers and the best single season marks.  Current players plus/minus will be updated after each season, and those with at least a +5 for their career will be kept. **We only have the stats for players while we coached at Sheehan, so some are only for 1, 2, or 3 seasons.