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  • P-U-M-P PUMP IT UP, PUMP ,PUMP ,PUMP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I believe, I believe that we, I believe that we will WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sheriff's All-Stars
  • Sheriff's Hip-Hop

We are hoping to do some dances with our cheer family this season.  We are looking at some dates to schedule them.  They will help fund raise some money to put in the account and help with the various fees.


Girls, attendance is very important!  I understand that it is tough right now because of vacations and some people are getting sick.  Although if you aren't at practice just because you don't want to be, is disappointing to your other teammates.  Everyone of you put a lot of time into it and deserve to kill on the mat.  DEDICATE YOURSELF TO THIS AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!


We will be voting on captains this year! Our junior 2 team has already voted.  The others will hopefully be able to soon when everyone shows up to practice:)