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  • 1st Spring 2014 Tourney, TNTs Spring Opener, McInnis Park, Carrollton
  • MBI Pre-Season Tourney, March 27-30

New Season for Shock Baseball 2014

February 17, 2014

Welcome back for another year of baseball!

This is the central place of communication for our team this season, along with continued txt messages and occasional emails. On this site, you'll find the practice and league game schedule and tournament information for the season, coaches info, standings, pictures, Etc...  You'll also be able to post pictures and videos to share with other parents.


It will be a fun place to go to view

*Player Statistics, per game and overall

*Post and View pictures

*Tournament info

*Directions to complexes

*Fundraiser/Event Info


The coaches are excited for another season with this highly competitive baseabll team. We believe we have assembled a team of boys that will respect the game, the coahes and the opponents while competing at a very high level and possibly become a AAA team by the end of Spring 2014 baseball season.  This team will not put up with disrespect from players or parents and confrontation during practices or games.  As a coaching staff we simply ask for the full commitment and attentivness from the players to the coaches with nooutside distractions during practices and games.  With this cooperation this team will soar to great heights together.

This season we plan to play some very competitive baseball in tournaments around the metroplex and continue our league ball play within MBI.  Although MBI is not competitve top to bottom in league play it will continue to give our pitchers work and our hitters an opprotunity for batting practice during some games and a chance to hit quality pitching at times.  There will be approximately two tournaments per month through July.  Ending our Spring baseball season at the AAYBA World Series.

If any of you have sponsor options or contacts please let us know and we will try to make a connection and the money will go directly toward Shock Baseball.

We look forward to a fun and successful baseabll Season