• Despite the cold temps 10U was hot at the American Elite friendlies going 6-0 on the weekend.
  • 2018 RAW Roundup Champions - Silver Creek 10U Quinn
  • 2018 RAW Roundup Champions - SC Prospects 12U Jones
  • 12U Rozanski - 2017 RAW League Champions!
  • Congrats to the SC Prospects - 04' Crowe team on their championship win vs Valley Extreme - Buck 5-0
  • 13U SC Prospects - Duddy Champs at Champion Early Bird Tournament over Valley Extreme 5-1
  • 10U Nardone - Runner up at the PGF RAW Roundup
  • 11U SC Prospects Jones - Champs at the ASA Rumble at RAW
  • 13U SC Prospects Duddy - Runner up at the USSSA March Madness
  • 12U SC Prospects - Crowe - RAW Athletics Winter League Tournament Champions!

8/28/2018 Tryout Update

Tryouts Update:

8U Perry - Full

9U Frengel - Full

10U Magno - Full

11U Anderson - Full

11U Quinn - Looking for a C

12U Rotunno- Looking for a Pitcher

13U Rozanski - Full

14U Rottman - Looking for C & Utl

15U Duddy Full

16U Dawson - Looking for a Pitcher

18U Christley - Looking for a Pitcher

18U Lash - Looking for C


8U Perry - Alesha Perry 330-307-5887
9U Frengel - Mark Frengel 724-333-0729
10U Magno - Frank Magno 724-290-0137
11U Anderson - Joe Anderson 724-971-5634
11U Prospects Quinn - Chad Quinn 724-301-6523
12U Rotunno - Mike Rotunno 330-705-0781
13U Rozanski - Gary Rozanski 724-944-2396
14U Rottman - Bob Rottman 724-822-8558
15U Duddy - Frank Duddy 724-674-2791
16U Dawson - Doug Dawson 724-494-5273
18U Christley - Don Christley 216-538-4339
18U Lash-McCanna - Jackie Lash 724-944-9597


Silver Creek Softball has been fixture in western PA softball since 2006 and continues today with the support of great families, coaches and people in the softball community.


At Silver Creek we provide year round training at the best softball training facility north of Pittsburgh, RAW Athletics in New Castle, PA.  We are proud to partner with RAW and call their facilities our home for winter indoor practices and training.  Aside from team practices and whether you are part of Silver Creek Softball or not they give you access to a wide variety of training and instructors including: hitting, pitching, speed/agility, glove work/defense, catching & slapping lessons.  The opportunities they provide our players that want more are almost endless.


We are and have always been focused on player development and helping players hone their skills in a culture/environment that is conducive to learning without the fear of failing.  We truly believe there is not a better environment for a young player to learn and grow as a player than Silver Creek Softball from facilities, coaches, staff and to put them on a path to making their dreams a reality.





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