• 2015 SPRINGSUMMER TOUR BEGINS April 16th through August 31, 2013
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Who is the Southern Michigan Lady Ballerz?

The Southern Michigan Lady Ballerz, is a non-profit organization founded in 2005. The club was established to provide an educational experience through sports participation. The organization, Southern Michigan Lady Ballerz Association., is not a part of the AAU, US Junior Nationals, YBOA or any other sports organization. It is a separate organization! The organization is made up of parents and community leaders. We are a youth sports club. The Southern Michigan Lady Ballerz has a program which supports teams that participate in various tournaments, events, and competitions.

OUR MISSION; is to utilize athletics as a unique and growing opportunity for female student-athletes. We will provide each player with an opportunity to develop their skills and promote sportsmanship, foster good character and teach positive life skills that will help them become personally successful and socially responsible. Player development will be accomplished by practice sessions,conditioning, scheduling of tournaments and games against the highest level of competition. All coaches will share common beliefs about the coaching of fundamental concepts, therefore providing a continuous and proper learning environment for the players and coaches

What does the Southern Michigan Lady Ballerz Do?

The Southern Michigan Lady Ballerz program, is open to participation by all female athletes between the ages of 9 and 18 years. The Southern Michigan Lady Ballerz program forms teams that participate in the AAU,Jr. Olympics, various NCAA Certified Events and U.S. Junior Nationals. We give clinics, skill sessions and development programs to help the athlete aspire to the best of their ability. The major goal of the program is development. When a player comes into the program, our intent is that they leave a better player, a better person, and hopefully a college scholarship player. Besides competition, the Ballerz require each player to participate in, skill development clinics and camps. These skills are then enhanced through proper coaching and competition set up by the Ballerz coaching staff. The Ballerz program/teams participate in many events and tournaments. We also require all participants to maintain passing grades in their respective schools which we monitor monthly with parents written permission, participants will have their life skills reinforced required to maintain good personal hygiene. Character and being respectful of ones self and respecdt of others will be instilled in our young lady's. We want them to never lose sight that they are young lady's before they players and will act in this way at all times.

Why So Many Trips/Tournaments?

The reason for all the travel is Exposure and Competition. With the AAU level tournaments which are weekend events beginning in (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr., June), the US Junior National Championships (in July) and possibly AAU Nationals and Junior Olympics (in July), the players are participating in all the major tournaments that afford the best competition and exposure to the NCAA college coaches. Colleges are only allowed to watch during specific set times and periods and we do our best to schedule competition during these periods. Many of the quality events we will participate in that are not NCAA sanctioned will prepare the participant and teams for the NCAA sanctioned observation events. Exposure plays a very critical part in our goal of obtaining as many scholarships as possible for the ladies. The more a player is exposed and can be evaluated the better the chance to gain a scholarship. Competition increases the player’s and teams ability by maintaining a constant high level of challenges. These events will improve your child’s ability and character.