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Welcome to South Seattle Kings! We provide a positive place for players to develop as individuals within the team environment. With utilizing skills learned both on and off the court. South Seattle Kings is a highly competitive organization that has won numerous championships and always strives to be the best. A huge accomplishment of South Seattle Kings is winning 1st place in the 6th grade National Championship for the 2011-2012 basketball seasons. South Seattle Kings are National Champs and take pride in what they do!

The key to having a successful program is by having experienced coaches who understand the importance of hard work and the team dynamic. Our coaches know that it is about the development of players, and the program as a whole, which has built our reputation as an elite basketball organization.

South Seattle Kings is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization. All donations are fully tax deductible. To continue to run this organization takes time and money. Your generous donations will help make a difference in our young athletes lives by allowing them to continue to compete at all levels. All funds donated will strictly go towards uniforms, league cost, tournaments, and travel expense. For more information please email or contact us.

Thank you for your support!

Spring fever 2015 Champs!

Welcome RSB Kings 3rd grade team!

Jam On It Las Vegas Classic 2014 Champs!

National Championship-Las Vegas, NV 2013

1st place-Jump Shot Tournamnet

1st place-Tacoma League

3rd Place-2013 National Qualifier Tournament

2012 National Champs (San Francisco, CA West Coast National Tournament).


2nd Place in the 2012 District National Qualifier tournament.


1st place (2012 March Mayhem tournament, Tacoma, WA)


1st place 6th grade division (Pacific Northwest Spring League Tournament, 2012)


Go Kings! 1st place 6th grade division (Pacific Northwest Winter League Tournament, 2012)


Go Kings! 1st place in 2012 Gym Rats Presidents Day Tournament (Portland, OR)