• Please pray for the family of Derek Evans II.
  • Parents Derek Evans Sr. and Keme Williams
  • We love you and your family.
  • We're dedicating the upcoming 2018 season to Lil Derek.
  • You're gone but not forgotten. We love you.


Football Camp start on June 11, 2012 thru June 16, 2012 at Lincoln High School hosted by Athletic Director/Head Coach James Argenti and the Lincoln High School Coaching Staff. Camp is free to kids 4-14.

The Southside Rams Organization provides Football, Cheer, and Drill within the South Dallas area, however any child from any area is welcome to join our phenomenal organization! The Southside Rams Organization was established in 2002.
Our Football Age Groups Consist of:
Flag Team - Ages 4-6
1-A Football Team - Ages 7-8
2-A Football Team - Ages 9-10
3-A Football Team - Ages 11-12

Our Cheer Age Groups Consist of:
Flag Cheer Team - Ages 4-6
1-A Cheer Team - Ages 7-8
2-A Cheer Team - Ages 9-10
3-A Cheer Team - Ages 11-13

Our Drill Age Groups Consist of:
Junior (Ramettes) Drill Team - Ages 5-8
Senior (Ramettes) Drill Team - Ages 9-13

All of our teams practice directly behind Exline Recreation Center located at 2525 Pine Street in Dallas, Texas.
Our Practice Days are:
Tuesdays - 6:30 - 8:30
Thursdays - 6:30 - 8:30
Fridays - 6:30 - 8:30

If you want to be apart of a SuperBowl Winning Organization, then come out and join us because the Southside Rams is the place to be!!