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August 12, 2016 – The Black River Youth Baseball/Softball Association (BRYBSA) and Spencer Youth Sports (SYS) have announced the merger of the two leagues.  The principal reason behind the alliance was to combine resources and provide unity within the Black River School District communities.   The new league is committed to sportsmanship, competition and growth of talent among all of the youth who will compete.


The new name of the combined leagues will be Black River Hot Stove/OGSO.  


“We are excited about bringing all the players together in our school district,” said former BRYBSA President Steve Sas.  “We feel this move will be beneficial to our community, to the youth athletes and to our respective high school varsity programs.”


The new league is in its infancy, but began formal leadership assignment immediately to assure the 2017 season is well structured, organized and ready for competition.   


 I hope all the parents in the district will support this merger and work together to make the young athletes experience in youth baseball and softball a positive and rewarding experience that will last a lifetime”, said former Spencer Youth Sports President Steve Clifford.


Spencer Youth Sports

May 3, 2015


The regular meeting of Spencer Youth Sports was called to order at 7:09 pm.  All present acknowledged receipt of minutes via email. 


Steve Clifford, Matt Graves, Charlee Hendershot, Shannon Graves, Dozier Hendershot, Kristi Stief, Dave Stief, Eric Kalman, Carol Gentile, and Juston Davis. 

Open Issues

-Discussion regarding the merge of Spencer Youth Sports and Black River Baseball and Softball for the 2016 season.  There have been informal discussions, but there are still attempts to schedule a formal meeting between the two leagues. 

 Personnel Updates

Hot Stove Personnel Director:  

-Season has started with each of the boys’ teams playing one game.

-Uniforms were distributed with no issues. 

OGSO Personnel Director: 

-Rosters are set, just awaiting one outstanding birth certificate. 

-Team facemasks were distributed.  There were one to two distributed for each team for use by the girls playing infield that do not have their own.  The team managers will keep an inventory of these.

-Uniforms were distributed with no issues. 

Equipment Manager: 

-Equipment was inventoried on April 19th.  Old equipment was discarded, equipment bags were distributed to team managers, and the remaining equipment was organized. 

-Juston purchased practice balls, two tees, and scorebooks.  Receipt was provided to the treasurer for reimbursement. 

-Matt requested lineup cards.  Eric has lineup cards so we do not have to order them at this time. 

-Matt ordered three new pitching rubbers from Marquis Graphics. 

Umpires report:

-Dozier has an updated umpire list for baseball and softball.  He will email this list to team managers. 


A detailed statement of all transactions was provided by Carol and this was reviewed at the meeting. 

Old Business


-Aletha Davis and Charlee Hendershot will co-manage the concession stand.  $600 was provided to stock the concession stand for the current season. 


-The popcorn machine and the coffee maker is out of service.  A decision was made to purchase a new popcorn machine and coffee maker.  Charlee will purchase the popcorn machine and Carol will purchase the coffee maker. 


-Charlee would like a concession stand key for Aletha.  She was advised to notify the town hall of this request. 


-If you have an issue with a parent than you cannot resolve please contact your personnel director or the president of SYS, Steve Clifford. 


New Business

-Discussion was held regarding raising sponsorship fees for the 2016 schedule.  Discussed having tiers for sponsors or having more than one sponsor per team.  Current sponsor fee is $200 per season.


-Discussed how to recognize the sponsors.  An example of a tier sponsorship was provided by Steve. 


-2015 field schedule was provided.  *Reminder* Any schedule changes need to be communicated to Matt Graves for the purpose of scheduling the fields, and to Charlee Hendershot or Aletha Davis for the purpose of ensuring we have concession stand coverage. 


-2015 concession stand schedule was provided.  It is important that each of the team managers distribute this schedule to their parents and ensure they are aware they need to trade with someone if they cannot make their scheduled date.  We would encourage you to text your parents on the day they are scheduled to remind them. 


-If you change the TIME of your game, then you will have to find someone to work the concession stand. 


-The “D” team will run the concession stand on the Fourth of July. 


Agenda for Next Meeting

-Team issues/issues with parents or players

-Concession stand discussion

-Tournament Schedule

-Open forum


Meeting was adjourned at 8:13 pm by Matt Graves with a second from Eric Kalman. The next general meeting will be June 7th, 2015 at 7pm at the pavilion at Firestone Park.   

Minutes submitted by:  Shannon Graves





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March 8, 2015

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