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  • Making people feel like they are playing in the big league.
  • Feb 13th, 16 is when we play.

It's finally almost time where Ssbha makes a return to the south east.  We are hosting a drop in game this Saturday at 8pm at the Weyburn Comp school gym. There is nothing to much that you need except the following. 

- wooden stick with a plastic blade

- non-marking shoes

- $5.00

- 1 white and 1 black shirt

- a donation for the local food bank

- all goalies must bring their own gear.


This game will last 2 hours and music will be supplied by The Blitz. 

We have released the date for our very first game. February 13, 2016 but even before that.  We are looking for a few things. They are as followed;

- shirts or jerseys. ( they must range from sizes small to xxx large. Colours must be red, white, dark blue, and yellow)

- gloves (all sizes )

- goalie equipment 

- hockey sticks with no wooden blades

- plastic blades 


If you can donate any of this, please e mail with the word "donate" in subject 

After talking to our man Eddy, he is proud to release some great news. He was told that we do have a spot on Saturdays between 8pm-10pm.   We would also charge just 5 dollars.   A prepayment will be a 5 or 10 punch card which will be good for 5 or 10 games.  If not used at the end of the season, we will give the money back. 

Some of the ideas for payments would be like a membership style. Single game, 5 game punch cards, 10 game punch cards, or more if needed.  We could have a season pass if we knew how many games were to played. 



I just received information that we do have 3 gyms lined up and a bunch of people intrested have throwing in a bunch of requests for the information.  Yes guys, we will keep in touch still.  

Possible Ball Hockey?

After taking a few months and even a few months off, we have decided to see if we can get ball hockey back into Weyburn. Losing our gym a few years ago, moving to a smaller and more expensive gym. The league folded because of the lack of people. Now,  the loss feeling of ball hockey is being felt around town. We have looked into a summer place to plat to find the curling rink has a great deal and a huge surface to play on. 

As we find new information out, we will update you ASAP. 

Stay tuned

We are in talks to have a season early next year. Please stay tuned for more information.