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Mustang Sally's SaddlebagMustang Sally answers selected fan mail

How does Sugar have a "caught stealing" in his stats if there is no stealing in your league?
Billy Young, age 9, Friendship, TX

Billy, Sugar was picked off 1B in his very 1st appearance as a Mustang while distracted by confused Seinfeld fans. - Sally

Hi Sally, How does a Mustang become a gold member of the K Corral?
Brendan McGrath, age 11, Salt Lake City, UT

Brendan, only Mustangs who show they are truly committed to being an active member of the Corral earn their Gold Member designation. Thanks, Mustang Sally

Sally, please settle this. We are huge Kotrinsky fans in Poland. One of my friends says that The Great Kotrinsky once made an unassisted double play while playing right field. That can't be true...could it?
Mikail Ostrosky, age 11, Warsaw, Poland

Mikail, your friend is correct. In fact, the Great Kotrinsky's membership in the K Corral went gold that same week. - Mustang Sally

Sally, I noticed last week that the opposing pitcher remarked about The Fuse Lampone's guns. I thought I was the only one who noticed. Is he spoken for? Bruce, age 41 (town withheld by request)

Bruce, yes he is...though he's not one to shy away from a spontaneous towel fight in the Mustang locker room. - MS