Southside Elite Basketball Academy, formerly the Runnin’ Rebels Basketball Club, was established in 2009 by Tom and Megan Brady in the hopes of developing more fundamentally sound basketball players. We train girls in the St. Louis area starting as young as 2nd grade through 8th grade. Our primary goal is to prepare girls to play at the high school level. While our name may have changed; our mission has not.


We focus on developing strong fundamental skills in each of our players. This includes the ability to use both their right & left hand, proper shooting form, an understanding of man to man defensive principles, and an understanding of basketball terminology. We don't just teach the "how" to out players, but the "why" so they come away from our program with a deeper understanding of the game. We want to develop not just skilled players, but smart players. So many of our former players have excelled on the high school level, that we feel our approach of teaching fundamentals and core skills is a great way to prepare young players for the next level (see our list of all players currently contributing at the high school level). 




The mission of Southside Elite Basketball Academy is to develop and instill positive values in our players. Our primary objective is to help young ladies develop self-esteem, discipline, a commitment to team first, and respect for themselves and others. Our goal is to provide serious basketball players with the best coaching and support to facilitate their development while also providing them with positive basketball experiences that will last a lifetime.


Southside Elite Basketball Academy is committed to developing fundamentally sound players who love the game of basketball and are prepared to play at the next level. We strive to improve the individual players basketball skills through quality coaching, and by using the latest training aides and methods available in order to help each girl reach her maximize potential.  Players will be challenged in a nurturing and constructive environment, while always focusing on increasing their understanding and enjoyment of the game.  Southside Basketball promotes fair play and sportsmanship at all times. The success of our program will never be measured solely by win/loss records, but by how well the girls are prepared for basketball at the next level, and how prepared they are to continue their growth as young women and future role models.