• 2012 Tornado Football - Conference Champs
  • 2012 Hurricane Football - Conference Champs
  • 2012 Thunder Cheer - 9th Place at Nationals
  • 2012 Tornado Cheer - 6th Place at Nationals
  • 2012 Sr Twister Dance - 4th Place at Nationals

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We can not say it enough. PLEASE make sure that your kids drink a lot of water while they are at home. It is a common mistake to assume that our kids need to drink water while they are sweating and that will take care of their water loss. This is NOT accurate. These little guys are losing pounds of water weight out here in the Florida heat and it is VERY IMPORTANT that you are helping them at home by having them drink extra water "BEFORE" they come to practice. We will supply water during their breaks at the field but they will need your help to keep properly hydrated.

Thank you again for your help and support.


We will struggle with mother nature for the next couple of months due to the rainy season. Please keep in mind that it may be raining at your home but not at the practice field. We request that you bring your child up to the field ready to play. Rain does not stop practice.

If there is lightning, the yellow light will be on. This light can be found on the roof of the board room. If you see the yellow light you should keep your kids in the car until the light as been turned off. You will see a red light if practice has been cancelled.