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Welcome to the Pittsfield Street Hockey League! This league has been started by Matt DiSilva and Ryan Dietlin. This league is open to the public with a age restriction of 12-40. Both Boys and Girls are allowed to play with a signed paper by parents unless you are an adult. If you are interested in playing in the league message Ryan Dietlin at We may or may not have tryouts, so you will be randomly selected for one of the teams.

The teams will be finalized by August 1st of 2013. Wait no more than July 20th to decide if you want to play. We will do our best to make this Street hockey league fun for everyone.



1.3 Stride Checks ONLY, (no higher than 3)

2.Offside calls will be delayed


4.You must wear your team jersey, or you will NOT play

5.All NHL rules