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2017 Junior Olympics-Hawaii Championships


Golden Moments for Sunrise Athletics Harriers

Sunrise Athletics participated at the Hawaii State Junior Olympics Track & Field Championships on July 7-8 on Oahu.  Qualifying night started with Sunrise athletes muscling their way to the finish to secure final spots for a chance at running in finals.  Shaely Dela Cruz just competed in a highly competitive week-long volleyball tournament the previous week, but had enough reserves to finish in 8th place overall in the 400m sprint.  Cyrusy Bower, another middle school sprinter, had similar results in having to put in a final surge the last 50m to secure a spot and finished 8th overall at finals for the 400m.  High school sprinter, Sydirah Aricayos, had a busy day at finals and sprinted home for several medals in the following events: 100m-3rd place, 200m-2nd place, 400m-1st place.  Aricayos also claimed gold in the long jump by soaring past her competitor with a length of 14’-6”.  

Another jumper, Cathryn Krueger, leaped to victory over a stacked field with a jump of 13’-8.25”.  Eight year-old and newcomer Rylan Gumbs, despite being among the youngest of jumpers for his division, was able to take home an 8th place medal with a jump of 9”-5.75’,  which was an inch shy of the fifth place spot.  Meanwhile, in the triple jump, Cassidy Denault hopped-skipped-jumped her way to gold with a distance of 26’-8.75”.  Teammate Teryn Tominaga, of whom had all four events on one day, had enough legs left to follow with a bronze.

As for the middle and long distance races, Sunrise Athletics continued to show its strengths and talents in those events.  Among the middle school athletes, Kacie Tagawa, despite being mixed with a group of older-aged harriers, showed no fear against her competition and took an early lead in the 1500m.  Tagawa set a personal best in the event with a solid time of 6:06.49, which resulted in a bronze medal finish.  Later that day, Tagawa put forth an equal performance in the 800m to capture a silver medal.  Teammates Akemi and Teryn Tominaga followed in 4th and 5th place respectively.  High schooler, Jaeda Yamasaki, put forth a steady performance in the 3000m by hanging close to a pack of Renegade runners.  In the process, she surpassed a few and shaved close to a minute off her personal best time, which was good for gold.     

Among the boys, middle school athlete Kederang Ueda, of whom races with the heart of a lion, is always driven by the need to prove he can stick with the “big boys” of the club.  Thus, his efforts resulted in a hard-earned double gold in the 1500m and 3000m distance races.  Another up and coming youngster, eight year-old Shane Tominaga also ran the 800m race.  Tominaga started off conservative, but made his way to the front line and had a nail biting finish against Pacific Rim’s Zamontae Miller.  Tominaga claimed silver with a personal best time of 2:51.45.               

With great performances from outer-island clubs and all Sunrise athletes, the day belonged to the golden boys of distance running.  When athletes finish their high school season in May, some are more inclined to retire their track shoes for the summer.  However, that was not the case for the Sunrise club harriers.  The hard work and time that these motivated harriers put forth, paid off.  The Sunrise boys dominated the distance races, among a mixture of older and fairly talented outer-island harriers.  

The first night featured 3000m runners stepping onto the line.  Steven Chung, the current BIIF 3000m champion from Hilo High School, was untouchable and led the way for the rest of his teammates, of whom train with the mentality and focus of packing like wolves on a hunt.  While content to let Chung be in a world of his own.  Sunrise teammates Elisha Watkins, Joshua Ho, and Deylan Okinaka worked to stay within 14 seconds of one another  and passed athletes the last stages of the race to claim second to fourth place overall.  The following day was filled with even greater excitement.

In the 1500m, a pack of mixed shades of blue remained intact for the first two-laps of the race.  Then, Sunrise athlete Eric Cabais-Fernandez, running calm and collected, took control.   Menehune Track Club’s Frank Condello refused to bow out and Sunrise teammate, Chung, hung in third.  However, during the closing stages of the race, a dramatic finish unfolded.  Menehune track coach pointed, “Look at that Big Island boy.”  Unexpectedly, out of nowhere, Chung displayed what champions do when the stakes are high.  Chung threw in his signature kick to surpass Condello with about 75 meters remaining, and at the end, Chung out leaned teammate Cabais-Fernandez to earn his second gold.  Both boys were separated by eight-hundredths of a second, and were immediately followed by strong performances from teammates Ho and Watkins respectively.            

Motivated by that race against his own teammate, Cabais-Fernandez bolted out quick, and never looked back, to claim a gold of his own in the 800m race.  A pack of Sunrise athletes followed Cabais-Fernandez, and charged to the finish within eight seconds of one another.  Ho, Chung, Watkins, and Okinaka rounded out the top 5 spots respectively.                  

Another successful run for Sunrise Athletics, and with much gratitude to the following summer coaches for their support in coaching these keikis: Debbie Bierne, Tony Denault, Nick Finger, Brent Nakamura, Ivan Okinaka, Vandey Okinaka, Skye Rances, Kaylee Rapoza, and Dyson Sato.


2016 Hawaii State Junior Olympics Track & Field Championships



Sunrise Athletics Brings Hilo Rain to Junior Olympics


            Sunrise Athletics members endured two-days of less-than-typical weather during the Junior Olympics Track & Field Championships meet on Oahu on July 8-9.  Gusty winds on the home stretch and bouts of heavy rain were experienced by the Oahu, Maui, and Big Island athletes.  However, the downpour was much like a typical day in Hilo for the Big Island harriers, and conditions did not affect their performances. 


On the first day of competition, sprinters had to qualify by placing in the top eight in their age division.  Olivia Wells and Sydirah Aricayos were among the talented group of sprinters that qualified for finals.  Wells placed eighth overall in the 100m and 200m dashes, meanwhile teammate Aricayos placed eighth in the 400m and third in the 100m hurdles.  Among the male hurdlers, brothers Xander and Skyler Macomber, of whom only completed fifth and sixth grade respectively, ventured to learning this technical event for the first time.  In their first season of competition, they displayed great promise and natural form in the 100m hurdle event and both claimed bronze medals.  Later that evening Xander Macomber also claimed fourth in the long jump.


Among the distance runners, there is a plethora of talent from keikis that are barely over four feet tall to those among the seasoned middle and high school harriers.  Third grader, Shane Tominaga, increased his distance length to the 800m (3:10.43) race this year, and utilized his speed and stamina to claim a silver medal by closing in and overtaking a competitor on the final straightaway.  Later that evening, Tominaga earned a bronze medal in the long jump with a leap of 8ft-8.75in. 


Among middle school athletes, incoming freshman Ella Johnson (3000m-1st/ 1500m- 1st/ 800m- 2nd) and Deylan Okinaka (3000m-4th/ 1500m- 7th/ 800m- 4th), and intermediate teammates John Marrack (3000m-1st/ 1500m- 3rd/ 800m- 3rd) and Kederang Ueda (3000m- 2nd/ 1500m- 2nd/ 800m- 2nd) demonstrated that they too can do a “marathon day of events”, like their high school teammates.  This year, the noted athletes muscled through two-days of tough competition by competing in the 3000m (shy of 3miles) on Friday, and had to quickly recover for the quicker-paced 1500m and 800m race events the next day.  Despite that, they proved to be competitive and successful by taking every race with a stride.  Other middle school athletes earning medals for the top 8 places were: Akemi Tominaga (1500m- 5th), Teryn Tominaga (1500m- 7th), and Jaeda Yamasaki (1500m- 3rd/ 800m- 4th).


Last by not least, the high school athletes, of whom had always led by example in their performances, leadership, and work ethic had performed great, despite completing a long BIIF track season.  Talented harriers such as Saya Yabe and Slater Inouye have been dedicated club members that have led the way and epitomized the true spirit of a runner.  They capitalized the moment by ending their summer and leading into their cross-country season on a positive note.  Inouye claimed a double gold in the 3000m and 1500m races, and was on his way for a third medal before having to sit out from his final event.  Yabe claimed the following respectively: 3000m – silver, 1500m and 800m – gold.  She is in great form to being among the highly-favored harriers for this upcoming high school cross-country season.  Other high school club members that put forth stellar performances and earned medals in the process were: Shaun Kojima (3000m-3rd/1500m- 2nd/ 800m- 2nd) and Eric Cabais-Fernandez (3000m- 3rd /1500m- 3rd).


Earning medals or not, all Sunrise Athletics competitors did great in this highly competitive youth track and field championship meet!   



2016 JO Track & Field Championship Results:


Aricayos, Sydirah (13-14): 100m Hurdles (3rd) – 22.27s/ 400m (8th) – 1:14.36


Cabais-Fernandez (15-16): 1500m (3rd) – 4:51.13/ 3000m (2nd) – 10:41.94


Inouye, Slater (17-18): 1500m (1st) – 4:42.73/ 3000m (1st) – 10:11.97


Johnson, Ella (13-14): 1500m (1st) – 5:38.07/ 800m (2nd) – 2:48.17/ 3000m (2nd) – 2:48.17/ Long Jump (3rd) – 12-11.50


Kojima, Shaun (17-18): 1500m (2nd) – 5:09.06/ 800m (2nd) – 2:26.43/ 3000m (3rd) – 11:12.71


Macomber, Skyler (11-12): 80m Hurdles (3rd) – 19.90s


Macomber, Xander (13-14): 100m Hurdles (3rd) – 21.37s/ Long Jump (4th) – 12-04


Marrack, John (13-14): 1500m (3rd) – 5:18.20/ 800m (3rd) – 2:42.72/ 3000m (1st) – 11:14.69


Okinaka, Deylan (13-14): 1500m (7th) – 5:39.44/ 800m (4th) – 2:43.92/ 3000m (4th) – 12:19.00


Tominaga, Akemi (11-12): 1500m (5th) – 6:32.46/ 800m (11th) – 3:18.12


Tominaga, Shane (7-8): 800m (2nd) – 3:10.43/ Long Jump (3rd) – 8-08.75


Tominaga, Teryn (11-12): 1500m (7th) – 6:43.89/ 800m (12th) – 3:21.47


Ueda, Kederang (11-12): 1500m (2nd) – 5:29. 34 / 800m (2nd) – 2:42.18/ 3000m (2nd) – 11:38.60


Wills, Olivia (13-14): 100m (8th) – 14.88s/ 200m (8th) – 31.94s


Yabe, Saya (17-18): 1500m (1st) – 5:21.41/ 800m (1st) – 2:37.83/ 3000m (2nd) – 11:42.45


Yamasaki, Jaeda (13-14): 1500m (3rd) – 6:18.05/ 800m (4th) – 3:07.76/ Long Jump (7th) – 9-00



2015 Junior Olympics State Championship Meet




Golden Moments for Sunrise Athletics at the State Junior Olympics Championship Meet


    Sunrise Athletics Track and Running Club continued to make a strong impression at the highly competitive youth Junior Olympics State Championship held on July 10-11.  Oahu clubs, consisted of gifted Oahu and Mainland athletes that have running engrained as a daily routine, had provided the Big Island athletes the competition needed to raise that bar and set personal best records.  

      Many athletes returned home with top-three medals or earned ribbons that placed them in the remaining top eight spots in the state for individual or relay events.  In addition, the following six athletes earned the status of JO State Champions by placing first in their respective events and age group: Rylie Cabalse, Steven Chung, Taarini Godbole, Kapan Kanae-Kane, Louie Ondo, and Saya Yabe.

     The youngest club competitor to make finals was six year-old Shane Tominaga, who placed eighth overall against elite sprinters that would shock any runner with the times posted by that age group.

     Among the youngest middle distance runners, Taarini Godbole and Jayden Gebin exemplified the true meaning of dynamite comes in small packages.  They may be tiny in size, but are large in determination of which propelled Godbole to claiming two gold and Gebin to two silver medals in the quick-paced 1500m and 800m events. 

     The 11-12 year old age group featured a strong group of young middle distance runners that shattered their personal best times.  In the girls 1500m race, Kacie Tagawa made up ground to surpass an opponent for a bronze medal, and teammate Teryn Tominaga finished in at 6th place.  In the boy’s race, a Godspeed athlete ran away from the field; however, Sunrise Athletics’ Kederang Ueda distanced himself as well to claim an uncontested silver medal.  Meanwhile, teammate Glen Gebin stayed close and claimed a hard earned bronze.  Later that evening, Ueda had an equally strong performance in the 800m race to claim his second silver medal at the state meet.

     In the sprint and jump events, Kapana Kanae-Kane proved himself to be a dominant competitor.  Kanae-Kane set a personal record from his Parks and Recreation (P&R) season results by more than a foot, and soared in at 14feet 6.25inches to claim gold.  The quick-footed Kanae-Kane also tore up the track and earned a silver medal in the 100m dash.

     Other notable performances among the younger female harriers came from the 4x100m sprint relay team, which consisted of Anela Hopkins, Cassidy Denault, Akemi Tominaga, and Devin Buttz, that put forth solid passing and sprinted home to claim silver.

     In the 13-14 age group, the dynamic duo of Steven Chung and Adrian Larkspur continued to dominate the distance races as they did during their P&R seasons.  Chung and Larkspur claimed gold and silver respectively in the 3000m race, and set times that would place them on a competitive high school roster.  The following day of competition, Chung returned in the 1500m race to display his speed and stamina and claimed his second gold medal.  Thus, with the help of his competitors Chung set another personal best time in breaking the five-minute mark.

     Despite their extended season, the following high school standouts continued to shine in their respective events: BIIF and State Champion Louie Ondo easily won all three distance races by wide margins and repeated as JO Champion, Rylie Cabalse took home the most medals with three bronze and one gold for his races and jumping events, Saya Yabe claimed one gold in the 800m, Jodi Go pocketed a silver and bronze in the longer distance races, and Slater Inouye earned a bronze medal in the 3000m.

     Overall, Sunrise Athletics athletes strongly represented the Big Island at the State Junior Olympics Championship Meet!

     Below are the finals day meet results of the Junior Olympics -Hawaii Club Championships.  More info may be found on the club website (www.leaguelineup.com/sunrise-athletics).  

       * Devin Buttz (Age 11-12) = Long Jump <10’ 0.50”> – 7th

  • Jory Cabalse (Age 13-14) = 400m <1:10.69> – 6th place, 200m <30.94s> – 6th place, Triple Jump <28’ 6”> – 4th place

  • Rylie Cabalse (Age 15-16) = 800m, 3000m <10:50.50> , & LJ <17’ 7.25”> Bronze medalist, and JO Champ/Gold medalist in the Triple Jump <36’ 7.25”>

  • Steven Chung (Age 13-14) = 1500m <4:52.16> & 3000m <10:34.15> JO Champion/ Gold medalist

  • Cassidy Denault (Age 11-12) = Long Jump <10’ 3.25”>– 6th place

  • Makena Denault (Age 9-10) = Long Jump <6’ 6”>– 7th place

  • Glen Gebin (Age 11-12) = 1500m <6:07.07> Silver medalist, Long Jump <11’ 11.75”> Bronze medalist

  • Jayden Gebin (Age 9-10) = 1500m <6:00.34> & 800m <2:59.40> Silver medalist, Long Jump – 7th place

  • Jodi Go (Age 15-16) = 1500m <5:46.92> Bronze medalist, 3000m Silver <12:49.35> medalist

  • Taarini Godbole (Age 9-10) = 1500m <6:05.93> & 800m <3:03.84> JO Champion/ Gold medalist, LJ <7’ 11.25”>– 5th place

  • Slater Inouye (Age 17-18) = 3000m <10:18.08> > Bronze medalist, 1500m <4:47.28> - 5th place

  • Kapana Kanae-Kane (Age 11-12) = Long Jump <14’ 6.25”> JO Champion/Gold medalist , 100m Silver medalist <13.90s>

  • Adrian Larkspur (Age 13-14) = 3000m <10:35.31> Silver medalist

  • Josh Quero-Ondo (Age 17-18) = 1500m <5:01.74> – 6th place, 3000m <10:50.56>  – 6th place

  • Louie Ondo (Age 17-18) = 3000m <9:45.49> , 1500m <4:21.65> , & 800m <2:07.98> JO Champion/ Gold medalist

  • Kacie Tagawa (Age 11-12) = 1500m <6:25.26> Bronze medalist, 800m <3:15.14> – 6th place

  • Akemi Tominaga (Age 11-12) = 800m <3:11.58> – 5th place, Long Jump <9’ 2.25”> - 8th place

  • Shane Tominaga (Age 7-8) = 400m <1:30.87> – 8th place

  • Teryn Tominaga (Age 11-12) = 1500m (6:59.90> – 6th place, 800m <3:33.36> – 8th place

  • Kederang Ueda (Age 11-12) = 1500m <5:40.92> & 800m <2:58.76> Silver medalist

  • Olivia Wills (Age 13-14) = 100m - 9th at trials

  • Saya Yabe (Age 15-16) = 800m <2:34.85> Gold medalist

  • 4x100m Relays (Boys 11-12) = <Kapana Kanae-Kane, Adam Bento, Kederang Ueda,  Glen Gebin – <1:01.31> 4th place

  • 4x100m Relays (Girls 11-12) = Akemi Tominaga, Cassidy Denault, Devin Buttz, Anela Hopkins - <1:07.64> Silver medalist

Sunrise Athletics Represents at 2014 Hawaii Junior Olympics Championships

   The Hawaii Junior Olympics Track and Field Championship Meet featured twenty-eight East Hawaii athletes from various schools continue to make their presence known at the championship meet on Oahu in July.  The two-day competition showcased many of Oahu’s fastest club athletes going head-to-head with our Big Island athletes. Mikayla DeCosta, a strong sprinter possessing an explosive start and an aggressive finish, started her day with a personal best performance in the 100m dash by placing 4th and just missing bronze by 0.03 of a second.  In the 200m event, she made sure to stay on her toes, and this time claimed bronze by being 0.06 of a second ahead of her opponent.  She also earned another bronze in the very competitive 4x100m relay, which included teammates Akemi and Teryn Tominaga, and Phoebe Wyatt.

                In the middle distances, club teammates Wyatt and Ella Johnson, claimed top three honors in the 1500m and 800m races in their respective age groups.  Both harriers, having talent beyond their age, posted personal best times that would put them on the roster of a varsity high school squad.  Wyatt claimed silver in the quick –paced 800m race, while Johnson claimed a hard-earned bronze.  In the 1500m race, both girls were challenged by strong rivals that fueled them to earning silver medals in their respective age groups.  Their equally-talented male counterparts, Tobias Johnson and teammate Jayden Gebin, competed in their first competitive 800m race.  Both athletes stayed with the pack and at the final stages of the race Johnson pulled away and claimed bronze for his age group, while Gebin came within two seconds behind his teammate and finished 5th overall. 

                Among the club’s high school runners, Louie Ondo, the current 1500m and 800m BIIF champion and record holder continued his winning ways.  As is his style, Louie quickly took off like a jack rabbit being chased by a pack of wolves, and never looked back.  He won both races by comfortable margins.  

Meanwhile in the longest race of the day featured recent graduate Ian McQuate, the BIIF Cross-Country Champion and All-State Track and Field medalist, participating in his final Hawaii Junior Olympics Championship winning the 5000m race to go along with the five golds he had won over the previous two years.  Fellow teammate and all-state 3000m finalist, Dyson Sato ended his Junior Olympics career by winning gold and silver in the 3000m and 1500m respectively for his age group.

Finally, not to be underestimated by his size and age, youngest competitor Shane Tominaga claimed gold in the long jump by leaping to a length of 5 feet 1.75 inches and earned a 6th place ribbon in the 200m dash.

Other competitors claiming top 3 medals,  4th – 6th place ribbons, or the top 8 final spots in their respective events for their age divisions were as follows:  Tyler Clemons-Kailipaka, Violet Hart, John Marrack, Steven Chung, Saya Yabe, Slater Inouye, Rylie and JoryAnne Cabalse, Alika Dedman, Deylan Okinaka, Glen Gibins, Benjamin Wyatt, Rachel Ignacio, Koa Tominaga, Jenna Lapinta, and Makena Denault.

                Overall, all athletes represented Sunrise Athletics and the Big Island very well at the Hawaii Junior Olympics Championships!

2014 Hawaii Junior Olympics Track and Field Championship Results:

100M Dash Age Group Divisions:

·         Red Boys -8th Shane Tominaga                   21.28

·         Purple Boys -14th Benjamin Wyatt            19.00

·         Green Girls -4th Mikayla DeCosta               15.49

                                   -23rd Makena Denault21.14

·         Green Boys -18th Kelson Tominaga           18.03

·         Blue Girls - 8th JoryAnne Cabalse              14.60 Trials/ 14.82 Finals

·         Blue Boys - 7th Tyler Clemons-Kailipaka   12.72 Trials/ 13.16 Finals

·         Orange Girls – 13th Jenna Lapinta              16.70


1500M Run Age Group Divisions:

·         Green Girls – Phoebe Wyatt                       5:51.57

·         Yellow Girls – Ella Johnson                           6:16.08

                                    -Violet Hart                                6:35.75

·         Yellow Boys – John Marrack                        5:45.54

·         Blue Boys – Steven Chung                           5:25.13

·         Orange Girls – Saya Yabe                              5:54.69

·         Orange Boys – Louie Ondo                          4:30.53

                                      -Slater Inouye                         4:47.67

                                     -Rylie Cabalse                           5:32.6

·         White Men – Dyson Sato                              4:59.74


4x100M Sprint Relay Age Group Divisions:

       ·         Green Girls – Sunrise Athletics                   1:08.62

o   M. DeCosta, T. and A. Tominaga, P. Wyatt

·         Yellow Boys – Sunrise Athletics                  1:02.94

o   J. Marrack, G. Gebin, D. Okinaka, A. Dedman


400M Sprint Age Group Divisions:

·         Green Boys – 5th Jayden Gebin                  1:21.81 Trials/ 1:23.52 Finals

       -6th  Tobias Johnson                 1:22.06 Trials/ 1:23.93 Finals

·         Yellow Girls – 19th Cassidy Denault            1:29.37

·         Blue Girls – 8th Rachel Ignacio                      1:16.51

800m Run Age Group Divisions:

·         Green Girls – 2nd Phoebe Wyatt                                2:56.80

·         Green Boys – 3rd Tobias Johnson                              3:14.48

       -5th  Jayden Gebin                     3:17. 26

·         Yellow Girls – 3rd Ella Johnson                     3:04.25

       -6th  Violet Hart                           3:35.00

·         Yellow Boys – 6th Deylan Okinaka              3:09.00

        -7th  John Marrack                    3:10.48

        -8th  Alika Dedman                   3:10.87

        -9th  Glen Gebin                        3:11.29

·         Blue Boys – 5th Steven Chung                     2:42.35

·         Orange Boys – 1st Louie Ondo                     2:07.92

                         -4th  Rylie Cabalse                    2:40.3


200M Sprint Age Group Divisions:

·         Red Boys – 6th Shane Tominaga                 46.84

·         Purple Boys – 11th Benjamin Wyatt          42.20

·         Green Girls – 3rd Mikayla DeCosta            34.38 Trials/ 33.28 Finals

       -11th Akemi Tominaga             37.50

       -17th Teryn Tominaga               41.63

·         Green Boys – 19th Kelson Tominaga         40.45

·         Yellow Girls – 20th Cassidy Denault            37.76

·         Blue Girls – 8th JoryAnne Cabalse              30.80 Trials/ 30.71 Finals

                                 -10th Rachel Ignacio                        31.04

·         Blue Boys – 8th Tyler Clemons-Kailipaka  27.80 Trials/ 27.61 Finals

·         Orange Girls – 13th Jenna Lapinta              36.06


3000m Run Age Group Divisions:

·         Orange Girls – 1st Saya Yabe                        13:05.28

·         Orange Boys – 2nd Slater Inouye                                10:24.42

·         White Men – 1st Dyson Sato                        10:46.36


5000M Run Age Group Division:

·         White Men – 1st Ian McQuate                    16:48.1                                                                                                                                               

Long Jump Age Group Divisions:

·         Red Boys – 1st Shane Tominaga                  5ft 1.75in

·         Purple Boys – 4th Benjamin Wyatt             6ft 8.75in

·         Green Girls – 6th Teryn Tominaga              7ft 2.50in

       -7th  Akemi Tominaga               6ft 11.50in

       -8th Makena Denault                6ft 1.50in

·         Green Boys – 5th Jayden Gebin                  8ft 0.50in

       -7th  Tobias Johnson                 7ft 6.75in

       -8th  Kelson Tominaga              5ft 7.50in

·         Yellow Girls – 4th Violet Hart                        11ft 5.50in

       -9th Cassidy Denault                 9ft 8.25in

       -11th  Ella Johnson                     8ft 1.75in

·         Yellow Boys – 7th Glen Gebin                      11ft 1.75in

        -9th  Alika Dedman                   10ft 9.75in

        -11th Deylan Okinaka               10ft 6.00in

·         Blue Girls – 5th Rachel Ignacio                      12ft 0.00in

·         Blue Boys – 6th Tyler Clemons-Kailipaka  14ft 1.50in

·         Orange Girls – 4th Jenna Lapinta                10ft 4.75in


Triple Jump Age Group Divisions:

·         Blue Girls – 2nd JoryAnne Cabalse              23ft 4.00in

·         Orange Boys – 1st Rylie Cabalse                  34ft 0.00in


2013 USA T&F Hawaii- Junior Olympics Championship Participants

Big Island Track Stars Excel at Junior Olympics

 Big Island continued to shine at the Hawaii Junior Olympic (JO) Championships held on Oahu in July.  The Sunrise Athletics summer track and field team consisted of athletes from numerous high and elementary schools in east Hawaii.  This year’s Big Island participants that attended the prestigious event established personal best times and marks from their previous Parks & Recreation or JO records.

 This year, the competition featured a two-day trials and finals session for the younger age groups. Newcomer Kapana Kanae-Kane surprised a talented field of sprinters and jumpers from Oahu.  Kanae-Kane made finals in all of his events.  In the 100m dash, Kanae-Kane was third at trials with only 0.1 tenth of a second separating 1st to 3rd place.  At finals, he posted a time of 15.75 to claim 4th overall.  Later that day, Kanae-Kane faced off the same group of highly competitive sprinters, and his explosive start helped him claim bronze in the 200meter dash.  Kanae-Kane’s third event was the most impressive with a gigantic leap of 12 feet 3 inches to distance himself by almost two feet from his closest competitors.  Equally notable was teammate Alika Dedman who came from behind after starting the day at 6th place during trials in the long jump.  After running the fast paced 1500m race, of which that distance alone can deplete one’s energy, Dedman still had enough legs to leap past several opponents.  His jump of 10 feet, 3 inches placed him into a silver medalist spot.

Female youngsters that turned in stellar performances were Phoebe Wyatt and her 4x100 relay team.  Wyatt is making a name for herself at an early age in the middle distance races.  During the first day of events, Wyatt claimed a bronze medal in the 400m.  The next day, having to compete against competitors much taller than her frame did not seem to affect her performance.  Quick footed Wyatt displayed her combination of speed and stamina to post an extraordinary time of 3:06 as a 9 year old, which is almost comparable to a decent time posted by a high school athlete. 

Wyatt also anchored her team’s 4x100 relay to a gold medal for their age division, and third overall among male and female teams.  Teammate Mikayla DeCosta bolted out from the start and used the curve to build a strong lead; meanwhile, teammates Cassidy Denault and Akemi Tominaga also put in solid performances to keep things competitive for their relay team.

In the distances, Magnus Namohala-Roloos (11-12 age division) shattered his previous P&R meet records by almost 30 seconds in each of his events.  He earned 2 silvers by posting fabulous times in the 1500m (5:39.10) and 800m (2:47.31) distances.   Namohala-Roloos, who is still adjusting to this sport will surely turn heads as he continues this upward trend.

Among high school sprinters, the 2013 BIIF 400m champion and state medalist from CLA, Kekoa Mundo, faced tough competition from Gosdpeed TC athlete Justin Main.  In the 400m and 200m sprint events, both gentlemen came out of the curve shoulder to shoulder heading to the finish.  In the end, Mundo claimed silver to Main in a tight race that separated them by 0.1 tenth of a second in both races.

Club teammate from Waiakea High School and the BIIF 1500 and 3000m champion/ state medalist, Ian McQuate, continued to show his dominance in his races.  He claimed double gold in his individual events by distancing his opponents in the 3000m and out sprinting his closest competitor in the 1500m run.      

Other competitors that earned top 3 medals or fourth to sixth place ribbons in their respective events were the following athletes: Axl Aricayos, Tyler Clemens-Kailipaka, Tyler Honda, Dyson Sato, Teryn Tominaga, and Saya Yabe.

2103 Junior Olympic Particpants Results

100 Meter Dash Purple/Red Girls (Age 8 and Under)

·         13th  Denault, Makena - Sunrise Athl 21.29

100 Meter Dash Green Girls (Age 9-10)

·         7th  Decosta, Mikayla - Sunrise Athl 16.96 Finals/ 16.70 Trials

·         13th  Tominaga, Teryn - Sunrise Athl 20.22

100 Meter Dash Green Boys (Age 9-10)

·         4th  Kanae-Kane, Kapana - Sunrise Athl 15.75 Finals/ 15.53 Trials

100 Meter Dash Blue Boys (Age 13-14)

·         6th  Clemons-Kailipaka, Tyler - Sunrise Athl 13.28

1500 Meter Run Green Boys (Age 9-10)

·         5th  Dedman, Alika - Sunrise Athl 7:15.30

1500 Meter Run Yellow Boys (Age 11-12)

·         2nd  Namohala-Roloos, Magnus - Sunrise Athl 5:39.10

1500 Meter Run Blue Girls (Age 13-14)

·         5th  Yabe, Saya - Sunrise Athl 6:04.00

1500 Meter Run Orange Boys (Age 15-16)

·         2nd  Aricayos, Axl - Sunrise Athl 4:58.00

1500 Meter Run White Men (Age 17-18)

·         1st  McQuate, Ian - Sunrise Athl 4:29.14

·         3rd  Sato, Dyson - Sunrise Athl 4:50.6

·         4th  Honda, Tyler - Sunrise Athl 5:22.04

4x100 Meter Relay Green Girls (Age 9-10)

·         1st  Sunrise Athletics - 1:13.4h

400 Meter Dash Green Girls (Age 9-10)

·         3rd  Wyatt, Phoebe - Sunrise Athl 1:19.27

400 Meter Dash White Men (Age 17-18)

·         2nd  Mundo, Kekoa - Sunrise Athl 52.07

800 Meter Run Green Girls (Age 9-10)

·         2nd  Wyatt, Phoebe - Sunrise Athl 3:06.61

800 Meter Run Green Boys (Age 9-10)

·         4th  Dedman, Alika - Sunrise Athl 3:21.63

800 Meter Run Yellow Girls (Age 11-12)

·         10th  Hart, Violet - Sunrise Athl 3:20.70

800 Meter Run Yellow Boys (Ages 11-12)

·         2nd  Namohala-Roloos, Magnus - Sunrise Athl 2:47.31

800 Meter Run Blue Girls (Age 13-14)

·         5th  Yabe, Saya - Sunrise Athl 2:53.48

800 Meter Run White Men (Age 17-18)

·         4th  Honda, Tyler - Sunrise Athl 2:26.07

200 Meter Dash Green Girls (Age 9-10)

·          9th  Tominaga, Akemi - Sunrise Athl 40.43

·         10th  Denault, Cassidy - Sunrise Athl 42.59

200 Meter Dash Green Boys (Age 9-10)

·         3rd  Kanae-Kane, Kapana - Sunrise Athl 32.00 Finals/ 34.05 Trials

200 Meter Dash Blue Boys (Age 13-14)

·         5th  Clemons-Kailipaka, Tyler - Sunrise Athl 28.12

200 Meter Dash White Men (Age 17-18)

·         2nd  Mundo, Kekoa - Sunrise Athl 23.3

3000 Meter Run Orange Boys (Age 15-16)

·         2nd  Aricayos, Axl - Sunrise Athl 10:33.62

3000 Meter Run White Men (Age 17-18)

·         1st  McQuate, Ian - Sunrise Athl 9:41.43

·         3rd  Sato, Dyson - Sunrise Athl 10:15.74

4x400 Meter Relay Green Girls (Age 9-10)

·         2nd  Sunrise Athletics - 7:09.4h

4x400 Meter Relay White Men (Age 17-18)

·         1st  Sunrise Athletics 3:55.4h

Long Jump Purple/Red Girls (Age 8 and under)

·         7th  Denault, Makena - Sunrise Athl 4-10.25

Long Jump Green Girls (Age 9-10)

·         6th  Tominaga, Teryn - Sunrise Athl 7-06.5

Long Jump Green Boys (Age 9-10)

·         1st  Kanae-Kane, Kapana - Sunrise Athl 12-03.00

·         2nd  Dedman, Alika - Sunrise Athl 10-03.25

Long Jump Yellow Girls (Age 11-12)

·         11th  Hart, Violet - Sunrise Athl 8-10.75

Long Jump Blue Boys (Age 13-14)

·         5th  Clemons-Kailipaka, Tyler - Sunrise Athl 13-06.50

USA Track & Field Junior Olympics in July 2012- Oahu


Sunrise Athletics Track & Field Club participated at the Junior Olympics Association Championship Meet in July and earned 23 medals and 10 ribbons.  Coaches MJ and Lance Tominaga, Lory Hunter, Cassie Morigaki, Cameron Nance, Tyler Kubojiri, and Lourence Tolentino were very proud.   

The state’s top athletes continued their dominance.  Carmen Garson-Shumway battled Oahu’s Eli Brady in the 1500m to run a blistering time of 5:03.42 to claim second overall.  In the 800m, Garson-Shumway displayed her speed to outkick her opponent on the final straightaway in a winning time of 2:25.51. 

Ian McQuate and Jackson Halford also ran in the highly competitive 1500m run, with only one second separating second to fourth place, with Halford claiming 2nd and McQuate crossing in at 4th .  Later, McQuate easily claimed the title in the 3000m, while running uncontested.       

Sprinter Colton Austria displayed strong performances earning 2 silvers, with at time of 11.65 and 55.16 seconds in the 100m and 400m races respectively. 

Youngsters, Tyler Clemens-Kailipaka, Teryn Tominaga, Tobi and Ella Johnson earned recognition in their respective events.  Clemens-Kailipaka dominated the deep field of swift runners by claiming silver in the 100m dash and turning on the jets for a gold medal in the 200m sprint.



2012 S-Athletics Summer Program Participants


NOTE: Top 3 athletes received medals, and 4th – 6th received ribbons.

(**) Indicate that athlete is the 2012 JO Champion in their respective event and age division, with Sub-Bantam being the youngest up to the Young Men as the eldest. 


2000 Meter Steeplechase Young Men

2nd  Halford, Jackson 6:48.0h


100 Meter Hurdles Young Women

2nd  Swain, Karley 20.46


100 Meter Dash Sub-Bantam Girls

11th  Tominaga, Akemi 19.72

16th  Tominaga, Teryn 20.30


100 Meter Dash Bantam Boys

12th  Kotomori, Chase 03 Sunrise Athl 17.27

21st  Belmes, Stanley 03 Sunrise Athl 20.66


100 Meter Dash Midget Boys

2nd  Clemons-Kailipaka, Tyler 00 Sunrise Athl 14.12

13th Reis, Kameron 00 Sunrise Athl 16.07


100 Meter Dash Youth Girls

17th Belmes, SheAnn 99 Sunrise Athl 16.44


100 Meter Dash Intermediate Boys

7th Reis, Tylan 97 Sunrise Athl 13.14


100 Meter Dash Young Men

2nd Austria, Colton 94 Sunrise Athl 11.65


1500 Meter Run Youth Girls

8th Lawrence, Amanda 98 Sunrise Athl 6:02.79

9th Yabe, Saya 99 Sunrise Athl 6:07.13


1500 Meter Run Intermediate Girls

1st Garson-Shumway, Carmen 96 Sunrise Athl 5:03.42 **

4th Ignacio, Vanessa 96 Sunrise Athl 6:17.19


1500 Meter Run Intermediate Boys

1st McQuate, Ian 96 Sunrise Athl 4:31.16 **

2nd Sato, Dyson 96 Sunrise Athl 4:54.85

7th Honda, Tyler 96 Sunrise Athl 5:27.67


1500 Meter Run Young Women

2nd Kobayashi, Kelsie 94 Sunrise Athl 5:26.06

4th Okinaka, Vandey 95 Sunrise Athl 6:15.15


1500 Meter Run Young Men

2nd Halford, Jackson 94 Sunrise Athl 4:30.39


400 Meter Dash Sub-Bantam Boys

5th Johnson, Tobias 05 Sunrise Athl 1:32.57


400 Meter Dash Bantam Girls

14th Johnson, Ella 02 Sunrise Athl 1:27.90


400 Meter Dash Youth Girls

11th Belmes, SheAnn 99 Sunrise Athl 1:23.71


400 Meter Dash Young Men

2nd Austria, Colton 94 Sunrise Athl 55.16




800 Meter Run Bantam Girls

4th Johnson, Ella 02 Sunrise Athl 3:10.52


800 Meter Run Youth Girls

6th Yabe, Saya 99 Sunrise Athl 3:02.06

7th Lawrence, Amanda 98 Sunrise Athl 3:02.87


800 Meter Run Intermediate Girls

1st Garson-Shumway, Carmen 96 Sunrise Athl 2:25.51**


800 Meter Run Intermediate Boys

4th Honda, Tyler 96 Sunrise Athl 2:35.26


800 Meter Run Young Women

3rd Okinaka, Vandey 95 Sunrise Athl 3:00.89


200 Meter Dash Sub-Bantam Girls

12th Tominaga, Teryn 04 Sunrise Athl 47.48

14th Tominaga, Akemi 04 Sunrise Athl 49.13


200 Meter Dash Sub-Bantam Boys

3rd Johnson, Tobias 05 Sunrise Athl 41.76


200 Meter Dash Bantam Boys

8th Kotomori, Chase 03 Sunrise Athl 37.22

11th Belmes, Stanley 03 Sunrise Athl 46.18


200 Meter Dash Midget Boys

1st Clemons-Kailipaka, Tyler 00 Sunrise Athl 29.20**

9th Reis, Kameron 00 Sunrise Athl 32.11


200 Meter Dash Youth Girls

17th Belmes, SheAnn 99 Sunrise Athl 35.76


200 Meter Dash Intermediate Boys

9th Reis, Tylan 97 Sunrise Athl 27.92


200 Meter Dash Young Women

9th Swain, Karley 94 Sunrise Athl 30.78


200 Meter Dash Young Men

4th Austria, Colton 94 Sunrise Athl 24.92


3000 Meter Run Intermediate Girls

2nd Garson-Shumway, Carmen 96 Sunrise Athl 11:41.57

3rd Ignacio, Vanessa 96 Sunrise Athl 13:52.11


3000 Meter Run Intermediate Boys

1st McQuate, Ian 96 Sunrise Athl 10:16.57**

3rd Sato, Dyson 96 Sunrise Athl 10:36.59


3000 Meter Run Young Women

1st Kobayashi, Kelsie 94 Sunrise Athl 12:00.74**


5000 Meter Run Young Men

2nd Halford, Jackson 94 Sunrise Athl 17:59.84


4x400 Meter Relay Intermediate Boys

3rd Sunrise Athletics  4:06.14

1) Honda, Tyler 96             2) McQuate, Ian 96

3) Reis, Tylan 97               4) Sato, Dyson 96




Long Jump Sub-Bantam Girls

5th Tominaga, Teryn 04 Sunrise Athl 6-09.50

9th Tominaga, Akemi 04 Sunrise Athl 6-00.25


Long Jump Sub-Bantam Boys

5th Johnson, Tobias 05 Sunrise Athl 7-04.75


Long Jump Bantam Girls

12th Johnson, Ella 02 Sunrise Athl 6-09.00


Long Jump Bantam Boys

8th Kotomori, Chase 03 Sunrise Athl 8-08.25

13th Belmes, Stanley 03 Sunrise Athl 5-10.75


Discus Throw Youth Girls

1st Calso, Maria 99 Sunrise Athl 58-10 **