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2016 Tri-City Cheerleading Registration Information


                                 REGISTRATION INFORMATION - 2016


Registration for the 2016 Tri-City Cheerleading season is open!

For the 2016 season we will continue to offer both sideline cheerleaders and competitive cheerleading. Below is some very important information about the program. There are several exciting ways that you can make your Tri-City experience the best it can be!





All cheerleaders will have two (2) registration options for the 2016 season.  Those options are:

A)     Football Sideline Cheerleader ONLY (no competition participation)

B)      Competition Cheerleader (all football games and all competitions REQUIRED)





A Football Sideline Cheerleader will attend all football games that are scheduled.  The cheerleader will be required to attend all weekly practices for 1-hour (days and times to be determined by each squad coach).  Football Sideline Cheer practices will begin approximately July 1, 2016 and conclude mid-August, 2016.  Football Sideline cheering will conclude in approximately late October-early November.  




Registration Fees

Registration Fee for a Football Sideline Cheerleader (subject to change without notice): 

                   $250.00  (With participation in our fundraising activity)



Uniforms for Football Sideline Cheerleaders will be ‘al a carte’.  Sideline Cheerleaders will not need to purchase special shoes, socks and bows since they will not be participating in competitions, which require ultimate formality. Sideline Cheerleaders, however, will wear the same uniform as the rest of their squad, since the entire squad will be cheering each Saturday at football games. (All prices listed are approximate and are subject to change at any time)

                     Uniforms (shell, skirt and liner)                             $150

                     Spanx/Boyshorts                                                  $5-$10

                     Shoes (white, clean gym shoes of any kind)       Personal cost

                     Socks                                                                   Personal cost                                

                     Bow                                                                     Optional purchase

                     Warm-Up Suits/Jackets                                      Optional purchase

**NOTE – Sideline Cheerleaders do have the option of ordering a complete uniform kit as outlined below in the Competition Cheerleader uniform section**




A Competition Cheerleader is a full season participant.  The Competition Cheerleader will be required to attend ALL football games, ALL scheduled practices and ALL competitions.  Absenteeism due to other commitments during our season will not be allowed.  The Competition Cheerleader will begin weekly 1-hour practices beginning approximately July 1, 2016.  Practices will increase to 2-3 practices each week for approximately 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours, upon the Coach’s discretion, as the squads prepare for competitions.  A Competition Cheerleader’s season will run from approximately July 1, 2016 thru mid-November.  If a competitive squad receives an invitation to participate in the State competition, the season could last thru early to mid-December based upon the IRCA’s scheduling of State competition.  The competition Cheerleaders will compete in a minimum of 2-4 competitions a season.





The registration fee for a Competition Cheerleader, (subject to change without notice) is $325.00



Competition Cheerleaders will be required to purchase the following and will do so as a squad at uniform fitting day.

                                                Uniform (shell, skirt and liner)





Competition Cheerleader uniforms will be purchased as a package and will range from $150 - $200.  Additional expenses for shoes, socks, etc., will be determined prior to the uniform fitting date but can range from $50-$100.


Warm-Up Suits/Jackets are an optional purchase.




Attached are two (2) registration sheets; One is for Football Sideline Cheerleader and the other is for the Competition Cheerleader.  Please click on the Forms tab at the top of this page to access the registration forms. Please complete whichever registration form is applicable to you, enclose a check for the appropriate fee made payable to TCCPA and mail it to:



                                                                Stephanie Ramey

                                                                712 Nordic Ct.

                                                                Batavia, IL  60510



Due to becoming director late May/Early June, I will extend final registration through June 22nd. 




A one-time auxiliary fee may be collected by your team parent during the course of the season.  This fee covers incidentals like homecoming supplies, cheerleader gifts, etc.  It is usually a $35-$50 collection from each Cheerleader.  In the event a squad wins a state bid, state entry fees and practice space rental may be collected from each cheerleader for a minimum of $100.



If you have any questions regarding the 2016 Tri-City Cheerleading program, you can direct them to Stephanie Ramey at

Interested in Coaching or Volunteering?

The 2016 Tri-City Cheerleading coaching staff is looking for volunteers to assist us in interacting with these wonderful cheerleaders as a coach.  Coaches would typically be overseeing 10-15 cheerleaders.  No previous cheerleading coaching or dance experience is necessary.


We are also in need of anyone interesting in sitting on our board to help define the organization and enhance the experience of the program.  Also, anyone interested in being a team parent or other organizational volunteer, such as homecoming coordinator is greatly appreciated.


Anyone interested in any of the above should e-mail Stephanie Ramey at


Tri City Cheer and Pom (TCCPA) is a recreational football cheer program for young athletes entering Kindergarten through 8th grade depending on registration.  The 2015 squad is made up of athletes entering kindergarten through fifth grade. This program provides the athletes an opportunity to learn basic skills in cheerleading, various sideline cheers and performance routines. It is a great way for the athletes to show their team spirit and learn the crucial principle of working together for a common goal. The athletes are coached by parent volunteers and high school cheerleaders from area high schools. Cheer squads will be determined by grade level and all squads will cheer for the Tri City Youth Football Association (Chargers). In addition to the football games, the cheerleaders will compete in one or more cheer competitions. The season begins in early August and continues through mid-November. TCCPA is a member of the Illinois Recreational Cheer Association. For additional information and registration fees please visit our website or email us at