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The Hurricanes will field teams at the 13u and 10u level.  The 10u team will compete at the Major level.  Our 13u team will compete against both 13u and 14u teams. As always, our purpose is to develop our players into both quality young men and baseball players.  If interested in learning more please contact us at georgiacanes@yahoo.com   or call us at 770-886-7650.


We are excited to begin preparations for the 2013 season. We feel very fortunate to add wonderful players and families to the GEORGIA HURRICANES FAMILY.

Our teams are comprised of:





The purpose of this website is to provide information regarding a unique opportunity within youth athletics. It is an opportunity, that while may not be for every family, but to the few extended,it is an opportunity that will change the life of those who accept the challenge.

Our program has developed six players selected in the First Round in Major League Baseball’s annual draft; more than 32 players in professional baseball. Players receiving scholarships to schools from Florida State, University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, Stanford, Arizona State, Notre Dame, Clemson as well as the Naval Academy and Yale to name a few. It has produced numerous National Champions in organizations like Amateur Athletic Union /AAU, Continental Amateur Baseball Association /CABA and Pony Baseball to name a few. The coaches have coached at the collegiate level, been selected to Coach and represent the state of Georgia in the United States Junior Olympics, but most importantly have helped develop outstanding young men of the highest character.

To explain the experience and success of a team sport like baseball is very hard to articulate. The lessons learned, knowledge gained cannot be measured in GPA’s or aptitude tests. It is difficult to measure intangibles; like trying to measure someone’s faith or someone’s capacity for love. We measure our success by how well we have embraced the spirit, the principles and the intangibles we speak of.

We have enjoyed extraordinary success both on the field and off. We talk of love, trust, commitment and effort. Is it enough to say we have enjoyed success just because of work? No. Becuase of more talented rosters? Again, no; our players created their own successes as a member of our organization. What makes work and effort special is that we are committed to the plan. We do not just go thru the motions. As coaches, we understand the pain, sacrifices and dedication necessary for success ~ whether that success is in the classroom, the family environment or the athletic field.

We are committed to the achievement of short, long term individual and team goals. These goals are carefully planned out and diligently monitored. The coaches and parents, working together, ensure these are not wish lists but blue prints for success. Our program has proven to work at all age levels as well as all talent levels.

Our success is built on honesty and trust. It begins with an evolution of discovery of each player’s strengths and weaknesses. We mentor our players with a very positive approach helping each player and family work both strengths and weaknesses. Coaches work hard to eliminate the voices inside of each athlete. The voice that cries “I Can’t ~ it is too hard ~ I am not good enough”. It takes courage and determination to crash down those roadblocks and push the limits that they have placed upon themselves. The reason we achieve, the reason we have so much success is because we believe we can!

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The dedication demonstrated by the families and players has paid off with National recognition. USSSA Power Ratings recently ranked the GEORGIA HURRICANES the number ONE team in the country in the AAA division. The Hurricanes are ranked number one in Georgia. To view some of the seasons highlights, watch our highlight video....http://youtu.be/ehBeeR-LBkM

Personal Instruction

For the first time, we now offer Personal Instruction. Learn more by checking out our "Hand out" section to the left.


Atlanta USSSA Super NIT AAA Champions

Alabama USSSA Super NIT AAA Champions

Battle at the Branch Tournament Champions

Break the Ice Tournament Champions

Junior Grizzlies Tournament Champions

Battle of the Bats Tournament Champions

USSSA Champs Wear the Rings Tournament Champions

One Day Eliminator Tournament Champions

State Tournament AAA Champions

USSSA Final Four Champions

FALL Workouts Begin!!!...

What others say...

The kind words are certainly appreciated, however the success that is mentioned, the kind words spoken are a result of the great coaches that I work along side of as well as the supportive families that trust and believe in what we do. So as you read the following comments and review the former players tab on the left, keep in mind that our success and the success our players and families have enjoyed are a result of the work we were able to do together.

To whom it may concern,

My son Keenan has been playing for Ron for the past three years. We consider Keenan to be very lucky to have played for Ron during this time. Keenan has improved so much that it's hard to put into words. I'm a former Major League player and I know that I wouldn't have done as good of a job as Ron has done had I been coaching him myself. Ron stresses fundamentals and personal responsibility. He runs his practices with a great deal of organization. I've always said that even if our team didn't play a single game our players would improve more than any other team because he gets so much out of the boys in practice. Three years ago our 11 year old team played in a 12 year old league. We lost more than we won but the boys improved dramatically by doing this.

Another important aspect of Ron's coaching is team unity and general family happiness. I can't think of one situation where a family has been unhappy with having their son play for Ron Landy. He cares about the each boy and has a way of handling them as individuals, taking their own personalities into account. He communicates very well to his team and to the families. In short, it has been a pleasure and our good fortune to have our son play for Ron Landy.

Jeff Innis
Former MLB, New York Mets

To whom it may concern:

My son has improved immensely since joining Ron's team. Ron has a commitment to fundamentals, which seamlessly translates to the field during games. In the past 3 years, my son has never uttered the words, "practice was boring!" It is very impressive to watch one of his practices, which is an hour and a half of non-stop action. Furthermore, my son has never been yelled at for making a physical mistake (and my son has certainly made plenty of mistakes over the last 3 years). Ron knows that physical mistakes are a part of baseball, and never uses that opportunity to "show up" a kid. His philosophy is to teach during practice and let the kid's enjoy the game. In fact, he discourages
parental 'coaching' during games and sets that expectation at the beginning of every season.

One aspect that I have enjoyed most is the communication channel that is
always open. As a parent, you always know where you son stands. He is quick to write a personal email after a great game and he always acknowledges the 'little things' that occurred during games (bunting runners over, hitting behind the runner, demeanor on the mound, aggressive base running, and of course hustle). Additionally, all of the kids and parents feel like they are a team, which as you can imagine is quite rare. Obviously, if you look at Ron's resume, it speaks for itself. In my opinion, you could not have a better person teaching youngsters the fundamentals of baseball; as well as instilling the appropriate mental approach. In the last 3 years with Ron I have always been proud to be a member of his team.


Kirk Roach
Former NFL Player


To Whom It May Concern:

Along with his baseball skills, Ron is a man of character. He truly cares about each one of his players and wants the best from them on and off the field. He insists that his players behave in school and treat others with respect. He cares about each player as an individual.

My family moved to Georgia last summer and Ron has gone out of his way to make us feel comfortable in our new home, offering his advice and help whenever he can. He has done many things to help us, including changing my tire in a driving rain storm. When I shared with him that my older son was struggling in his transition to college baseball, Ron took him under his wing and helped him with his game. My older son has been very impressed with Ron’s knowledge and his advice has been a big help.

Overall, I can’t say enough good things about Ron Landy. I would highly recommend him for the position he is seeking. The best thing I can say is that I am very sad that my son only had two years under his coaching.


Lori Sneed

In lieu of writing a normal reference letter, I thought I would relay a personal experience.

I was an undersized boy in 1997 when I first met Ron Landy. After a great season, Ron informed me and my parents that he thought it was in my best interest to play for another team where I would receive more playing time. My parents insisted we stay on his team due to his practices, ethics and leadership. Ron consented but painted a dark scenario regarding playing time and our expectations. As the season progressed, my playing time increased reinforcing his principle of every position is always up for competition.

Ron decided to not coach in 1999, I was selected to play on our programs top team, however after two seasons with Ron, the combination of negative style of my new coach and a life or death attitude with each game was more than I could handle. I decided to quit playing and work. Ron told me I had too much talent to stop playing and encouraged me to reconsider. I know I disappointed him when I chose to not play and work.

Ron was asked to help out our program in 2000 and coach a ‘number 3’ sixteen year old team. Along with Jeff Francouer, we joined Ron again for another season. We went on to win the 2000 World Series. A testament to his leadership and guidance.

With Ron's help and guidance, I was twice selected National Junior College Player of the Year and was a first round draft pick of the Baltimore Orioles. I do not think that I would even have a college education if not for Ron's guidance and support through out my career. He is a man of high character and a unique ability to lead and motivate young people. His record of coaching winning baseball teams is very impressive and speaks for itself; the man behind the record is even more impressive

Nick Markakis
Current MLB, Baltimore Orioles

Ron coaches to make the boys better players and better young men, not just to win ball games. It is easy to win games; it is much more difficult to make a lasting imprint on their lives to help them improve themselves.
Ron does a great job of organizing fun and beneficial practices. He earns the respect and loyalty of his players and gets the best from them. Practices are appropriate to the level of players, without having kids standing around doing nothing.
Play time is earned and fair. Every player is provided the opportunity to earn time at each position. Each player will play several positions and become better at each.
Our experience with Ron has been a very positive one; it will be a great benefit to the boys and the league to have Ron coaching. Our family is looking forward to continued involvement with baseball with Ron and his family.
John McCoy

Dear Ron:

As yet another baseball season comes to an end, Fredi and I wanted to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to you and your coaching staff.

The past two years have been a wonderful learning experience for Alex - both on and off the field. While playing for you he has matured both physically and mentally. The role you have played during this process has been outstanding. The way you take your passion and your love for the game and use it as a learning tool to teach the boys the fundamentals of baseball and life is truly a gift.

I can honestly say that your contributions to Alex’s passion for the game have helped prepare him for the next chapter in his life - high school baseball. I want to thank you for being a part of our last two years you have been a mentor, coach and a friend.

Wherever your next adventure takes you…we wish you much success. We will miss you.


Fredi and Pamela Gonzalez
MLB Manager, Florida Marlins


Six (6) 1st Round Major League Picks: 1996,1998 -(2),2001, 2002, 2003
Thirty One (31) Professional Baseball Players
One (1) 1st Round NFL Pick
Three NFL Players
2000 United States Junior Olympics, Head Coach
2000 Continental Amateur Baseball Association World Champions, Head Coach
1998 Continental Amateur Baseball Association World Champions, Head
1997 AAU, National Champion Runner up, Head Coach
1993 Continental Amateur Baseball Association World Champions, Head Coach
1992 AABC, National Champion Runner up, Head Coach
1991 13 Year Old PONY National Champions, Head Coach
1989 Georgia College - Assistant Coach