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What is The Irish Open?

If you have ever played or attended the Irish Open in Atlantic City, you will know, that it represents so much more than just a game of golf. 
The Irish open represents the start of the summer, where our children will come together with their families and we break bread with old cherished friends and walk away with many new ones. 
Though we go about our days in this life of work, school and daily tasks; we go there and we are reminded of the true essence our Irish heritage represents. 
We are a community deeply rooted in the pride of being Irish, the passion and pursuits of  those before us, who instilled a genuine love for our Country.
With our music stirring memories in our souls, and our hearts beating with a passion for a life of adventure. The sounds of laughter pave way to the steps in our dance.  Each memory here is an ever growing tether to the bonds of comradery we each have for one another. 
Every year we come together is a year we continue to show our children and those around us the pride we take in this bond, in this way of life. 
We show the legacy of our Irish roots to our children, friends and neighbors who come to know, that we are unlike any other. With open arms and hearts, we take each memory and carry one another through to the next year. 
We’ve taken steps onto these greens as friends and family over the years and we don’t walk it alone. The memories of those we love, who have ventured beyond this life, are taken with us and we walk these hallowed grounds. 
Ray Finerty, Gerry McQuaid, and Mike Maher smile down from their seats above and we are sure to have a pint in their honor. The memories made here are of the fondest I have with them, and this event is far greater than that of the sport in which we join it for. 
Each year one becomes a champion of this tournament and we honor and remember them for a game well played. 

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Irish Open Sponsorship

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Irish Open Rules

All players must have a GHIN issued handicap governed by a handicap committee.
All players GHIN issued cards must have 20 scores posted, otherwise player will play off 75% of course handicap. If less than 10 scores are posted, players will play off 50% of course handicap.
Please remember that this is a singles competition and therefore played under the rules of the USGA.
Please ensure that everybody putts out. Everybody must play every hole to completion except in the event of a scratch on the hole, then you can pick up your ball.
Most important rule.... HAVE FUN!




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