• JV Wrestling @ home against MB & NMB January 15th 5:30 PM
  • Varsity Wrestling @ St. James Saturday, January 17th, 10:00 AM start
  • Varsity Wrestling @ Sumter January 23rd & 24th For GameCock Duals


The Conway wrestling program will be the most respected program in the state. Inside The Mauling Grounds of Conway High School we will build a powerhouse team of men who are spiritually grounded, excellent leaders, diligent professionals, and spectacular competitors. The Conway singlet will incite fear into the toughest of opponents. Our opponents will wait in the center of the mat for the green and gold singlet to appear knowing that, win or lose, a war will ensue, and that the strength of their spirit will be tested. When a Conway wrestler slams his opponent to the mat, and the referee awards two points, the roar of the crowd will be so loud that it will echo across campus, and students traveling around will not question what it is, they will simply comment, “there must be a wrestling match.” The Conway wrestling room will constantly be alive with activity during all hours of the day as wrestlers seek a competitive edge over their opponents by working, sweating, and often bleeding to provide themselves with the best opportunity to achieve the dream of becoming a state champion. Wrestlers will be so intense during practice that word will spread throughout the community. The team will be full of individuals who welcome challenges and crush difficulty with perseverance in route to a state title. When the state tournament comes to an end, our team will gather together, around our trophy, celebrating the season. This group will include seniors whose tears of joy at winning are mixed with those of sadness to leave this brotherhood which was assembled by endless hours of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. It will include guys who are committed to each other and to improving; refusing to believe that next year they will finish with anything short of a state title. After four years in the Conway wrestling program the Conway wrestler will have developed the character that will carry him in his spiritual, professional, and family life; helping to guide his decisions as he works to be the absolute best he can be. This is our vision. Nothing more, nothing less.