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Tools Of The Game

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Veteran Lommel, Youngster Garrison Added

Tools of the Game boosted its depth for the 2016 season with the additions of veteran pitcher Lee Lommel and infielder Scott Garrison.  Lommel has been around the game for a long time at 44 years of age, but has been absent from the tournament scene for the past 6 seasons.  He is savvy and reinvigorated for the 2016 season, and willing to take the mound at any time.  Lommel was a part of a very strong Longshots team a decade ago with coach Denim Blevins.  Scott Garrison is a 23 year old infielder that played mostly shortstop on league night in 2015.  He has good speed and a good backside shot to right field.  Scott projects to compete for playing time at all positions as a top "utility guy."  Both of these players spent the 2015 season with Neighborhood Boyz.  

Major Stat Update

After many hours of bookkeeping, the team Stats have been updated through the 2014 season.  The "single season" leaders have been updated, as well as the "All Time Leaders."  The All Time Leaders include all career stats for the player, whether they played on the team for one season or 5 seasons.

Another change I have made is expanding the leader board.  The All Time Stats will now feature the "Top 10" in franchise history, as opposed to the "Top 5" we have used in the past.  I feel that after 7 seasons, we  have a lot of guys who have put up impressive numbers, and deserve some credit.  

There were a couple of stats that really jumped out at me. . . . .

Jon Gaffney - 41 HR in 2014 (New team record)

Corey Riddell - .615 Career Average taking over 1st

Bobby Fahey - 649 Career Runs

Congrats to all and enjoy!!!


WSM Wins USSSA Round Robin

Game #1: WSM 14, 2 In The Pink 4
Game #2: WSM 12, Belly's 11 (8 innings)

Bobby Fahey: .667 (6/9), 3 runs, 1 rbi
Matt May: .555 (5/9), 3 runs, 2 rbis
Corey Riddell: .500 (4/8), 3 runs, 10 rbis, 2 homers
Jon Gaffney: .857 (6/7), 5 runs, 2 rbi, 2 homers
Steve Poling: .714 (5/7), 1 run
Brian Kelly: .429 (3/7), 2 runs, 1 rbi
Adam Huddleston: .333 (2/6), 1 rbi
Justin Curry: .429 (3/7), 1 run, 2 rbis
Brett Redwine: .571 (4/7), 2 runs, 1 rbi
Neil Rininger: .857 (6/7), 3 runs, 1 rbi
Kenny Ball: .429 (3/7), 2 runs, 2 rbis

Errors: Bobby 2, Adam 1, Justin 1

Pitching: Matt 2-0, no walks allowed

WSM Sweeps WSL Tourney at Kenton Lakes


1st Game: vs Showtime (E) 18-13 Win.
2nd Game: vs D&S (E) 22-20 Win
3rd Game: vs Got Beef (D) 19-18 Win.

Adam Huddleston .500 (6/12), 3 runs, 6 rbis
Jeremy Blevins .643 (9/14), 8 runs, 4 rbis, 1 homer
Corey Riddell .643 (9/14), 9 runs, 14 rbis, 4 homers
Jon Gaffney .714 (10/14), 7 runs, 8 rbis, 2 homers
Chuck Dennis .571 (8/14), 4 runs, 4 rbis, 1 homer
Brian Kelly .714 (10/14), 5 runs, 3 rbis
Brett Redwine .462 (6/13), 2 runs, 2 rbis
Shawn Lynam .769 (10/13), 6 runs, 2 rbis
Justin Curry .667 (8/12), 7 runs, 5 rbis
Ian Thorpe .583 (7/12), 5 runs, 5 rbis

Errors: Brett 7, Chuck 2, Jeremy 1, Justin 1

Pitching: Corey 3-0

2015 Tournament Schedule

WSL "D"  Bash for Cash (March 13-15)

 WSL Points RR (March 14th)

 USSSA Round Robin (March 19th)

 GSL D MOJO Moneyball (March 27-29)

 WSL D Iron Man (April 25-26)

 FSA Freedomfest (May 9-10)

 USSSA D City Slam (May 22-25)

 FSA Battle for Freedom (June 20-21)

 WSL D State (July 11-12)

 B Metro (July 23rd-Aug 1st)

 Open Metro (July 23rd-Aug 1st)

 FSA King of the Midwest (August 15-16)

 WSL Last Chance (August 29-30)

 WSL World Championships (Sept 11-13)  Panama City Beach!


2014 Tournament Schedule

 March 15-16, WSL Bash 4 Cash, Rivershore

March 23rd, GSL RR, River City

April 11th, GSL RR, River City West

May 3rd, Sharks Cash Fundraiser, Central Turners

May 24, USSSA D City Slam, Mid America Ballyard

May 31st-June 1st, TBD

June 7-8, GSL, River City West

June 28-29, TBD

July 4th, GSL, River City

July 19-20th, TBD

July 25-Aug 3, Metro, River City West

August 30th, TBD

September 5-7, WSL Worlds, Panama City Beach

September 20-21, GSL Worlds, Berliner Fields, Columbus Ohio

WSM Gets First Tourney Win in GSL Debut

March 25th, 2014

 WSM recovered from a rough opening week to secure its first tournament win of 2014 on March 25th at River City.  This tournament also marked the teams first time competing under the newly formed GSL sanctioning committee.

 The first game WSM jumped out the gates early dropping 10, 10, and 6 runs in the first 3 innings versus local Kentucky team Carlisle and Finch.  This proved to be plenty of runs as WSM dispatched of Carlisle and Finch in 3.5 innings by a tune of 26-6.  Jon Gaffney, Denim Blevins, TJ Powell, Steve Poling, Neil Rininger, and Justin Curry led a dynamic offense by all going a perfect 4/4 at the plate.  TJ also notched his first pitching win of the season.

 The second game of the tournament proved to be the most challenging, as Boxer Express jumped out to an 8 run lead in the third inning on WSM.  WSM then responded with their biggest inning of the year in the bottom of the third inning to steal the momentum back in the game.  A sixteen run explosion in the 3rd turned an 8 run deficit into an 8 run cushion.  The offensive stars of this game were Garrett Penz going 5/5 with 5 rbis, and Steve Poling continued his hot stick with a 4/5 performance including 6 rbis.

The two prior wins left WSM controlling its own destiny heading into the final game.  The team proved to be very much up to the challenge, jumping out early and thrashing the Bud Heavy All Stars 15-2 in 5 innings.  Jon Gaffney led the offense with a pair of homeruns, and TJ Powell remained a perfect 3-0 on the hill, also registering his first game without issuing a walk.

Overall, the tournament proved to be a good experience for the team.  For winning the tournament, WSM received a future free tournament at River City.



 Tournament Statistics

Adam Huddleston

Brett Redwine

Jonathon Gaffney

Denim Blevins

TJ Powell

Garrett Penz

Justin Curry

Neil Rininger

Steve Poling

Ian Thorpe

The team's 6th Annual "3 on 3 Basketball" Tournament will be played on Saturday night, February 22nd.  Cost will be $75 per team, with half of the money going back into the pot to pay the winners.  We will have an "upper" and "lower"  divisions, paying the winner of each.  Teams typically carry 3-5 players for this event.  The format is "2 losses and you're out."  Games are half court, to 15 by 1's and 2's.  Offense calls fouls, alternate possession.  NO "make it take it."


We will also be having a cornhole tournament and Drink n Drown at the event.  Cornhole cost is $20 per team, with half going into pot to payout winners.  The Drink n Drown is $10 "all you can drink" keg beer. 


We will also being doing "Split the Pot" and raffling off some liquor.  Bring your friends and family.  Hope to see everybody there! :)

Saturday, January 18th

 Noon til 1 Batting Tunnel

Miami Lakes (Cleves) 


I cant believe it's only 2 months til the season kicks off, starting on Saturday March 15th.  It's time to start whipping the team into shape.  We have all the attributes to have a great 2014 season.  Here's a look at the roster.


Coach- Denim Blevins #5

P- Matt May #13

P- Chris Schaiper #15

Infield- Neil Rininger #33

Infield- Jason Ramey #11

Infield- Justin Curry #4

Infield- Corey Riddell #18

Infield- Chuck Dennis #25

Infield- Wally Herbert #1

Outfield- Adam Huddleson #12

Outfield- Shawn Lynam #69

Outfield- Ian Thorpe #23

Outfield- Jonathon Gaffney #24

Outfield- Bobby Fahey #9

Outfield- Jeremy Blevins #3

Outfield- Garrett Penz #22

 And of course, we can't forget. . . . .

Stat Man- Dennis Blevins #57


We will be looking to play leagues at Rumpke ballpark on Wednesday nights.  We will once again be playing about 2 tournaments per month over the course of the season.  Season will conclude in style with a trip to WSL Worlds in Panama City Beach, September 5th to 7th!!! :-)




WSM Finishes 9th Place In Worlds

In WSM's 4th trip to Panama City for Worlds, the team got off to it's best start.  The good luck started with gettingou a first round bye, setting the team into the top 32.  A tough come from behind over a Tennessee team set the team into the prestigious "Sweet 16."  A hard fought win over local rival No Excuses put the team on break until Saturday night, and in the top 8 of the winners.  A pair of Saturday night losses dropped the team to a disappointing 9th place finish.  While it wasn't as good as it could have been, the 9th place finish is the best in team history.

Bobby Fahey .467 (7/15), 2 runs, rbi

Jeremy Blevins .500 (7/14), 4 runs, 2 rbis

Ryan Richmond .333 (5/15), 2 runs

John Richmond .533 (8/15), 6 runs, 2 rbis

Matt May .533 (8/15), 5 runs, 2 rbis

Denim Blevins .643 (9/14), 1 run, 5 rbis

Shawn Lynam .231 (3/13), 1 run, 2 rbis

Justin Curry .417 (5/12), 5 runs, 3 rbis

Larry Fagin .800 (8/10), 2 runs, 2 rbis

Neil Rininger  .273 (3/11), 1 run, 4 rbis

Ian Thorpe 7 runs

Kevin Cain 1GP

Joe Fahey DNP

Sean Fahey DNP

Rob Cain DNP



Reloaded For 2013 season


This will be my fifth year running this team.  I couldn't have done it without YOU guys!

Our 2013 coaching staff should be the strongest it has ever been.  Matt May returns for a second year on the team, and first year as coach.  Matt is known for kis knowledge of rules and being an excellent 3rd base coach.  Chris Schaiper rejoins the team after a 1 year hiatus, and joins the coaching staff for the first time.  Chris has been around the game for a long time, knows a ton about the game, and is as passionate as anyone.  He's also one of the best "bat guys" around.  My Dad, Dennis Blevins, returns for a 5th year on the coaching staff.  He is known for being the best "stat man" in the city.

 The 2013 pitching situation is also the strongest and deepest in team history.  Matt May returns for a second season as the teams pitcher.  He posted a stellar 33-13 record in 2012 after being picked up in May.  He led the team to a Runner Up C Metro and is known for his ASA/WSL pitching.  Chris Schaiper returns to the team in 2013, boasting a franchise record 91 career wins.  Chris was the 2011 Bash for Cash MVP, leading the team to 1st place amongst a 47 team field.  Chris also led the team to 2nd in the 2011 Kentucky State tourney, and is known for his USSSA pitching.  Corey Riddell is the only player in team history to pitch in every season.  Corey is known for being left handed and throwin "ASA style."  George Hogg debuts with the team in 2013.  He has formerly pitched for EMR, Fatty Pattys, and other solid teams.  George is known for his fakes and USSSA pitching.

We really have some speed in the outfield.  Jeremy (22) and Bobby (23) have been roaming out there for years and continue to get better every year.  They are 2 of the fastest guys on the team every season.  The 2013 season will be Bobby's first time being "the man" in centerfield, as Chuck moves to the infield.  Jesse Akers (24) joins the team from Chain Reaction.  He was "All City" 2nd team in USSSA E during the 2011 season.  Shawn Lynam comes back after a hiatus from softball.  Shawn played for the Eagles in Indiana, and has a good arm.  Ian Thorpe returns from a 3 year venture in South Carolina to rejuvenate his softball career.  Ian is a lefty with speed and a solid arm.

The infield is definitely the trickiest one to figure out.  There are quite a few very good veterans who can play multiple positions.  Bringing Chuck Dennis in full time from the outfield should be a big help.  Corey Riddell can play any spot well, especially in a 5 man.  Mike Earls in a verstatile addition from Thickskin.  Mike has excellent speed and range.  George Hogg is the teams elder statesman at 41 years, but he is also one of the most versatile defensive players.  Matt May is another veteran who can play around the infield.  Of course, I am a 1st baseman or catcher at heart myself.  Figuring out how to mix these veterans is one of the more challenging preseason aspects. 

I'm thankful to have all of you guys on the team this year!  Let's have an awesome season!!!


WSM Finishes "Runner Up" in 2012 Metro

Team Wins 4th Annual Sarah Wallace Memorial Tournament
Western Sports Mall notched its second tournament win of the season on Saturday night, June 16th.  The first game was a war versus CWB, highlighted by a dramatic Grand Slam homerrun by Johnny Greene.  The next two games would be won in land slides.  Joe Cavanaugh pitched the team to wins in the first 2 games, while lefty Corey Riddell got his 1st win of the season in game 3.  Despite being placed in the upper 4 bracket amongst the 20 teams entered in this tournament, a balanced effort resulted in a relatively easy tournament win while going undefeated.
Here are how the stats shook out. . . . .
Corey Riddell .833 (10/12), 7 runs, 6 rbis
Chuck Dennis .750 (9/12), 4 runs, 3 rbis
Denim Blevins .727 (8/11), 5 runs, 6 rbis
Bobby Duggins .727 (8/11), 6 runs, 5 rbis
Bobby Fahey .643 (9/14), 8 runs, 4 rbis
Brenden Kruse .636 (7/11), 4 runs, 8 rbis
Johnny Greene .500 (6/12), 2 runs, 5 rbis
Dante Getz .417 (5/12), 4 runs, 2 rbis
Neil Rininger .400 (4/10), 3 runs, 2 rbis
Joe Cavanaugh .364 (4/11), 3 runs,  rbis
Great job team!

2nd Half Schedule
WSL "Sarah Wallace Memorial", Rumpke Park, June 16th
Team Fundraiser, details TBA, July 7th
WSL E Midwest Regional, Rivershore, July 14th-15th
USSSA E Schuetzenfest, July 21st-22nd, Kolping Park
WSL C and Open Metro, July 26th-29th, Rumpke Park
USSSA E State, August 20th-21st, Expressway Park
WSL E Worlds, September 12th-16th, Panama City Beach
Lets finish strong boys!!!!!!

Early Season Results
Through 5 tournaments and 10 league games, the 2012 season looks promising for the 4th year franchise. 
The season began with the WSL E "Bash For Cash", as it always does.  After winning the tournament in 2011, expectations were definitely high.  With many new players and the team still meshing, it was still a successful tournament, grabbing 7th place amongst 44 teams.  Jeff Kaiser followed up his 2011 E State "Defensive MVP" performance with another great tournament outting, hitting .769 (20/26) with 10 runs.  4th year veteran Chuck Dennis also contributed a monster effort, hitting .695 (16/23) with 11 rbis.
In the teams next tourtnament, the USSSA version of the Bash for Cash, it was another similar tale.  The team jumped off to a hot start before settling in at 9th place amongst the 41 teams.  The ASA 2K tournament proved to be the teams worst to date, going just 1 and 2 in route to a 5th place finish.  In a pair of Metro Qualifiers, the team grabbed first and second place, earning $115 off of the 2012 Metro entry fee.  Next up comes the USSSA D City Slam, followed by the USSSA E City Slam the next weekend.
Leagues at Rumpke have been very kind to the team in 2012.  The hitting has been through the roof, and the team has cruised to a 9-1 record thus far.  It's NEVER a bad sign when all 3 of your pitchers Joe Cavanaugh (10-7), Matt May (6-2), and Bobby Duggins (4-1) have winning records.  Even Bobby Fahey (1-0) has been a winning pitcher!
I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see the rest of the 2012 season unfold!!!

2012 Schedule

Here is an early sketch of our 2012 softball schedule.  Things are subject to change, and there could be some additions as we get through the fundraisers (3on3 and Drink n Drown).
March 16th-18th , WSL E Bash For Cash, Rivershore Sports Complex
March 23-25th, USSSA E Bash For Cash, Rivershore Sports Complex
April 7th, USSSA Qualifier, Expressway Park
April 22nd, Cash Tourney, Mid America Ballyard
May 25th-27th, USSSA D City Slam, Mid America Ballyard
June 1st-3rd, USSSA E City Slam, Mid America Ballyard
July 20th-22nd, USSSA E Shutzenfest, Kolping Park
July 27th-29th, WSL C and Open Metro, Rumpke Park
August TBA, USSSA E State, TBA
September TBA, WSL E Worlds, Panama City Beach , Florida!!!!!!!

Rebuild, Rebirth, or Reload?
Any way you look at it, the 2012 season promises to be the most fun and best season in franchise history!  Denim Blevins returns for a 4th year as team Manager, and is more hungry and knowledgable than ever.  Dennis Blevins brings the title of "best stat man in the city" to the team for a 4th consecutive year.  His charting of opponents goes largely unnoticed, but not to those close to the franchise.  Rick Petrosky returns for a 3rd year on the team, and a 2nd year on the coaching staff.  Rick provides upper ball experience, fire, and an ability to play both the infield and the outfield.  The new addition to the coaching staff in 2012 is Mike Clayton.  Mike brings head coach experience, as he was at the helm for Shamrock's Bar and Grill the past 2 seasons.  Mike also provides a .600 bat and defensively versatility.
The infield will be led for a 4th consecutive season by team veterans SS Neil Rininger and 1B Corey Riddell.  Neil provides the most consistent glove in franchise history, along with an excellent arm, good speed, and being an instinctive baserunner.  Corey's biggest asset is his "Votto-esque" hitting in the middle of the order.  Corey is riding back to back .600 seasons as well as having the team record with 146 rbis in a season!  Jeff Kaiser returns for a full season after hitting at a blistering clip of .643 in 41 games last season.  Jeff also brings some hardware to the table, as the reigning "Defensive MVP" of the 2011 Kentucky State tourney.  Dante Getz joins the team from Shamrock's, and brings a good glove and a cannon for an arm at 3rd base.  Dante, at just 20 years old, has one of the highest ceilings on the team, as well as tremendous power.
The outfield will look very familiar in 2012.  All 3 returning starters have played since the team's inaugural Fall Ball session in 2008.  Chuck Dennis will again be the defensive captain patrolling Centerfield.  Chuck is one of the best instinctive outfielders in the city, as well as holding a team record of 23 triples in 2011.  Leadoff hitter and leftfielder Bobby Fahey brings a mind boggling 163 runs to the team from the prior season.  Coupled with elite speed and being a lefty, you couldn't ask for a better leadoff hitter.  Rightfielder Jeremy Blevins has been possibly the most consistently improving player on the team.  Jeremy hit .514 in 2009, before jumping to .586 in 2010, and then another leap to .624 in 2011.  On top of that, he now shoots the gaps and is the fastest player on the team.
The pitching situation is also very deep for the 2012 campaign.  Joe Cavanaugh joins the team from Shamrock's Bar and Grill.  Joe brings lots of experience on the hill as well as an excellent backside shot.  Bobby Duggins joins the team from Jim and Jack's, and previously EMR.  Bobby has won 2 Metros and 1 City Slam in the last 5 seasons, so there is no doubting his ability to "win the big one!"
After winning 1st of 47 in the 2011 Bash for Cash, the standard is set high.  Couple that with winning 3 other tournaments, getting 2nd in State, 5th of 64 in the C Metro, 7th of 43 in the E City Slam, and 9th of 40 in the D City Slam, and you have a force on your hands!  The team also set a new record with finishing 13th of 67 teams in the World's in Panama City.  That being said, 2012 looks to be the best season to date!  With awesome talent and awesome team chemistry, the sky is truely the limit in the upcoming season. :-)

Bischoff Bulldozes Pflug Benefit Field
23 to 2.  19 to 9.  24 to 14.  32 to 16.  Talk about making a statement, that's certainly what Bischoff Realty/Western Sports Mall did at Kolping Park.  The opponents were all finished via the "mercy rule", winning the games in 3 innings, 5 innings, 6 innings, and 4 innings, respectively. 
Brandon Schaiper stepped up in his first tourney as the team's starting pitcher, going 4 and 0.  His singing and dancing kept opponents off balance all night, and he also contributed a .733 average at the plate.  Newcomer Matt Wendell hit a perfect 1.000 for the tourney, going 12/12 with 10 runs and 18 rbis.
This tournament was just what the team needed, in order to build some momentum for Panama.  The stats were as follows. . . .
Bobby Fahey .800 (12/15), 11 runs, 8 rbis
Jeff Kaiser .813 (13/16), 9 runs, 8 rbis
John Richmond .600 (9/15), 6 runs, 9 rbis
Brandon Schaiper .733 (11/15), 9 runs, 8 rbis
Curtis Hancock .800 (12/15), 9 runs, 9 rbis
Chuck Dennis .600 (9/15), 6 runs, 9 rbis
Corey Riddell .714 (10/14), 9 runs, 10 rbis
James Kasee .600 (9/15), 7 runs, 2 rbis
Chris Huntsberry .733 (11/15), 7 runs, 5 rbis
Denim Blevins .643 (9/14), 8 runs, 9 rbis
Neil Rininger .636 (7/11), 7 runs, 5 rbis
Matt Wendell 1.000 (12/12), 10 runs, 18 rbis
Great job team!!!

Panama City Beach (2011 Worlds)

Going to Panama City Beach each September is the cultivation of an entire season's hard work.  For a group of guys who started hitting the batting cages and playing indoor softball in January, nothing in the season is more important.  Stack on top of that a 1-2 record in 2010 Worlds, and a 27th place finish amongst 45 teams, and you have a very hungry club.
The first game is always the hardest, and this tourney would be no different.  "No Mercy" came from Louisiana, and held a 6-1 lead through 4 1/2 innings.  A 6 run 5th inning, followed by a 3 run 6th inning, proved to be a very exciting comeback, as the team held on 10-9 in 7 innings.  Bischoff/WSM even overcame a team record 13 walks to pull out the win.  Catcher John Richmond led the hitting with a 4/4 performance, and pitcher Chris Schaiper pitched in 3 hits during the win.
In round 2, it would be a different story, as BR/WSM ran into a buzzsaw in the form of "Alabama Elite."  A USSSA "B" team sandbagging to WSL E, the Alabama team crushed the ball to the tune of an 18-12 win.  The team was carried by the outfielders in this game, as left fielder Bobby Fahey went 5/5, Center fielder Chris Huntsberry went 4/4, and Right fielder Jeremy Blevins went 4/5.  This loss sent BR/WSM into the loser's bracket.
Upon entering the Loser's bracket, BR/WSM would find retribution versus another Alabama foe in round 3.  The team came swinging out of the gate, and cruised to a comfortable 13-4 victory.  Bobby Fahey, Chuck Dennis, Curtis Hancock, and Chris Huntsberry each contributed 3 hits in the win.
In round 4, BR/WSM squared up with "Team Good Talk" of Tennessee.  Team Good Talk started off hot, jumping to a 7-2 lead through 5 innings.  Brandon Schaiper chipped in a huge 2 run double to cut the deficit to 7-5 after 6 innings.  John Richmond then zoned in for a 1 out base hit to tie the game in the bottom of the 7th, leading to extra innings.  The 8th inning would prove to be uneventful.  The game remained tied heading into the bottom of the 9th, and started off poorly with a pair of pop ups.  That's when RF Jeremy Blevins came up and started a rally with a simple base hit.  Veteran catcher John Richmond then smoked a base hit up the middle, and Jeremy took off around the bases.  In a rare display of elite speed, a sliding Jeremy Blevins beat the throw to home, and went first to home for a game winning, tournament advancing run.  This brought the fans to their feet and everyone mobbed home plate.
The next game would present new challenges.  Upon entering round 5, pitcher Chris Schaiper began to suffer from exhaustion, and the team had to call to a new starting pitcher.  Brandon Schaiper moved from the infield to pitch versus a tough Georgia team known as "Tenascious D."  Brandon pitched well, and was fortunate enough to get great run support to the tune of 15 runs, and a 6 run win, 15-9.  Bobby, Jeremy, John, Chuck and Brandon each chipped in 3 hits in a winning effort.
This brought the team to "Championship Sunday", where only 16 of 67 teams remained.  BR/WSM now faced a local Panama City team known as "Southern Impact."  BR/WSM would come out to a 6-5 lead through 4 innings, but it wouldn't prove to be enough, as the offense stalled in the late innings.  The team exited with a 12-6 loss, and a 13th place finish amongst 67 teams.
All in all, it was a good run, and one that could have gone on even a bit further.  This World tourney proved to be one of the most thrilling, fun, and anxiety filled in franchise history.  It was also another big step in the right direction.
Here is how the numbers shook out. . . . .
 Bobby Fahey .680 (17/25), 10 runs, 7 rbis
Jeremy Blevins .583 (14/24), 9 runs, 12 rbis
John Richmond .600 (15/25), 6 runs, 10 rbis
Chuck Dennis .545 (12/22), 8 runs, 6 rbis
Chris Schaiper .563 (9/16), 0 runs, 4 rbis
Brandon Schaiper .500 (12/24), 4 runs, 5 rbis
Curtis Hancock .455 (10/22), 5 runs, 3 rbis
Chris Huntsberry .571 (12/21), 6 runs, 3 rbis
Denim Blevins .364 (4/11), 0 runs, 2 rbis
Neil Rininger .470 (8/17), 7 runs, 5 rbis
Rick Petrosky .000 (0/2), 2 runs, 0 rbis
James Kasee .500 (2/4), 1 run, 2 rbis
Matt Wendell .500 (5/10), 2 runs, 2 rbis
Scott Ellis (0/0) 7 runs
Dennis Blevins (0/0) 0 runs
Ron Smedley (0/0) 0 runs
Great job team!!!

New Benchmark Set With 2nd in State Tourney 
Western Sports Mall/ Bischoff Realty/ Cheviot Sports Tavern overcame a whopping 8 games in 1 day to become the Kentucky USSSA "E" State Runner Ups.  The drama doesn't stop there however.
The team got off to a good start on the day, putting it on the "Wise Guys" in route to an opening round mercy rule win.  The competition was stiffer in round 2 though, as WSM/BR/CST faced a fundamental defensive team in Infamous Softball.  Defense proved to be the difference, as a pair of late errors led to a blown lead, and a 5-3 loss.
Heading to the "loser's bracket" this early can sap the energy out of a lot of teams, but not this bunch.  The team answered the bell by running off a stellar winning streak of 5 straight games, including a pair of "mercy rules."  This left WSM/BR/CST as the sole remaining team in the loser's bracket, and facing a familiar rival in Infamous Softball.  On this day, it wasn't meant to be.  The 10 soldiers whom had riden the duration of this grueling day eventually ran out of steam, and succumbed to a 6-2 day, and 2nd place in the tourney.
On a positive note, there was a lot to build on from this experience.  It was the highest the team had ever placed in a State tourney (previous high 7th place, 2010).  It also brought some more impressive hardware to the teams trophy collection.  On an individual note, Corey Riddell, Brandon Schaiper, and Johnny Richmond earned "All State" honors with their performances.  Shortstop Jeff Kaiser earned the 2nd most prestigious award in the tourney, being named "Defensive MVP."
Hats of to the team for showing some heart, and battling all day!
6-2, 2nd place of 13 teams

Jeremy Blevins 1.000 (3/3), 3 runs, 1 rbi
Rick Petrosky 1.000 (1/1), 1 rbi
Jeff Kaiser .708 (17/24), 8 runs, 6 rbis
Corey Riddell .607 (17/28), 12 rbis, 9 runs
John Richmond .586 (17/29), 8 runs, 4 rbis
Brandon Schaiper .560 (14/25), 9 runs, 2 rbis
Denim Blevins .545 (6/11), 2 runs, 2 rbis
Chuck Dennis .517 (15/29), 8 runs, 12 rbis
Chris Schaiper .500 (15/30), 5 runs, 9 rbis
Bryan Peace .500 (12/24), 7 runs, 4 rbis
James Kasee .478 (11/23), 6 runs, 3 rbis
Bobby Fahey .467 (14/30), 10 runs, 9 rbis
Mikey Clayton .467 (7/15), 6 runs, 4 rbis
Dennis Blevins, PR

Great Job Team!!!

5th Place Amongst 64 Teams Sets New Metro Best
Although the 2011 version of Western Sports Mall/ Bischoff Realty/ Cheviot Sports Tavern came short of its ultimate goal, the team did place the best in it's 3 year franchise history.  Competing in its 3rd Metro, the team came out the gate hot, winning it's first 4 games in route to the South Division Winner's Bracket Finals, succumbing to a tough Death Row Team.  Prior to this, the team had knocked HP Fireworks (eventual Metro Consolation Winner), Shamrocks Bar and Grill, New Life Chapel, and Buffalo Wild Wings to the Loser's Bracket.  The exit came in the Loser's Bracket Finals, losing a hard fought 14 to 10 game to the eventual 2nd place team, Rehage Landscaping.
On a brighter note, this high finish garnered the team 2 spots in next years 2012 Ceremonial All Star Game, with another player as an alternate (if a team folds).  Chris Schaiper pitched effectively, and hit .611, gaining another award to set on the mantle beside his 2011 Bash For Cash MVP.  Chuck Dennis will also represent the team in the All Star game, after hitting 2 pivotal homeruns, and playing outstanding defense.  The alternate will be newcomer and veteran Johnny Richmond.  John led the team with a .684 average in the C Division, as well as using his experience to help lead the team.
Here are the 2011 C Metro Stats
John Richmond .684 (13/19), 7 runs, 7 rbis *All Star Alternate*
Chris Schaiper .611 (11/18), 3 runs, 3 rbis *All Star*
Brandon Schaiper .588 (10/17), 1 run, 5 rbis
Denim Blevins .556 (5/9), 1 run, 2 rbis
Jeremy Blevins .556 (5/9), 4 runs, 4 rbis
Chuck Dennis .500 (9/18), 9 runs, 6 rbis, 2 steals *All Star*
James Kasee .500 (2/4), 1 run, 2 rbis
Corey Riddell .500 (7/14), 2 runs, 3 rbis
Curtis Hancock .466 (7/15), 6 runs, 7 rbis
Wally Herbert .461 (6/13), 3 runs, 1 rbi
Bobby Fahey .389 (7/18), 4 runs, 3 rbis
Bryan Voss .375 (3/8), 1 run, 1 rbi
Neil Rininger .200 (1/5), 1 run, steal
Rick Petrosky .182 (2/11), 2 runs, steal
Dennis Blevins, pinch run
Good job gentlemen.

Upcoming Schedule
 Wednesday, August 3rd @ Rivershore (Any Uniform)
6:15 vs Keystone
7:15 vs Nasty Boys
Thursday, August 4th, OPEN Division @ Rumpke (White ws hat/ Gold Shirt/ White pants or shorts)
7:00 vs Outlaws or MS Drywall
Friday, August 5th, C Division @ Rumpke (White ws hat/ white wsm shirt/ Black pants or shorts)
8:00 vs New Life Chapel

Bash For Cash Winners!!!!!!

First Place of 47 teams

Record: 7-0

Bobby: 1.000 (6/6), 2 runs, 2 doubles
Denim: .706 (12/17), 9 runs, 10 rbis, 2 doubles
Neil: .700 (14/20), 8 runs, 8 rbis, 3 doubles, ALL TOURNAMENT
Brandon: .696 (16/23), 6 runs, 9 rbis, 2 doubles, triple, ALL TOURNAMENT
Jeremy: .692 (18/26), 11 runs, 5 rbis, 4 doubles, homer, ALL TOURNAMENT
Corey: .652 (15/23), 7 runs, 10 rbis, 5 doubles, 2 triples, ALL TOURNAMENT
Bryan: .619 (13/21), 5 runs, 8 rbis
Rick: .577 (15/26), 12 runs, 10 rbis, 4 doubles, triple, homer, ALL TOURNAMENT
Chris: .565 (13/23), 3 runs, 4 rbis, 4 doubles, MVP
Chuck: .523 (11/21),9 runs, 5 rbis, 4 doubles, triple
James: .500 (9/18), 4 runs, 6 rbis, 2 doubles
Curtis: .500 (5/10), 2 runs, 6 rbis
Wally: .300 (3/10), 1 run, 4 rbis, double
TJ: .000 (0/0), 7 Runs

Chris 6-0 pitching
Bryan 1-0 pitching

Great job!

Team Signs Veterans Wilson, Richmond
With an abundance of injuries and an expanding tournament schedule, the team has signed veterans Will Wilson and Kyle Richmond to the roster.  Will and Kyle bring the roster total to fifteen players.  Both of these guys will help with our injuries, depth, schedules, and more when needed.  Neither player will be required to come when we have everybody, but they are welcome to if they like!  Will is a 28 yr old outfielder who played for the Cincy Sharks last season.  He also played with Hard Knocks and M&S Drywall in prior years.  Kyle is a 26 year old infielder, and he played with Queen City Accoustical in 2010.  Prior teams for him include EAP, and spending the 2009 season with Bischoff Realty.  Thanks for both of these guys for helping us out!

Western Sports Mall/ Bischoff Realty Wins ASA 2K Qualifier
Western Sports Mall/ Bischoff Realty came out stronger to kick off the second tournament of the year.  There was an element of luck in winning the tournament, after blowing a lead in the 8th inning.  It came down to the tie breaker of "run differential", which fortunately we won.  This win advances WSM/BR with a paid birth to the ASA 2 K Series on May 7th, 8th.  Chris pitched a great tournament, and Ryan proved to be the ultimate pickup.  Here are the tournament leaders. . . .
1.  Ryan Richmond .917 (11/12)
2.  James Kasee / Chris Schaiper .583 (7/12)
1.  Bobby Fahey 5
2.  Richie Jones 4
3.  Curtis Hancock/ Chris Schaiper 3
1.  Corey Riddell/ Curtis Hancock 7
3.  Chris Schaiper 4

Western Sports Mall/ Bischoff Realty Earns State Birth in D/E World Qualifier
The 2011 season started off with the team visiting Pastime Park, in Harrison, Ohio.  WSM/BR started out the season on a rough note, losing to Infamous Softball, 5-2 in the opener.  This lost sent WSM/BR to the loser's bracket.  Thankfully, the team showed some resiliency and won the loser's bracket.  Unfortunately, the team ran out of gas in the Championship game, a 13-7 loss in a rematch versus Infamous Softball.  WSM/BR finished in second place, and received their USSSA E State Birth for their efforts.  This tourney will be held August 22 and 23rd.  Here are the tourney leaders. . . . .
1.  Will Wilson .750 (9/12)
2.  Corey Riddell .692 (9/13)
3.  Bobby Fahey .667 (10/15)
1.  Bobby Fahey/ Curtis Hancock 4
3.  Corey Riddell/ Neil Rininger 3
1.  Corey Riddell 5
2.  Curtis Hancock 4
3.  Bobby Fahey/ Bryan Voss 3

Career Stats
Through 2 seasons, here is the "career average" leaderboard. 
1.  Brandon Schaiper .626 (149/238)
2.  Bobby Fahey .624 (33/51, 189/305)
3.  Corey Riddell .589 (130/237, 170/272)
4.  Curtis Hancock .577 (139/241)
5.  Wally Herbert .567 (85/162, 143/240)
6.  Rick Petrosky .557 (21/46, 136/236)
7.  Jeremy Blevins .554 (113/220, 160/273)
8.  Denim Blevins .545 (166/298, 162/307)
9.  Chris Schaiper .536 (135/252)
10.  Neil Rininger .516 (124/236, 123/243)
11.  James Kasee .508 (9/13, 112/225)
12.  Chuck Dennis .503 (151/296, 137/275)
13.  Dennis Blevins .435 (6/18, 14/28) 

 2010 Worlds (Panama City, Florida)
 27th place of 45
Bobby Fahey .727 (8/11, 4 runs, 1 rbi)
Jeremy Blevins .500 (5/10, 4 runs, 1 rbi)
Wally Herbert .571 (4/7, 1 run, 4 rbi)
Brandon Schaiper .777 (7/9, 5 runs, 5 rbis)
Curtis Hancock .888 (8/9, 3 runs, 5 rbis)
Jeff Kaiser .333 (3/9, 1 run, 2 rbi)
Rick Petrosky .375 (3/8, 1 run, 4 rbis)
Denim Blevins .625 (5/8, 4 runs, 5 rbis)
James Kasee .125 (1/8, 0 runs, 0 rbis)
Chris Schaiper .500 (4/8, 3 runs, 0 rbis)
Neil Rininger .625 (5/8, 2 runs, 1 rbi)

Chasing The Records
As we enter Fall Ball of the 2010 season, many records have fallen, or soon will.  With 8 leagues games left and a couple tourneys, there is still some time.
The team record for Batting Average (minimum 150 at bats) is Mike Bedel's .573 2009 performance.  This record seems certain to fall.  Currently, 3 Bischoff players are clearly above .600.  19 year old Brandon Schaiper leads with a .620 clip, with Wally Herbert trailing at .616.  Corey Riddell is 3rd at .615.  There are 3  other players within striking distance of .600.  Rookie Bobby Fahey is hitting .588, with Jeremy Blevins (.586) and veteran Rick Petrosky (.590) also threatening the 600 barrier.
Chuck Dennis' 107 runs is the benchmark in the most crucial category.   Bobby Fahey has already tied 2nd place for runs with 94.  Denim' Blevins 94 in 2009, and Jeremy Blevins 85 in 2010 are the other top marks.  
It looks as if Mike Bedel will maintain his 2009 team record with 21 homers.  Phil Washam hit 16 and Denim Blevins hit 12 the same season.  This year, 3 players have already cracked double figures.  Corey Riddell leads the 2010 campaign with 12.  Newcomer Curtis Hancock has taken over 2nd with 11 homers, despite being a late addition to the team.  Cleanup hitter Brandon Schaiper has also chipped in with 10 homers.
Corey Riddell's 119 rbis has shattered the prior record.  Corey agreed to buy a steak dinner for the 2 young gangsters for running the bases.  Denim Blevins set the original benchmark with 107 rbis.  Mike Bedel (98) and Corey Riddell (90) easily set in the top 5.  The remaining contenders are Chuck Dennis 2010 total of 79, and Denim Blevins 2010 total of 78.
Corey Riddell hit a mind boggling  40 doubles in 2009.  Shockingly enough, it seems this record will fall, as Corey sits at 36 doubles during the 2010 season.  Denim Blevins hit 30 in 2009, and Wally Herbert has a threatening 28 doubles in 2010.
Chuck Dennis ran away from the crowd with 18 triples in 2009.  His closest competitor that season was Corey Riddell, with 12.  In 2010, Corey and Chuck are at it again, battling for the triples lead with 11 each.  Bobby Fahey lurks in the background with 8.
Next up, I'll have to do some "career stats", where it combines both seasons :)

Bischoff Adds Voss

As the 2010 season concluded, many calls were made to the Bischoff Realty management.  Some were gambles, some had lots of upside, and some had a shaky history.  Bischoff management seemed content to play the waiting game.
Then, for a second consecutive year, free agent pitcher Bryan Voss contacted the franchise.  He had a lot of factors working for him, and was somewhat surprisingly signed to a "league minimum" deal.  Bischoff management likened this signing to the 2010 Cincinnati Reds non roster invitee Johnny Gomes, whom ultimately proved to be a "diamond in the rough."
Voss spent the 2010 season with Team Tan Shack, out of Kentucky.  Other prior teams include the Saints and Pure Romance.  The 2011 season will be Voss' 16th season and his 9th consecutive trip to Worlds.  He's a fomer Metro winner (97 "D"), and has finished 2nd at State twice (03 "E" and 09 "C").  Voss has won 11 NITS (7 USSSA and 4 NSA) and finished as high as 2nd in Regionals (2001).  His best performance at Worlds was 4-2 with the 2006 Pure Romance club.
What finally got the deal signed with Voss was a strong endorsement from team veteran Rick Petrosky.  A teammate on several prior teams, this veteran combo hopes to lead the team to new heights in 2011.


April 21, 2010

Bischoff Sweeps Tourney
After a rough tourney at Pastime, Bischoff answered the bell in the league teams tourney at Mid America.  Bischoff came out the gate strong, pounding Nappy Dugout by a 15-0 score.  The next game presented a familiar foe in Secret Service.  After falling behind early, Bischoff fought back to win 8-6.  Bischoff was able to finish the tourney off with a win over Meltdown Express.  On a side note, this was the first USSSA tourney ever won by Bischoff, as all 4 last season were ASA wins.  Here are the tourney leaders. . . . .
1.  Jeremy Blevins .727 (8/11)
2.  Wally Herbert .700 (7/10)
3.  Corey Riddell/ Chuck Dennis .636 (7/11)
1.  Jeremy Blevins/ Bobby Fahey/ Corey Riddell 5
1.  Corey Riddell 9
2.  Rick Petrosky 5
3.  Denim Blevins/ Chuck Dennis 4

April 17, 2010

Pastime "D" Round Robin Results
Bischoff's defense was a letdown in this tournament, including 8 errors.  Unfortunately, 6 of those errors were in the first game loss versus Average Joe's.  The team was able to turn it around in the second game, scoring 14 runs to beat Camel Towing.  With a chance to win the tourney in game 3 vs Stoops, Bischoff layed an offensive egg with just 4 runs.  Here were the tourney leaders. . . . .
1.  Jeremy Blevins .889 (8/9)
2.  Phil Washam .800 (4/5)
3.  Wally Herbert .750 (6/8)
1.  Bobby Fahey/ Chuck Dennis 6
3.  Jeremy Blevins 5
1.  Corey Riddell 9
2.  Jeremy Blevins 5
3.  James Kasee/ Chris Schaiper 4

March 31, 2010
Kolping Results
After being deamed one of the "upper" teams, Bischoff was faced with playing a Murderer's Row of U trip B and C teams on this night.  The first team up was American Fighter.  American Fighter jumped up early, but Bischoff took a commanding lead after an 11 run 3rd inning.  American Fighter answered and won 28-16 in 7 innings.  Bischoff took out their aggression in the next game, blowing through Seedville by run rule, 27-5.  Bischoff exited the tourney after a 4 inning loss, 25-7, to A & K Tile.  Here were the teams leaders. . . . .
1.  James Kasee .900 (9/10)
2.  Jeremy Blevins .818 (9/11)
3.  Corey Riddell .800 (8/10)
1.  Jeremy Blevins 7 / Corey Riddell 7
3.  James Kasee 6
1.  Corey Riddell 7
2.  Brandon Schaiper 6
3.  Denim Blevins 5 / James Kasee 5

March 19, 2010

March 15, 2010

Bischoff Finishes 5th of 48 in 2010 Bash For Cash
      Bischoff Realty got off to a hot start in 2010, sweeping through pool play in the 2010 WSL "E" Bash For Cash.  Bischoff sent home teams from Cincinnati, Kentucky, and Michigan.  The 3-0 start earned the team a 1st round bye and  #1 seed in the Winner's Bracket.  The big negative was that the team had to play in the mud, until 4:30 in the a.m!  Upon entering the Winner's Bracket, Bischoff eliminated Clark Heating & Air via mercy rule.  Bischoff exited the tourney at 4-1 and in fifth place, succumbing to a tough team from Indianapolis, 9-6.  It wasn't a bad start considering the team was missing pitchers Corey Riddell and James Kasee, as well as 2nd Baseman Chuck Dennis in the final game.  Here were the tourney leaders. . . . .
1.  Wally Herbert .800 (12/15)
2.  Rick Petrosky .750 (12/16)
3.  Jeremy Blevins .667 (12/18) / Chris Schaiper .667 (8/12)
1.  Rick Petrosky 12
2.  Denim Blevins 7 / Wally Herbert 7
1.  Chris Schaiper 9
2.  Wally Herbert 7 / Phil Washam 7
Great job guys!!!

February 12, 2010

2010 Outlook
After a 47-47 inaugural season in 2009, Bischoff/Western Sports Mall is back for round 2.  An obvious goal is to improve upon last year's .500 record, albeit against consistently stiff competition all year.  Another goal is to get off to a better start!  This shouldn't be too hard, as the team slumped badly early last year.  The good news was that the 2nd half of the season was just as good as the first half was bad, winning 4 ASA tournaments, including the Metro "C" Consolation.
Bischoff returns 7 guys that have been with the team since the beginning.  Denim Blevins returns as an infielder and player/coach.  Dennis Blevins returns in his similar assistant coach and lead stat keeper role.  Outfielder Chuck Dennis brings his team high 107 runs back to the team in 2010.  Shortstop Neil Rininger looks to build on a very solid .525 average in his rookie campaign.  Ron Smedley hopes to continue as one of the teams quickest improving players, catching fire late in the season to end his rookie year at a respectable .506 clip.  The team's 3rd rookie, Jeremy Blevins, was the team's most improved player in 2010, overcoming a terrible start to finish up at a .514 average.  Team leader Corey Riddell brings his team-leading 40 doubles to the pitcher's mound in 2010!
There will also be a lot of fresh blood on the team for the new season.  Outfielder Wally Herbert is geared up for his first full season with the team, and looks to improve on a solid .525 2009 average.  Wally joined the team late in 2009, around the City Slam.  Bobby Fahey makes his full time return to the Bischoff team in 2010, after playing just 16 games in 2009.  Bobby looks to continue his hot hitting of .647 last season.  Rick Petrosky was a late season pickup in 2009, and brings a lot of experience and leadership to the team.  Rick also has some pop in his stick, as indicated by last season's 4 homers in just 16 games.  James Kasee, at 6'8'' and 302 lbs, is definitely the teams most imposing player.  James provides a second option at pitcher, a huge target on first base, and some power in the middle of the order.  Infielder Joe Grigsby gives the team much needed depth and versatility in the infield, and is another Taylor Alumni.
The first major tournament of the year will be the WSL "E" Bash for Cash.  The decision to play "E" in this one was made predominantly by the fact that we are missing two big sticks, and both pitchers, in James and Corey, due to vacation.  Last year, the Bash was our worst tournament of the year, losing 2 close games to go 0-4!  That being said, it was the first tournament in franchise history, and things should go much differently this year.  Due to the shortage of players, we will be picking up pitcher Chris Schaiper, and infielder Brandon Schaiper, for this tournament.  We will also be playing in a warm up round robin, with details to be announced shortly.

September 4, 2009

Nationals Results (Columbus, Ohio)
This tournament was definitely a "step up" in competition.  It was a good experience for the team though, and a lot of fun.  Players showed a great commitment to the team, and the team's defense hung with most of the field.  The hitting was exposed as the teams achilles heel in this tournament.  7 of the 11 players batted under .500, and there was only one total extra-base hit in the tourney.  The first night was great, catching a break to dodge a tough Maryland based Splurgeon Trucking team.  The "wake up" call came in the next morning, getting taked out in 5 innings (12-2) against a hitting machine from West Virginia known as Tyler Trucking.  Upon entering the Loser's bracket, Bischoff played a USSSA "C" team called Scott's Boys from Connecticut.  After threatening to take control of the game in the bottom of the 6th, the Connecticut team added some insurance runs to win it 15-6.
1.  Neil 2
2.  Jeff/Corey/Denim/Chuck/Jeremy/Kyle 1
1.  Jeremy 2
2.  Corey/Denim/Chuck/Rick/Wally 1
1.  Denim 1.000 (5/5)
2.  Jeremy .600 (3/5) / Jeff .600 (3/5)

August 20, 2009

Bischoff Wins 4th ASA Tourney Of Year
Bischoff dominated in this Friday night Rumpke "tune up."  A couple of the teams were poor, and beaten by "Mercy rule."  The tourney came down to a 7-2 win over Cope Sports for the championship.
1.  Phil 7
2.  Jeff 6
3.  Kyle/Ron 4
1.  Denim 9
2.  Joe 7
3.  Chuck/Phil/Wally/Ron 3
1.  Phil .889 (8/9)
2.  Joe .857 (6/7)
3.  Kyle .777 (7/9) / Ron .777 (7/9)
Great job in winning the final tourney leading to Nationals.

August 3, 2009
Bischoff Sweeps Through "C" Metro Consolation

Bischoff rebounded from a tough Metro loss, to win the Consolation division.  Bischoff ran through a competitive field, knocking off BMF, Secret Service, and TBA in route to the win.  The most imprssive win was a "mercy rule" win over a very game Secret Service team.  This tourney was the biggest win thus far in the season. 
1.  Jeremy 5
2.  Neil, Ron B 4
1.  Denim 6
2.  Mikey C 4
3.  Neil/Corey/Jeremy/Spencer/Kyle 3
1. Corey .800 (8/10)
2. Jeremy .750 (6/8)
3. Denim .727 (8/11)
Way to win a 3rd tourney on the year, good job guys.

Bischoff Finishes 13th of 50 in "C" Metro
 The 2009 Metro was quite the roller coaster ride for Bischoff Realty.  After originally being approved for the D division, Bischoff was moved to the C bracket just days before the tournament.  Upon moving up, the team was also given a first round bye, and placed as one of 4 "#1 seeds" in the 50 team field.
The first game went quite well, with Bischoff pounding out a scrappy Covington Moose team by a 19-9 margin.  Ron Baird hit great with a 5/5 performance, and Mike Bedel provided the run production with a homer and 4 rbis.  In the 2nd game of the winners bracket, 3 runs just wasn't enough against a quality Buffalo Wild Wings team.  Ryan Richmond was the only batter to have a perfect game, going 3/3. 
Bischoff rebounded in its 1st game in the losers bracket, dominating Noel's Plumbing by a 12-2 score.  The defense locked down a good hitting team.  Once again, Ryan Richmond was the only guy to have a perfect game, hitting 4/4.  Mike Bedel contributed his 2nd homer of the tourney, and 3 rbis.  Bischoff was eliminated in heartbreaking style in the next game, as the Skyhawks hit a walkoff homer in the 7th inning, for a come-from-behind 9-8 win.  Ryan was again 4/4, running his streak of consecutive hits to a mind boggling 15 at bats.  
While the team definitely had more upside, it was a decent showing for a 1st year franchise in the C metro.  Here were the hitting leaders. . . . .
1. Ryan 7
2. Neil 6
3. Wally 5
1. Mike B  9
2. Corey 7
3. Ron B/ Ryan/ Vince 5
1. Ryan .938 (15/16)
2. Mike B .667 (8/12)
3. Ron B .625 (10/16)
Good job guys, it  was definitely fun!

July 26, 2009
Bischoff Sweeps Second Straight Tourney
Bischoff jumped out of the gate early in  this one, winning the first 2 games by "mercy rule" (15-2, 17-0).  The tournament championship came down to a battle with the other undefeated team, JTM.  Despite trailing as late as the 5th inning, Bischoff persevered with some late rallies, and closed out the tournament.  Ryan pitched great, walking only 3 batters all day.  The defense solid also, despite committing 4 errors in 3 games.  This marks the second consecutive tournament that Bischoff has gone undefeated in, as they prepare for the Metro.  The team is also undefeated in its last 7 ASA games heading in.  Here are the team leaders. . .
1.  Corey/ Ron B. 6
3.  Ryan/Vince 5
1.  Corey 8
2.  Mike B/ Vince/ Wally 6
1.  Neil .777 (7/9)
2.  Mike B .750  (9/12)
3.  Denim .727 (8/11)
Great job everyone!

July 13, 2009
 Bischoff Sweeps Through Metro Qualifier
It took until Mid July, but Bischoff Realty finally got it's first tournament championship of the year.  Good pitching, good defense, and timely hitting were the keys to a 3-0 day.  In the first game of the day, Bischoff knocked off a Dayton team known as Frickers, by a score of 12-4.  Corey went 4/4 in this game to pace the offense.  The next game proved to be the toughest, as Bischoff edged Buffalo Wild Wings by a 7-6 margin.  Chuck led the O with a 3/3 performance.  The last game was relatively easy, as Bischoff coasted to a 13-1 mercy rule win in 6.  Denim led the hitting with a 3/3 game.  Dennis provided the biggest surprise of the day, coming off the bench to get a pinch hit double in the gap.  This kept his pinch hitting perfect this season at 2/2.  Here were the tourney leaders. . . . . 
1.  Chuck 6
2.  Denim 5
3.  Corey 4
1.  Chuck 5
2.  Denim/Neil 4
1.  Denim .700 (7/10) / Corey .700 (7/10)
3.  Chuck .666 (6/9)
Great job guys!

June 20, 2009

ASA Round Robin Results

In the first ASA tourney of the year, Bischoff Realty proved to be inconsistent. Perhaps the toughest team in the field was beaten (Team Lite), but two winnable games were let go. Ryan pitched very well in the 2 games he started, including throwing a shutout vs Team Lite. He is now 5-1 as the starting pitcher. The tone was set in a negative fashion in the 1st game, with minimal helping. Of course, Bischoff was missing 3 hitters for that game (Mike, Phil, Ron.) The team played good defense for the most part though. Here are the leaders. . . . .

1. Ryan/Neil 3
3. Kyle/Chuck/Phil/Denim/Jarrett 2

1. Chuck/Denim/Matt 3

1. Phil .667 (4/6)
2. Corey .625 (5/8)
3. Matt .600 (3/5)

June 6, 2009

Westside Rumble Results
Playing shorthanded (No Corey, Chuck or Jarrett), and with 3 players going to the wrong park, Bischoff never got rolling in this tournament. Two winnable games were dropped to Tan Shack and Dirty Dozen, and it was "2 and barbeque" so to speak. Here were the team leaders. . . .

1. Denim 2/Mike B. 2
3. Kyle/Neil/Wally 1

1. Denim/Neil/Phil 2

1. Phil .667 (4/6)
2. Kyle .500 (4/8), Neil .500 (3/6)

City Slam Results

The 2009 "D" City Slam was quite the competitive field. The team was playing shorthanded, missing 2b Kyle Richmond. In the "seeding round robin", Bischoff had an up and down time, but ended up with the #2 seed in the pool. Had Bischoff been able to hold on in the heartbreaking JJC 9-8 in 9 innings, they would have won the pool. Lowlight of the round robin was a loss to a very beatable Cincy Warriors team, and the highlight was a mind boggling 21 run 1st inning vs Local 212.

Now it was on to the 2 and out. In the opening game was a rematch from earlier in the season against HOEC Masonry. For the 2nd time in as many tries, Bischoff was able to beat them by Mercy Rule. Bischoff advances in the winners bracket to face EMR. After jumping out to an early 4-0 lead over the veteran #1 seeded EMR, the bats went cold. Not to mention, all momentum was lost for the game win 1B Corey Riddell had to leave the game with an ankle injury. EMR won this in 5 innings, 19-9. Bischoff now heads to the losers bracket, where they square off with Covington Moose. It was very humid, the ball wouldn't fly, and Bischoff won a "baseball style" game 6-3. Bischoff advances in the losers bracket to face Spangler's Cafe. After sitting at the park for 12 hours, including a 3 hour pregame rain delay, Bischoff came out very flat. A whopping 6 errors led to 12-5 loss. This wrapped up Bischoff's 2009 City Slam. Although disappointing to not advance further, finishing in the upper half was a step in the right direction. Here were the tourney leaders. . . .

1. Denim 11
2. Chuck 9
3. Mike B 8

1. Mike B 15
2. Phil 9
3. Corey/Jarrett 8

1. Phil .684 (13/19)
2. Ron .625 (10/16)
3. Denim .600 (15/25), Mike B .600 (15/25)

City Slam Warm Up Results

Bischoff came out strong in the opener, scoring its biggest win of the season to date, knocking off local favorite Black Sheep/Cincy Impact by a score of 14-8. After cruising through 6 1/2 innings of the 2nd game, Bischoff allowed 6 runs in the bottom of the 7th to lose to Vengence. A 12-2 loss to Auto Express concluded a day or ups and downs.

Here are the hitting leaders. . .

1. Denim/Jeremy/Kyle/Mike 4

1. Denim 7
2. Mike 6
3. Chuck/Phil 3

1. Mikey .667 (4/6)
2. Denim .545 (6/11)
3. Kyle .500 (4/8)

Now the team must look forward to the real City Slam. With Kyle missing the whole tourney, and Ron missing Saturday, we will need everyone to step their game up!!!

Bischoff Realty Earns National Birth in "Big D"

After getting beaten by M&S Drywall to open the "Big D", things weren't looking great for Bischoff Realty. In the second game Bischoff blew a late lead to drop a game to a tough Queen City Acoustical team. In the final game of the seeding round robin, the bats came to life in a dominate 18-2 win over HOEH Masonry, representing our biggest differential win of the season. In the one and out portion , Bischoff received a 1st round bye. Cincy Blazers emerged as the challengers, but Bischoff was able to win it 9-8 in extra innings! This win assures the franchise of playing in the 2009 D State and National Tournaments.

Here are the tourney leaders. . . . .

Corey 6
Paul 5
Chuck 4

Mike 6
Denim 5
Corey 4

Mike .625 (5/8)
Matt .571 (4/7)
Phil .538 (7/13)

Nice job guys, now its time to look forward to the City Slam!

Bischoff Takes 2nd Place in Expressway Debut

In their 2009 Expressway debut, Bischoff Realty took 2 out of 3 games to obtain 2nd place. Here are the team leaders. . . . .

1. Denim 6
2. Chuck/Corey 5

1. Corey 7
2. Phil 5
3. Chuck/Jeremy/Mike/Jarrett 3

1. Jarrett .857 (6/7)
2. Corey .700 (7/10)
3. Matt .636 (7/11)

Metro Qualifier Results

Bischoff Realty bounced back in this tourney, and just barely let the tournament championship slip through our fingers. The defense was great, committing only 2 team errors all day. Jarrett also pitched great, walking just 1 batter in 3 games.

Here were the team leaders for the tourney. . .

1. Bobby/Ryan 4
3. Denim/Matt/Phil 3

1. Denim 6
2. Phil 4
3. Ryan/Kyle 3

1. Jeremy .857 (6/7)
2. Ryan .777 (7/9)
3. Kyle .714 (5/7)

Once again, good tourney guys, that was probably the best we have played yet.

Bash For Cash Results

The bats were cold as a team in this tournament , hitting just .492 (60/122) as a team. There were also 10 errors committed in the tournament. Bischoff definitely took one on the chin in this tourney, but a true team with character bounces back. How we come out for our next tourney could be very telling!

Here are the teams leaders for the "Bash For Cash". . . .

1. Chuck 6
2. Kyle 5
3. Denim 4

1. Denim 8
2. Mike 6
3. Phil/Ryan 5

1. Ryan .750 (9/12)
2. Denim .733 (11/15)
3. Bobby .600 (3/5)

Let's put this one behind us, and welcome Corey back in the next tourney!

Round Robin Warm Up Results

In the first tournament of the year, Bischoff Realty battled hard to a 2-1, second place finish. The tournament was within our grasp, but a temporary lapse in defense led to the decisive loss to Troxlein Softball. It felt great to get out on the field and shake off the rust.

Tourney leaders

1. Chuck/Denim 6
3. Jeremy 4

1. Phil 8
2. Mike 5
3. Neil/Denim 4

1. Denim .636
2. Bobby .625
3. Mike/Ryan .600

All in all, it was the perfect "warm up" tourney. I can't wait til next week, when the real fun begins! Good job everybody :)