• 5th Annual Show Me The Money
  • Baseball Tournament
  • May 19th-20th 2018


First of all, So Cal Tribe 11u would like to thank you all for coming out and supporting us on the way to Las Vegas and the World Series.  The Oaks at Soboba Fields are located about 2 miles down the road from the security guard shack.  At times they ask for Drivers License at the guard shack, so be prepared.  Once you access the reservation, you make your first left and take that down until it becomes a narrow road with a white fence.  Keep driving down until you see the baseball fields to the right.  Parking is plentiful and free.  There is no gate fee once you enter the park.  There are no pitching restrictions, so please use common sense.  Rules and waivers are posted in the handout section. If you need to reach us the day of the tournament, phone reception isn't the greatest, so if you can't reach me at the following number (909)247-5409, then email southerncalitribe@gmail.com.  All game time requests will be taken into consideration as best as possible.  After Friday at 10am game times will be official and will not be changed.  So, please check website that morning.  Cash is the only method of payment for tournament fee and snackbar.  No checks unless it was discussed with Director in advance.  Coaches are responsible for parent and player conduct at all times.  Please promote discipline and sportsmanship.  This is an Indian Reservation and we need to respect the rules.  Any questions or concerns, please advise.  Thank You




Teams Wins Losses Ties R/S R/A R/D Seed
1. I.E. Gamerz  2  0        +16  1
2. Tritons  1  1        +5  3
3. Young Gunzz  1  1        -5  2
4. So Cal Tribe
 0  2        -16  4


10U Saturday Brackets

Field 4

9am Gamerz vs. Tribe

11am Tritons vs. Tribe

1pm Young Gunzz vs. Gamerz

3pm Young Gunzz vs. Tritons



Sunday Brackets

Field 4

GM6 9am Young Gunzz (Seed 2) vs. Tritons (Seed 3)

GM7 11am Gamerz (Seed 1) vs. Tribe (Seed 4)

GM8 3pm CHAMPIONSHIP GAME Winner GM6 vs. Winner GM7


Teams Wins Losses Ties R/A R/S R/D Seed
1. Patriots  1  0      
2. MC Baseball  0  2          4
3. Tribe  2  0          1
4. Desert Elite  0        3


11u Saturday Schedule

Field 2

3pm Patriots vs McBaseball

5pm Patriots vs. Desert Elite


Field 3                                                                                    

 3pm Tribe vs. Desert Elite                   

5pm McBaseball vs. Tribe                             


11u Sunday Brackets

Field 2

GM6 9am Patriots (Seed 2) vs. Desert Elite (Seed 3)


Field 3                                                           

GM7 9am Tribe (Seed 1) vs. MC Baseball (Seed 4)                                           

GM8 11am Winner GM6 vs. Winner GM7



Teams Wins Losses Ties R/A R/S R/D Seed
1. I.E. Evolution  2  0          1
2. Cal Select  1          3
3. Chino Hills Dirt Dawgs  0        4
4. Desert Elite  0          6
5. Reign  1        2
6. Havoc Baseball  0        5


12u Saturday Brackets

Field 2

9am Cal Select vs. Reign

11am Reign vs. Dirt Dawgs

1pm Desert Elite vs. Cal Select


 Field 3                                                                   

9am Evolution vs. Havoc                                                              

11am Desert Elite vs. Evolution                                                    

1pm Dirt Dawgs vs. Havoc                                                           


12u Sunday Brackets

Field 2

GM7 1pm Dirt Dawgs (Seed 4) vs. Havoc (Seed 5)

GM9 3pm Reign (Seed 2) vs. Winner GM8


Field 1

GM8 1pm Cal Select (Seed 3) vs. Desert Elite (Seed 6)


Field 3

GM10 3pm Evolution (Seed 1) vs. Winner GM7

GM11 5pm SHIP Winner GM9 vs. Winner GM10

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