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How The League Works

This is how it will work. There will be three different places we will play: Ryan's House, Chris's House, and Connor's* House. The rules are 15 minute halves, continous, with the clock stopping on plays that are out of bounds or incomplete etc INSIDE OF TWO MINUTES. There will be teams of two. With the game having an "alltime offense". There will also be a referee, if there is not one avalible, then the alltime offense will be. There will be two different conferences: The NFC and the AFC. ALL NFC games will be played at my house and ALL AFC games will be played at Chris's house. If an AFC team is playing at my house, the NFC team will be home team and vice versa. We will TRY and get flags to make it truly flag football. They cost $.97 at Dick's. We will TRY and have a playclock of 30 seconds. If there are flags, we can run running plays, if there are no flags, no run plays. This is a SERIOUS league where there will be no joking around WHATSOEVER! To ask me questions or if you have your team, text me at 469 648 8094.