All Coaches must have a VCSL coach's card 

before they can coach a game.
Per the Archdiocese of Los Angeles:

Prior to coaching a practice or game at a parish elementary school in the
Archdiocese of Los Angeles, ALL coaches must have a VCSL Certification

The following is required to obtain a VCSL Certification Card:

1. Completed Archdiocese of Los Angeles Coach's Code of Conduct form
signed by the coach. (Available under the Handout Tab)

2. Completed Principal Verification form e-mailed from the Principal's e-mail address

3. $25.00 processing fee made payable and mailed to St. Mel.

4. Attendance at a Play Like A Champion Today coaches training workshop.
 Official Fees for 2015-2019
A Flag Football       1 official $27.00
A Flag Football 2 officials $42.00
B Flag Football 1 official $27.00
B Flag Football 2 officials $42.00
BA Volleyball 1 official $24.00
BA Volleyball  2 officials $48.00
BB Volleyball 1 official $24.00
BB Volleyball
2 officials $48.00
GA Volleyball 1 official $24.00
GA Volleyball 2 officials $48.00
GB Volleyball 1 official $24.00
GB Volleyball 2 officials $48.00
BA Basketball  1 official $27.00
BA Basketball 2 officials $45.00
BA Basketball

2 officials $37.00 

GA Basketball 1 official $27.00 
GA Basketball 2 officials $45.00
GA Basketball 2 officials $37.00 
BB Basketball 1 official $27.00
BB Basketball 2 officials $45.00
GB Basketball 1 official $27.00
GB Basketball 2 officials $45.00 
GA Softball 1 official $24.00
GA Softball  2 officials $48.00
GB Softball  1 official $24.00
GB Softball  2 officials $48.00 



Schools will be billed monthly

A Late Fee of 10% of total bill will be added if bill is not paid by the 10th of billing Month.  No officials will be assigned if official fees are not received by the 15th of billing Month.