• Proper Pitching Mechanics!
  • Conditioning! Conditioning! Conditioning!
  • Positive Mental Attitude!
  • Proper Hydration and Powerful Nutrition!
  • Mound Poise and Confidence!



Why Should You Sign Up? 

South Florida remains one of the toughest, most talented, and most competitive youth baseball markets in the United States creating a great need for instruction at the highest level.  Emphasis on proper mechanics, conditioning, nutritional support, and positive mental approach are keys to success for all baseball players, pitchers and position players alike.  Pitchers especially need higher levels of instruction to ensure peak performance. 

The typical pitcher goes to practice and works fielding, hitting, base running, and if he's lucky, he gets to throw a short 5-10 minute bullpen with a coach who doesnt know much about pitching.  That's about it!

Our pitchers do all that at practice also.  In addition, they train in one of our programs getting professional pitching instruction.  They are seasoned in pitching mechanics, situational pitch selection, pickoff moves to all bases, pitcher fielding practice to all bases and to the plate, rundowns, mound poise and mental approach, and do advanced strength and endurance conditioning.

How can anyone expect a young player who barely pitches at practice, to take the mound during a game, and out perform an opposing pitcher who is putting in hours and hours with a professional pitching coach?  You can't!  It's unfair. 

Show me a kid who consistently dominates on the mound facing strong competition, and I'll show you a kid who's putting in the extra work it takes to accomplish that and get himself to the next level!

 If you want to be that player, select a program below.



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 Velocity Plus+ Conditioning Group Program - two hours: $25 per player

**Pitcher Fielding Practice (PFP), Pickoff moves, Bullpen, Advanced Baseball Strengthening & Conditioning.  All the things that players and pitchers WISH they'd get in practice.....But NEVER do!.

Each VP+ session varies slightly from day to day in regards to the skills covered. Not every skill can be covered in every session.  The skills that players are exposed to are: Pickoff moves to all three bases; Pitcher fielding practice to all three bases and home plate; Rundowns; Bullpen sessions.  The VP+ conditioning stations include: Exercise tubing; Weighted balls; Towel drill; Pushups, Abdominal crunches; Jump rope; Agility; Medicine ball lunges; Ladder speed drill, Leg strengthening, Running.


Individual Private Instruction - one hour session:   $60

** Each private session is 60 minutes of one-on-one instruction including stretching, warm up, bullpen instruction and conditioning.  


Multiple Private Sessions - 5  one hour sessions:   $250

**Best value.  Doing One on One Sessions is the best way to go because I am able to schedule your child in the weekly schedule where as individual sessions are only able to be scheduled the same day of pending on cancellations to see if a time slot is available. Also I am able to give my undivided attention to your child to get maximum results much faster each week.


Team Instruction – two hour practice:     $120

**Teach your entire team (pitchers, catchers, infielders and outfielders) what they need to know about pick- off moves, pitch counts, and advanced defensive strategies as it pertains to the pitching situation.