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Viper 2015 Travel Team Tryouts

Viper 2015 Travel Lacrosse Team tryouts

Tryouts September 6,7,13,14.

Please go to  to register


VIPER LEADERSHIP VALUES The following was developed by a local father Mr. Rick Romero. For those of you who may not know Mr. Romero,he has served SEVERAL military tours of duty for this country. All Viper players, coaches and parents will strive to live up to these values.

Loyalty- Always encourage the Viper players to achieve the highest levels of athletic ability and academic achievement. We will always be available to support one another, both on and off the field.
Duty- Always honor your obligations to your family, your team and your school
Respect- Always treat everyone with respect. In victory or defeat, our team will always show respect to the opposing teams, referees and coaches. All of us will encourage proper behavior both on and off the field.
Selfless Service- Always strive to assist others who may be in need of your help
Honor- Always remember that you represent the Viper Team.
Integrity- Always do what is right on the sports field, the classroom and your personal life.
Personal Courage- Always strive to put any fears aside in order to do what is necessary to meet these values

Viper Lacrosse thanks the many volunteers that keep this program affordable for all !  Viper is a nonprofit organization run by 100% volunteer directors.