• Bama Lamas vs. Kermits Opening Day
  • Bama Lamas Look to Defend Title
  • Opening Day 3:00 PM


                                                                                    Player of the week & Unsung Hero

Week 1: Player of the Week : Jake Kalette. Kalette batted .769 with a total of 12 home runs and 15 RBI's while leading the Bama Lamas to a 2-0 week while also getting a win on the mound as well. 

             Unsung Hero: Stephen Dusza. Dusza batted .375 with 2 home runs this week. Duza also came up with a huge home run in the bottom of the 7th inning which helped the Vultures secure the victory over the Tink Tinks.


Week 2: Player of the Week : Adam Pallanck. Pallanck batted .529 while hitting 6 home runs and 11 RBI's. 

             Unsung Hero : Dan Hobson. Hobson batted .409 while hitting a total of 5 home runs and 9 RBI's.


Week 3: Player of the Week: Matt McCloskey. McCloskey batted .633 while hitting 12 home runs and 24 RBI's to help lead the Bama Lamas to a 2-0 week. McCloskey also went 2-0 on the mound while striking out 26. 

             Unsung Hero: Brent Kalette. Kalette batted .533 while hitting 8 home runs and 11 RBI's. Kalette helped leading the Bama Lamas to a 2-0 week improving the Bama Lamas record to 5-1. 

                                                                                  2014 WAHPISS Preview



                                                                                        Jedis (12-6)

The Jedis are led by their captain Adam Pallanck who was arguably one of the most talented players in Wahpiss last season. Pallanck is coming off a season to remember after hitting .482 and hitting a grand total of 52 home runs. As impressive as those numbers are Pallanck is still looking to improve his numbers this season. Look for Pallanck to be an MVP candidate this season and also defensive player of the year candidate as well. Pallanck will be joined by one of the best pitchers Wahpiss has to offer, Tim Artruc. Artruc has been in the league since 2012 and has improved his stats not only on the mound but at the plate as well. Artruc will play a huge role for the Jedis this season and is also one of the favorites to win the CY Young award. Kyle Pallanck is an interesting addition to the Jedis this season. After having a very respectable rookie campaign hitting .375 and knocking in 31 home runs, Pallanck is looking to improve his numbers from last season. Pallanck gives the Jedis the missing piece they needed last year in order to put them over the hump to compete for a championship. Other new additions for the Jedis are Zac Syme and Greg Pallanck. Syme will be looked upon to get on base as much as possible and work the count. Pallanck will be expected to have a similar role to Syme but don’t be surprised if Pallanck throws a couple of innings on the mound this year. Pallanck also has he potential to hit for power as well. Look for Pallanck to be a candidate for most improved player.

                                                                                     Bama Lamas (11-7)

The Bama Lamas are taking over for the Naturals franchise. The Naturals are the defending Wahpiss champions and no doubt have a target on their backs. The Bama Lamas have the reigning MVP returning for his second season as captain. After hitting .492 with 62 home runs last season, McCloskey is still looking to improve on those numbers. Jake Kalette is returning for the Bama Lamas this year after hitting .496 and hitting 36 home runs in just 13 games played. McCloskey and Kalette will be one of the best one two punch Wahpiss has to offer. Don’t be surprised if Kalette sees a lot of work on the mound this year. Kalette could possibly be a candidate for MVP this year and defensive player of the year as well. Joining the Bama Lamas this season are Tommy Jacobsen and Brendan McCloskey. Both players could see some time on the mound this year. McCloskey and Jacobsen seem to be very similar players. Both have the potential to pitch and hit for power. Both McCloskey and Jacobsen are potential candidates for rookie of the year. Another new addition to the Bama Lamas this year is Brent Kalette. Brent will most likely be a part time player this year for the Bama Lamas but when he does play, expect Brent to work the count and get on base.

                                                                                      Tink Tinks (10-8)

The Tink Tinks will be led by their captain Tyler Murray. Murray is a two time Wahpiss champion and will be looked upon to lead his team to compete for a championship. Murray has great potential to hit the long ball and produce some runs this season. Murray hit a respectable .325 with 17 home runs in just 9 games played last season. Kyle Casagrande will be looked upon to do the majority of the innings on the mound this year for the Tink Tinks. Casagrande is arguably the most important piece for the Tink Tinks this season after hitting 50 home runs last season and hitting .468. Look for Casagrande to be a candidate for CY Young, MVP, and Defensive Player of the year this upcoming season. The number one pick Alex Hoss will be looked to be the third wheel for the Tink Tinks this season. Hoss will have to deal with the pressures of being the number one overall pick but Hoss should have no problem fitting in this season. Look for Hoss to be one of the favorites for Rookie of the year and also have a high batting average this season. With Murray, Casagrande, and Hoss, the Tink Tinks should have no problem producing runs this year. Kevin McNiff finds himself on a new team and is looking to have a fresh start. McNiff had a solid rookie campaign last year hitting .264 with 23 home runs. Look for McNiff to be a potential candidate for most improved player this season. Andrew Lauzier will be another player on the Tink Tinks this season and will be expected to get on base and work the count as well.

                                                                                        Kermits (9-9)

The Kermits are one of Wahpiss’s most historic franchises. The Kermits were established in 2011 and have won two championships in three years and have also made it to the White Cup every season. The Kermits will be led by Ian Learned this season. There’s no secret that Learned is the Kermits most valuable player. Learned is one of the best players Wahpiss has to offer. Last season, Learned hit .386 and hit 34 home runs. Look for Ian to be a candidate for Cy Young and Defensive player of the year. Learned will be joined by Ben Smith this season. Smith was a player for the Kermits last season and was one of their most important role players last season. Look for Smith to hit for more power this season and improve his batting average. Smith wasn’t pleased to see that the Jedis passed him up in order to grab Kyle Pallanck in the keeper round. Smith will be playing with a chip on his shoulder this season. Smith recently posted on the Wahpiss home page saying “I'm going to play my hardest to show them Jedi's what they missed out on in that trade!”. Dan Hobson returns to the Kermits after taking the year off and should be able to find ways on base and work the count. Hobson is also known for his speed on the base paths as well. Jake Fitzgerald joins the Kermits for his rookie season and could be one of the biggest surprises in Wahpiss this season. No one really knows how good Jake can ultimately be but look for Jake to be a possible rookie of the year candidate this season. Shea Raymond is back playing for the Kermits once again. Raymond said last season was going to be his last but Raymond just cant turn his back on the Wahpiss game just quite yet. There’s no player in Wahpiss who wants to win more than Shea Raymond and there is no one who plays harder as well. Look for Shea to throw some innings for the Kermits this season and improve his batting average as well.

                                                                                     Navigators (8-10)

The Navigators are led by captain Joe Direnzo for his 3rd straight year. Direnzo led the league in batting average last season hitting an unbelievable .520 average. Direnzo can hit the ball out of the park as well. Look for Direnzo to be one of the favorites to be Offensive player of they year and MVP this season. Tony Bachiochi will be returning for the Navigators this season. Bachiochi is known for is speed and ability to find ways to get on base. Bachiochi is one of the best defensive players Wahpiss has to offer this year and look for him to be on of the favorites to win Defensive player of the year this season. Look for Tony to throw the majority of the innings for the Navigators this season. Tim Ford also joins the Navigators after having a solid rookie season last year hitting .304 with 6 home runs last year. Look for Fords numbers to improve this season. Stephen Dusza is back and ready to produce for the Naviagtors this season. Dusza was a surprise last year after he hit a total of 25 home runs last season. If Dusza can be patient and wait for the right pitch in the right spot, look for Dusza to improve his batting average and also his power numbers as well. The only new addition the Naviagtors this season is Beau Weed. Weed is joining Wahpiss for the first time and could be a potential power hitter for the Navigators this season.

Playoff Predictions

First Round

5. Navigators vs. 4. Kermits (Kermits win series 2-1)

Second Round

4. Kermits vs. 1. Jedis (Jedis win series 2-1)

3. Tink Tinks vs. 2. Bama Lamas (Bama Lamas win series 2-1)

White Cup

2. Bama Lamas vs. 1. Jedis (Jedis Win Series 2-1)

Playoff MVP : Adam Pallanck

Regular Season Awards

MVP: Matt McCloskey (Others: Kyle Casagrande, Adam Pallanck, Joe Direnzo)

Offensive Player of Year: Joe Direnzo (Others: Matt McCloskey, Kyle Casagrande)

Defensive Player of Year: Tony Bachiochi (Others: Ian Learned, Kyle Casagrande)

CY Young: Tim Artruc (Others: Matt McCloskey, Kyle Casagrande, Ian Learned)

Rookie of the Year: Alex Hoss (Others: Tommy Jacobsen, Jake Fitzgerald)

Most improved player: Stephen Dusza (Others: Greg Pallanck, Kevin McNiff, Jake K.)

Keeper Round

1. Tink Tinks - Kyle Casagrande

2. Navigators - Tony Bachiochi

3. Jedis - Tim Artruc

4. Jedis via trade w/Kermits - Kyle Pallanck

5. Bama Lamas - Jake Kalette


First Round

1. Tink Tinks - Alex Hoss

2. Navigators - Tim Ford

3. Kermits via trade w/Jedis - Ben Smith

4. Kermits - Shea Raymond

5. Bama Lamas - Tommy Jacobson


Second Round

1. Bama Lamas - Brendan McCloskey

2. Kermits - Dan Hobson

3. Kermits via trade w/Jedis - Jake Fitzgerald

4. Navigators - Stephen Dusza

5. Tink Tinks - Kevin McNiff


Third Round

1. Bama Lamas- Brent Kalette

2. Tink Tinks - Andrew Lauzier

3. Jedis - Zac Syme

4. Navigators - Beau Weed

5. Jedis trade via/Kermits - Greg Pallanck

2013 Playoffs

White Cup

No. 1 Naturals vs. No. 3 Kermits

Naturals, 2-0

Series MVP: Matt McCloskey, Naturals

Game 1: 13-4

Game 2: 12-10 (10)

After a Game 1 rout, Kyle Casgrande hit a two-run home run in the top of tenth inning to give the Naturals the lead for good.

Series box score:


Kyle Casagrande: 2 GP, .448-8-12

Matt McCloskey: 2 GP, .393-8-10, 1 BB

Nate Owen: 2 GP, .214-4-5, 1 BB


Matt McCloskey: 2 GP, 2-0, 6.63, 28 K


Ian Learned: 2 GP, .333-2-4, 2 BB

Kyle Pallanck: 2 GP, .158-3-4, 1 BB

Ben Smith: 2 GP, .250-0-0

Tyler Murray: 2 GP, .389-3-5, 1 BB


Ian Learned: 2 GP, 0-2, 12.50, 13 K


No. 1 Naturals vs. No. 4 Navigators

Naturals, 2-0

Series MVP: Jake Kalette, Naturals

Game 1: 15-10

Game 2: 10-5

Series box score:



Kyle Casgrande: 2 GP, .320-4-5, 1 BB

Matt McCloskey: 2 GP, .480-5-7          

Jake Kalette: 2 GP, .440-7-13           

Nate Owen: 1 GP, .143-0-0               


Jake Kalette: 1 GP, 1-0 10.00, 3 K
Kyle Casagrande: 1 GP, 1-0, 5.00, 11 K


Stephen Dusza: 2 GP, .167,2-3

Joe Direnzo: 2 GP, .227-5-6, 2 BB

Tony Bachiochi: 2 GP, .458, 6-6


Stephen Dusza: 2 GP, 0-1, 17.65, 9 K

Tony Bachiohci: 1 GP, 0-1, 5.76, 6 K


No. 2 Jedis vs. No. 3 Kermits

Kermits, 2-1

Series MVP: Ian Learned

Game 1: Kermits, 16-11

Game 2: Jedis, 21-18

Game 3:Kermits, 15-9

Series box score:


Ian Learned: 3 GP, .531-11-20, 2 BB

Kyle Pallanck: 3 GP, .394-10-17, 1 BB

Ben Smith: .393- 3-3, 2 BB

Tyler Murray: .379-5-9, 1 BB


Ian Learned: 3 GP: 2-0, 7.94 14 K

Ben Smith: 1 GP, 0-0, 22.50, 2 K

Kyle Pallanck: 1 GP, 0-1, 38.57, 1 K

Tyler Murray: 1 GP, 0-0, INF, 0 K.


Adam Pallanck: 3 GP,.651-15-25, 2 BB

Tim Artruc, 3 GP, .261, 5-7, 1 BB

Kevin McNiff, 3 GP, .244-5-9, 1 BB



Adam Pallanck: 2 GP, 1-1, 17.40, 19 K

Tim Artruc: 2 GP, 0-1, 15.00, 11 K

Kevin McNiff: 2 GP, 0-0, INF



Weekly Awards

Week 8:

Player of the Week: Matt McCloskey, Naturals - The Naturals captain had seven home runs and 10 RBI in a 21-8 win over the Navigators.

Unsung Hero: Kyle Pallanck, Kermits - Pallanck hit four home runs and had seven RBI to help the Kermits to a 15-10 win over the Navigators.

Week 7:

Player of the Week: Tony Bachiochi, Navigators -  The rookie helped the Navigators move out of last place with a .533-12-13 line in three games. He was also 2-0 with 12 strikeouts.

Unsung Hero, Stephen Dusza, Navigators- Dusza homered in all three games, finishing with five home runs and six RBI on the day, while getting a save against the Jedis and striking out 13 in a no-decison versus the Naturals.

Week 6:

Player of the Week: Adam Pallanck, Jedis - Pallanck shared the award last week, but won it outright this week thanks to a walkoff home run agains the Kermits, and five home runs and eight RBI in an 8-7 win over the Naturals. He finished the weekend hitting .545 with 13 home runs, 20 RBI, and a 1-0 record on the mound.

Co-Unsung Heroes - Brandon Perrier, Jedis and Tyler Murray, Kermits -Perrier helped the Jeids to a 3-0 day, hitting .425 with 12 home runs and 17 RBI. Murray played in two games and had seven home runs and 12 RBI to accompany a .435 batting average.

Week 5:

Co-Players of the Week: Adam Pallanck, Jedis, and Kyle Casagrande, Naturals - The Jedis went 0-2 despite eight home runs and 11 RBI from Pallanck, while Casagrande launched eight home runs and had 11 RBI in a 17-7 win over the Kermits, and finished the day hitting .577 with 12 home runs and 16 RBI.

Unsung Hero: Jake Kalette, Naturals - The rookie single-handedly led the Naturals to a 17-11 win over the Jedis, finishing nine-for-12 with six home runs and 11 RBI.

Week 4:

Player of the Week: Kyle Casgrande, Naturals - The Naturals leadoff hitter finished 8-for-16 with seven home runs, seven RBI, and two walks. He was also 2-0 with 23 strikeouts on the mound.

Unsung Hero - Kevin McNiff, Jedis -The Jedis rookie had four home runs and seven RBI, including three home runs and six RBI in a come-from-behind win over the Kermits.

 Week 3:

Player of the Week: Matt McCloskey, Naturals - McCloskey was 10-for-21 with seven home runs and eight RBI, and was the winning pitcher in both of the Naturals' games.

Unsung Hero: Tim Artruc, Jedis - The second-year player won a pair of games on the mound and finished the day 12-for-27 with five home runs, 10 RBI, and two walks.

Week 2:

Player of the Week: Ian Learned, Kermits-
The captain had a combined 13 home runs and 25 RBI in a 3-0 week for the Kermits, including nine home runs and 14 RBI in a 22-13 win over the Navigators. He was also 2-0 with 21 strikeouts on the mound.

Unsung Hero- Kyle Pallanck, Kermits- 
For the second week in a row, a rookie made a big impact. Pallanck finished his first three games hitting .357-7-9 with seven walks.


Week 1:

Co-Players of the Week: Joe Direnzo (Navigators)  and Kyle Casagrande (Naturals)-
Direnzo hit .531 and led the league with 11 home runs on opening day, while Casagrande went 2-0 with 45 strikeouts and added five home runs and a .375 average at the plate.

Unsung Hero- Jake Kalette, Naturals-
The rookie hit .565 over his first three games, adding six home runs and nine RBI.

2013 WAHPISS Preview


The 2013 WAHPISS season features seven rookies and two new captains, while the Kermits are looking for their third straight championship.  Here’s a look at each team with their predicted finish heading into the season.


Captain: Ian Learned. Players: Tyler Murray, Kyle Pallanck, Ben Smith, Shea Raymond.

Learned is looking for his third straight title with the Kermits, but first without top hitter Matt McCloskey. Murray has improved as a hitter each year he’s played, and should add some power to the lineup. Raymond is a solid two-way player, while rookies Pallanck and Smith will look to make a mark.


 Captain: Matt McCloskey. Players: Jake Kalette, Peter Bourque, Kyle Casagrande, Nate Owen.

The single-season home run record holder now has his own team. McCloskey should have some talent to work with, as Casagrande is an excellent defender and hitter. The Naturals should compete for a title again after making the championships two years in a row, although Owen is the only remaining player from last year’s runner-up team.



Captain: Adam Pallanck. Players: Tim Artruc, Brandon Perrier, Kevin McNiff, Rob Farrell.

New captain Pallanck has plenty of veterans on his team, along with reigning rookie of the year Artruc, who improved as last season went on.  Figuring out the pitching staff will be key if the Jedis are going to make a postseason run.



Captain: Joe Direnzo.   Players: Tony Bachiochi, Rico Balderelli, Stephen Dusza, Tim Ford

 Like the Jedis, the Navigators will need to have someone step up on the mound. Direnzo and Dusza return from last year's team, which adds three rookies who should make an impact this season.


Postseason Predictions

First Round

 No. 1 Kermits over No 4. Navigators

 No. 2 Naturals over No. 3 Jedis


 No. 1 Kermits over No. 2 Naturals


 MVP: Matt McCloskey

 Others: Ian Learned, Joe Direnzo, Kyle Casagrande.

 Offensive Player of the Year: Matt McCloskey

Others: Ian Learned, Kyle Casagrande, Joe Direnzo

 Defense Player of the Year:  Kyle Casagrande

Others: Ian Learned, Shea Raymond

 CY Young: Ian Learned

 Others: Shea Raymond, Matt McCloskey

 Most Improved Player: Tim Artruc

 Others: Shea Raymond, Tim Artruc, Stephen Dusza

 Rookie of the Year: Tony Bacchiochi

 Others: Ben Smith, Jake Kalette


2013 WAHPISS Draft

The 2013 WAHPISS draft took place on Sunday June 2, and featured four teams, two new captains, and seven rookies.


Keeper Round

1. Navigators- Did not keep a player and selected Tony Bachiochi

2. Jedis- Did not keep a player and selected Brandon Perrier

3. Naturals - Did not keep a player and selected Jake Kalette

4. Kermits - Kept Tyler Murray

First Round

1. Navigators- Rico Balderelli

2.  Jedis- Tim Artruc

3. Naturals- Peter Bourque

4. Kermits - Kyle Pallanck


Second Round

1. Kermits - Ben Smith

2. Naturals- Kyle Casagrande

3. Jedis- Kevin McNiff

4. Navigators - Tim Ford


Third Round

1. Kermits - Shea Raymond

2. Jedis- Rob Farrell

3. Navigators- Stephen Dusza

4. Naturals - Nate Owen