• Diamond Nation Dome Tournament
  • USABL League Play

Outlaw Baseball

 Baseball was made for kids, and grown-ups only screw it up.
~Bob Lemon


Baseball is like church. Many attend, few understand.” 
Leo Durocher


For the players:

"Play the game one pitch at a time.
Focus on the current pitch.  If you are a pitcher, what are you throwing now and where?
If you are a fielder, what are you going to do if the ball is hit to you?
If you are a base runner what are you going to do on a fly ball, line drive, ground ball, to the right side, to the left side?
If you are a batter, what are you trying to accomplish on this pitch?
If you are on the bench, how are you helping your team be successful?"
Rule #5 on the Nine Principles of Baseball.