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The Washtenaw Raiders is a newly developed sports organization serving Washtenaw County.  Our goal is to provide a sporting outlet for youth that may not otherwise be able to afford to participate in organized sports.


 With our program we are seeking to provide the youth with life changing learning opportunities.  We will help our youth not only learn the game of basketball and football, but we will teach them responsibility, respect and team work.  They will learn how to work together as a team and be there for one another while playing the sport, but we want to teach them life lessons that they can carry on and help them become productive citizens in their community, at home, at school and on the court. 


This is our first season of basketball and we will be starting with AAU.  And we will be starting up with football conditioning starting in this summer.  We keep our fees low for all our sports and we are able to do this by year round fundraising.  We ask all players and parents to do their part in fundraising to help with the fees.  With being a newly founded organization there was no startup funds or already established finances.  We depend not only on the fundraising, but on donations from our sponsors; individual and corporate.  These donations are a big part of keeping our fees down and this is why we want to instill in the youth giving back to your community. 


We are looking forward to continuing to provide a sporting outlet for those forgotten kids and hope to see you and your child this coming season.  We will be having a lot of fun, so come out and be a part of a winning team on and off the field.