• Registration!!!
  • New Uniforms!!!



Start: Wednesday, February 15

End: Saturday, March 18


EVERY WEDS (6-8) and SAT (10-12) at the Watersedge Rec Center: 7894 Dundalk Ave.

Do not wait until the last week to register.  Uniforms will be ordered the Monday after the last day of registration.  No late registrations will be accepted this year.  


Softball Age Groups:

8U - $65

11U - $65

14U - $75

17U - $75

Background Checks for ALL Volunteers!!!!!


ALL Volunteers MUST complete and pass a background check before they may work with any teams - in practice or in games.  This includes anyone volunteering for the concessions, Team Mom, First Base coaches, etc.  The only people who do not have to complete the background check are those who are only going to sit on the sidelines and cheer on the teams.  It can take up to a month for the background check to go through so submit your application today.


Link:  https://ssci2000.secure-screening.net/escreening/OApp_LoginEntrance.asp?mode=direct&code=437500 


Access Code:BCGRec16

Council:  Watersedge (secondary should be 'Not Applicable')

Position: Volunteer and Volunteer for the second option