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Hello everyone, my name is Nick Tuttle. I love to watch sports, more importantly I love to play sports! I had the great idea with coming up with this flag football league because everyone that I talk to always says that they want to play football but knowone ever gets of thier ass to actully make it happen EVER. So this way we will all have fun playing and will count on the teams to be there. We will be keeping stats for the year. And I am hoping to end up with 10 teams before mid September. Also, I am looking for three people to help me with Kepping track of stats, Helping mantain the site, and relaying the news to the teams, and maybe once in the while be a ref. So now that's out of the way, please feel frre to contact me on here, or you can give me a call at 5708998069. And we can talk on the phone.