Westfield Adult Softball League


The fee for Fall and Coed is $350.  We will start when teams have paid.


2019 Rule Changes

Pitchers are required to wear a mask.

The umpire fee is now $20/per a game.



There are no courtesy runners in any division.  No exceptions.

 If you would like your bat tested, email Jim to set up a time.


All bats must have our 2018 Westfield Softball sticker.  Use of an unapproved bat will result in an automatic out for first violation and game ejection for second violation.


Reminder, Umpires are to be paid $20 and Scorekeepers $5 BEFORE game begins.  Also, do not pay in coins!!!

 Found - A gold Westfield High School class ring. Contact Jim to describe and claim it.

There is now a "NO SMOKING BAN" in all city of Westfield Parks & Playgrounds.

Just a reminder, ABSOLUTELY NO BEER OR ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES will be allowed. It is a City law that no drinking of alcoholic beverages is permitted on City property.