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  • Mandatory Parent Meeting Thursday 3/6/2015 at 630pm
  • West Texas Shootout 3/21-22/2015




is a Non-Profit 501(c) Corporation (Tax ID #801967493) dedicated to the advancement of our youth in the areas of Education, Life Skills & Teamwork through Athletics. 

Our vision is simple: develop a network and tool belt of skills our members can lean on with confidence as they tackle any challenge life may throw at them. We feel this is a necessity as they move onto high school, college and into the real world.


First and Foremost, our main concern is to make sure our members do well in the area of education. We achieve this through tutor sessions and regular progress reports that are managed & maintained by credentialed school teachers. “If they don’t have grades, they don’t play”, plain and simple. We make it a point to ensure all of our members carry an adequate grade point average to be eligible. We also have a specific plan in place that gives our members the proper fundamentals & techniques so that they are not a liability regardless of what educational institution they are part of.


Finally, there is the vehicle of basketball we use to turn the Westside Force Elite Basketball League Vision into reality. Through basketball, our members learn the value of team work. So far, in our first 2 years of existence, they have taken to that philosophy quite well. Westside Force Elite  has become respected as one of the most competitive organizations throughout North Texas; both on & off the court. We have grown from 16 members to 30 members to in just two seasons. Our projections indicate we will have close to 60 to 80 members this upcoming year. That does not happen without having a deep understanding of the game, business & the proper plan of action to hit those marks.


Plain & simply, Westside Force is the vehicle that can help your child reach their full potential; both on & off the court.



“Striving For Excellence; On The Court, In The Class Room & In Life”