• Winning is not fun, it is hard work
  • Fun is what happens after you win
  • Think training is hard? Try losing.
  • Good players inspire themselves. Great players inspire others.
  • Success does not come and find you. You have to go get it.


      Baseball  is a tool to teach our kids about life, competition, hard work, dedication, accomplishment, teamwork,  the thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat. 


      All of our projects show pride in our children, our school, and local community. 

     Please See the "What We Do Menu" to see how your support provides for the kids in our community.




 President- Chad Funkhouser Contact- 580-595-0676

Vice Pres-   Mike Anderson    Contact-  580-583-7545

Treasurer-   Ryan Simmons     Contact-  580-704-4326