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A new wiffleball league is rising!

April 19, 2014

A new wiffleball league is rising!

     A new wiffleball league is rising! Four teams are going to make a run for the first ever RWBL Championship in late September. The four teams are the All Stars, Tigers, Kings, and Hawks. Last year there were only three teams and only keep score. But this year there are four teams and were keeping track of stats record and score. Our league is a little different then others for example teams play more then other teams. For example the Hawks franchise players is a person or people from ether the All Stars, Tigers or Kings and if a friend is over the only time the hawks play is if a friend is over. The Kings play when R Wojcik is away on vacation or what ever the case maybe, so its R Wilson and N Muemal play for the Kings. So your team plays when when your team is there ready to play. The favorite to win this year is the All Stars since they rarely lost last year. The championship is projected to be the All Stars verse the Tigers. Championship is the best of 7 and scheduled last week of september I will try and update the stats and scores as often as I can.