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Coral Springs Women’s Softball

Spring 2014 Season

Standings (as of March 18th)


Coral Springs Spine & Nerve     6-1

S.P.S                                      4-3

Lindstrom A/C                         4-3

Dreamcatchers                         3-3

Star 4 Fitness                          3-4

Wings Plus                             2-5

Golden Corral                         2-5




There are a couple of teams that are really struggling for players so it has been decided there will be one more rating.  We have enough interest from outside to warrant holding one more rating.  A lot had to fall into place for this to happen and so far everything is a go.  Now if the girls interested will come ……..
There are two teams playing short as there were no more girls to place and none of their IR players have come up.  There has only been one coach to to give us an update on players either going up or down (IR) or who have not shown as of yet or paid.  IF you have such players please make sure that Michele knows as she keeps track and cannot update unless furnished the appropriate info.
Those coaches NEED to be at ratings (or a rep) ready to draw and place a player on their team after ratings are conducted on Sunday.  Time is of the essence as we are approaching our 4th week into the season.
 3:00PM - FOREST HILLS PARK(where we play)