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States Qualifiers, Timeline, & Meet Information


Now that all of Maryland has finished their Regional meets, the final qualifiers for the State Championships have been announced!


Timeline for States diving events - Friday, February 24th:


4:00 pm - Boys check-in

4:45 pm - Changes to dive sheets close

4:15-5:00 pm - Boys warm-ups

5:00 pm - Boys diving starts

5:30 pm - Girls check-in

~6:15 - Girls warm-ups (or immediately following boys diving)


Timeline for States swimming events:


7:30 am - doors will open for meet officials, workers, and swimmers

8:00 am - Doors open for spectators

8:15-9:15 am - open warm-ups (8:45-9:15 am - the competition pool will be open for starts and sprints)

9:30 am - swimming events start


Please plan to arrive between 7:30 and 8:00!Athletes can only be allowed on deck with a coach, and there is a coach's meeting at 8:00. If you have not arrived by that time, you will not be allowed on deck!


Take a look at the Fan Focus flier with information about spectator seating, directions, and parking instruction. Many of the parking lots at the University of Maryland are permit parking only, so please park only in the designated lots!


Take a look at the lineup that was emailed out and let Coach Emr know as soon as possible if you are unable to make the meet this weekend.

If you name is not in the lineup, you will not be permitted on deck!


Please note that we we will have one team of four athletes for each relay event. The athletes listed as numbers 5-8 will be used as alternates in case a relay member is sick or injured. This happened at Regionals, and we almost had to scratch a relay because none of the alternates were ready to swim. All eight athletes should come to States prepared to swim in a relay, but knowing that you may not be selected.

Metros Results


The Metropolitan Swim & Dive Championships were an exciting affair! Unfortunately, we had many sick athletes who were unable to compete, but the show went on anyway! When all was said and done, our girls placed 21st out of 35 teams and our boys placed 12th out of 31 teams. Not too shabby! Click below for full results.


Boys Results

Girls Results

Divisionals Results & Metros Information

Click Here for Full Results

The Division I Swim & Dive Championships on Saturday were truly an exciting affair! As all six teams came together, it was evident from the first race that this was going to be a thrilling meet with lots of tough competition.

In the end, our girls came home with a sixth place finish, and our boys placed fourth.

Overall, all teams and athletes performed wonderfully and contributed to an electrifying meet. We look forward to facing the rest of the Montgomery County public and private schools as we get ready for the Metropolitan Championships that start on Wednesday. The meet lineup was emailed out to all parents and athletes.



2016-2017 Metro Qualifying Times

Click Here for 2016-2017 Metro Qualifying Times

The 2016-2017 Metro Qualifying Times have been posted! Remember: these times must be achieved during a Wootton meet. PVS times can not be used to qualify for Metros.

B-CC vs. Wootton Results


Click Here for Full Results


The Patriots ended our dual meet season with our final meet against B-CC. This meet should have taken place much earlier in the season, but the winter weather just didn’t want to cooperate. As the final relay finished, we all knew this one would be tight. In the end our boys pulled in out with a final score of only 91-80! Our girls, unfortunately, finished this season without any wins with a final score of 110-61.


Our divers, once again, started us off on the right hurdle with two Westwood wins! These two wins contributed to a combined total of 12 first places out of 24 events! Congratulations Eric Lu (200 free & 400 free relay), Alex Li (200 IM, 100 fly, & 400 free relay), Juliana Parra (200 IM), Jeffrey Qin (50 free, 100 free, & 400 free relay), Cece Zhao (100 fly & 100 breast), and Daniel Chen (100 back & 400 free relay)!


We were also able to take a moment today to recognize and appreciate the contributions of our many amazing seniors. As our dual meet season comes to a close, we send out love to Daniel Chen, Lillian Henry, Michelle Hu, Bryan Jong, Afroditi Katsigiannakis, Barbara Keo, Kristin Kong, Connor Lawrence, Alex Li, Jordan Matus, Jocelyn Merkin, Ruchi Nanda, Arvind Navada, William Shen, Will Sherman, Gurbani Singh, Sharon Sun, Michael Tran, Adrianna-Marie Urbina Ruiz, Regan Westwood, Justin Zhou, and Timothy Zhou.


Bring on Divisionals!

Picture Day Information!


Don't forget that Monday, January 23rd is our team picture day! Please make sure your athlete wears their team uniform to practice. Click on the image above for online ordering information. 


Whitman vs. Wootton Results


Click Here for Full Results


Today’s meet against Whitman was a real nail-biter! When all was said and done, our girls were bested again (109-62) and our boys heartbreakingly lost by a mere three points (87-84) proving once and for all that every point and every athlete counts.


We once again started this meet with a race to the finish as both our boys and girls medley relays placed second (Aaron Lazar, William Shen, Daniel Wang, Jordan Matus, and Afroditi Katsigiannakis, Cece Zhao, Gurbani Singh, Lillian Henry). We then proceeded to take first place in an amazing nine events! Well done Alex Li (200 free), Jeffrey Qin (200 IM & 100 free), Cece Zhao (50 free), Quinn Westwood (diving), Rita Zhang (100 free), Eric Lu (500 free), Aaron Lazar (100 back), and Alex Li, Brian Xi, Jeffrey Qin, & Eric Lu (400 free relay).


But let’s not forget our second place finishers who, together with our first placers, made this meet as close as it was! Great job Eric Lu (200 free), Rita Zhang (200 free), Daniel Wang (200 IM & 100 free), Juliana Parra (200 IM), Lillian Henry (50 free), Alex Li (500 free), Cece Zhao (100 back), and Larissa Tsai, Sharon Sun, Gurbani Singh, & Rita Zhang (400 free relay).


Thank you to everyone who stepped up to fill in for people who were absent today. You really showed us what teamwork and sportsmanship looks like!

WJ vs. Wootton Results


Click Here for Full Results


The Patriots faced Walter Johnson on Friday afternoon to make up our previously cancelled meet, and showed everyone what we are capable of on a weekday! Our boys came out with their first win of the season (102-69), and our girls fell slightly short (124-47).


Our divers warmed us up with second and fourth place finishes by Quinn Westwood and Arvind Navada, and second and third place finishes from Kelly Kimbis and Sarah Rankin. After getting fired up by our captains, our boys 200 medley relay placed first by a narrow margin of 2 tenths of a second! Way to finish, Aaron Lazar, William Shen, Daniel Wang, and Jordan Matus! Our girls 200 medley relay took a tip from the boys and placed second, beating out WJ’s third place team by only 4 tenths of a second! Way to race, Rita Zhang, Emily Chang, Afroditi Katsigiannakis, and Cece Zhao!


But the stellar races didn’t stop there. Eric Lu won his race in the 200 free, Aaron Lazar raced to first in the 50 free, Brian Xi bested the competition in the 100 fly, Jeffrey Qin touched everyone out in the 100 free, Alex Li and Eric Lu showed everyone what first and second look like in the 500 free, Aaron Lazar and Will Sherman did it again in the 100 back, and they finished it all up with another first in the 400 free relay (Alex Li, Brian Xi, Eric Lu, and Jeffrey Qin). Let’s not forget, of course, Rita Zhang who won the 100 back - our only girl to take home the gold!


Let’s keep this pace up as we face Whitman TOMORROW at the Olney Indoor Swim Center - 11:30 am!

Wootton vs. Churchill Results


Click Here for Full Results


The Patriots came back from several weeks off to face our division rivals: Churchill! Despite our enthusiasm and excitement to have avoided another winter event, we lost with final scores of 126-45 (girls) and 102-69 (boys).


Regardless of the final scores, our athletes had some incredible races! Our boys started strong with second and third in the 200 Medley relay. Eric Lu raced to a first place finish in the 200 free and Daniel Wang finished hard in the 200 IM. Quinn and Regan Westwood finished with impressive second and first place finished in our diving events. Shoutout to Lillian Henry for placing third in the 50 free - she fought hard to break up a Churchill sweep!


Way to go, Patriots! Let’s show Division I what we are made of against WJ and B-CC this week!

WJ vs. Wootton CANCELLED!

Unfortunately, due to potential winter weather, MCPS has cancelled all swim & dive meets before 12:00 on Saturday, January 7. 

Please stay warm and safe and we will see you at practice on Monday. Enjoy your weekend!

B-CC vs. Wootton CANCELLED!

Unfortunately, due to icy road conditions, MCPS has cancelled all swim & dive meets before 1:00 on Saturday, December 17. 

Please stay warm and safe and we will see you at practice on Monday. Enjoy your weekend!

Wootton vs. Richard Montgomery Results


Click Here for Full Results


The Patriots started off our season with an impressive battle against Richard Montgomery. While the Patriots fought hard (and dominated a majority of their events), RM bested us with scores of 99-57 (girls) and 86-69 (boys).


The meet started off with an impressive display of athleticism and talent from our divers! Congratulations go out to Quinn Westwood for taking first place, and Jennifer Weiss and Sarah Rankin on their second and fourth place finishes.



The swimming events kicked off with an exciting race in the boys 200 Medley Relay. Congratulations to Bryan Jong, William Shen, Michael Tran, and Justin Zhou for taking first place by less than half a second!

The excitement continued with 5 more first place finishes! Well done Jonathan Yune (200 IM), Brian Xi (100 Free), William Shen (100 Breast), and BOTH our boys and girls 400 free relays (Jonathan Yune, Harvey Sun, Michael Tran, Brian Xi, Jocelyn Merkin, Afroditi Katsigiannakis, Juliana Parra, and Sharon Sun)!

Keep your eyes on the prize, Patriots! Let’s get ready to face B-CC next weekend!

Scrimmage vs. Sherwood Results


Click Here for Full Results


The Patriots swimmers and divers dusted off the cobwebs in a scrimmage against Sherwood High School Saturday at the Gaithersburg Aquatic Center. The team looks poised and ready for another competitive season!


MCPS Health & Safety Presentation

Prior to the start of our season, all athletes and parents are expected to view the MCPS Health and Safety PowerPoint. Please take a few minutes to visit the link below to view the presentation:

MCPS Health & Safety Presentation

2016-2017 Wootton Swim & Dive Calendar

Events may be changed or updated, so check in periodically!

Mandatory Practice Information:

According to MPSSAA rules, each member of the swim and dive team must attend all practices. Team members are allowed to participate in an outside club of the same sport during the season, but their practices and meets cannot interfere with the high school sport. If members of the team do not attend the team practices, the athletes are not eligible to participate in the weekly meets. If they do not participate in a majority of the meets, then they are not eligible to swim in Regionals and States. A team becomes ineligible to participate in States if the team is found in violation of the rules.

For the divers, RSFC does not have a diving board. As a result, the divers cannot practice at this pool. Therefore, the divers need to attend at least one of the county practices where they can receive some assistance in diving. Divers, please let Coach Emr know which practices you attend each week.

In order to participate in meets, you need to be at BOTH practices every week.


All website updates and notifications are posted by Coach Jackie Emr. You can contact me at Jacqueline_J_Emr@mcpsmd.org with questions.