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 Welcome to WPYSA
2018 Season!!


Please take a look at our specific sports tabs for any information regarding registration dates.  We now accept payment online.




We are a small association consisting of approximately 24 board members and an unlimited number of wonderful children! We have created this website in dedication to the kids, parents, & families in our community. Without all of you, we would be nothing! Please feel free to utilize this website for any information that you need to enroll your child in our activities. The activities that we currently have are football, cheer/drill combo, basketball, and soccer.

The Wills Point Youth Sports Association is made up of members of the community that work full time jobs, have families/children, and other commitments that we devote our time to, just like you. We enjoy working with your kids, as well as our own. We work hard to make sure that all of our kids have a good time and a learning experience through all that they do. Although we are all voted as a member of the board and are held to a volunteer status, most of us spend hours working to make sure that everything necessary to have a successful sport or activity is in place. While we are working volunteers, we have to pay registration fees just like everyone else and we are not compensated monetarily for our time or services—just the joy of the children’s faces in your (& ours) community. Thank you for being a part of our community, allowing us to spend time with your children, and realizing that we are all human beings just like the rest of you—we make mistakes to. We would, however, like to know when we make mistakes so we can correct them.

Interested in becoming a board member for the WPYSA? Email any board member and express your interest. Board member applications are now available online.







May 13, 2018 @ 6pm location TBD.....


Attached is the link for the magazine subscription sponsorship page that we have set up for helping our less fortunate kids in the community enjoy the activities that we have available. Pay less than newsstand prices for your subscriptions while helping your local community. Your kids thank you!

Click the link below to support kids that are a part of the WPYSA! (The kids get 40% of what you pay!)