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Practice Plan

March 23, 2016

Hitters we will be at the indoor from 2-4 come as soon as you can.  If you don't have class come at 2 so we don't have a bunch right at 4.



Wiechec- Get a catcher and full pen.  You can either do it at the indoor or outside.  Just let the catcher know what you prefer.  4 pole sprints

Downs, Garland, Savage, Tinius, Huebner, Price, Payne, Yearego- Flat Ground or short pen your decision make sure to get a catcher.  You can either do it inside or outside. Go through stations. plus 2xbu, 2x40s 4x60

Moore and Trujillo stations plus 2xBu's, 2x40s, 4x60s 2x100s

Mcallister- Flat Ground or Short pen your decision. (get catcher inside or out)


This weekends Rotation will be

Thursday- Mcallister


Saturday-Game 1- Moore Game 2- Wiechec

Unless weather changes something