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The Indoor War Returns to Southern California! Fall 2013.




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The Xtreme Indoor Football League (XIFL) is a developmental Indoor Football league composed of 16 teams divided equally between the Coastal Football Conference and the Inland Football Conference. The regular-season is a sixteen-week schedule during which each team plays sixteen games and has no bye weeks. The season will start the first week of September and runs weekly to late January. At the end of each regular season, two teams from each division play in the XIFL playoffs, that culminates with the Championship Bowl. All games will be played on the weekends.




We have a series of goals to accomplish with the development of this new league. We are proud to bring Indoor Football back to Southern California. We want to give a second opportunity for players develop their talent and be scouted for major leagues (NFL, CFL, USFL, UFL, AFL). We want to give back to the community where families can spend time together in a safe and fun environment. To build a stronger relationship with our supporters at all levels; from fans to sponsors. To continue to expand our league; to grow our existing supporter base; to develop new markets; and to provide more opportunities to players that join and will join our league.




The League is to incorporate a style of play that is incomparable, provide professional growth and development to our players, and family friendly atmosphere. We want to provide the best possible opportunities for our players; to drive the next generation of athletes to set a higher standard in the world of Semi-Pro football world. The name Extreme derived from the concept that we wanted to build a league that was different from all other leagues. We wanted a league that will withstand the test of times. A league that was farthest removed from the ordinary and would set us apart from the rest. An extreme league that would set precedence over other leagues in Southern California....California for that matter.