Welcome to York County Fall Baseball League

   The York County Fall Ball League was established in 2000 for the purpose of developing baseball players to be ready to play in the spring season.  The league has grown from 40 teams and 8 organizations in 2000 to over 130 teams and 25 organizations presently.
     The league was designed to allow players to work on playing different positions, improve their pitching and batting skills and to allow 10 and 13-year-old players to get used to playing on a larger field.  There are pitching rules in the league, which are designed to limit innings, but, more importantly, to develop more pitchers for the spring season so that teams don't just rely on a few pitchers.  The season win-loss record has no bearing on the season-ending tournament, which consists of a blind draw.  The tournament is designed to allow teams to see how far they have come through the fall season.  The main emphasis of the fall league is to develop players and not to see how many wins or losses each team has. 

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    You will find links for the current season with rules, printable schedules, field codes, field directions, managers and coaches contact info and additional info concerning umpires and scorekeepers.


Parents wishing to sign your child up to play in this league should contact a local area Administrator.


Organizations wishing to participate in this league should contact:
Kelso S. Haugh