Last Updated: April 10, 2015

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Upper Moreland Hoops Basketball
P.O. Box 391
Hatboro, PA 19040
Phone: 215-657-6969

Name Position Phone Profile EMail
Jeff Herb President
Scott Wister Vice President / Treasurer
Paul Martino Intramural League Coordinator
Hope Boccella Secretary
Jim Meakim Developmental League Coordinator
Scott Ludlow Director of Travel Basketball Program
Rob Opferman Director of Registration
Steve Sadowski Director of Referees
Rashim Lancit Director of Communications & Publicity
Open Position Director of Girls 3rd grade Intramural League
Rick Finn Director of Girls 4/5 grade Intramural League
Mark Villanueva Director of Girls 6/7/8 grade Intramural League
Tom Gheen Director of Boys 3/4 grade Intramural League
Justin Feil Director of Boys 5/6 grade Intramural League
Joe Bates Director of Boys 7/8 grade Intramural League
Ron Slagle Boys High School League Coordinator
Scott Tiernan Girls High School League Coordinator
Dave Kniese Director of Sponsors
J. Herb, S. Ludow, S. Sadowski., P. Martino Suggestion/Concern/Complaint Committee
OPEN POSITION Director of Team Parents
Tiernan, Boccella Villanueva Committe for site improvements
OPEN POSITION Director of Equipment