Last Updated: July 19, 2017
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2017 Fall Ball
2017 Spring TeamsManager
(AL) ASTROS Nick Willbanks
(AL) BLACK SOX Steven Cooper
(AL) COLT 45s Eric Davidson
(AL) INDIANS Thomas Laches
(AL) KC MONARCHS Jonathan Krysa
(AL) KC OUTLAWS Kaleb Settle
(NL) BLAZERS Rocco Scarcello
(NL) EXPOS Jeremy Saporito
(NL) PIRATES Nick Caldrone
(NL) SUN DEVILS Carl Damron
(NL) WARRIORS Joel Hansen
(NL) YANKEES Kevin Davenport

2017 Spring Information

2017 Spring
American League (AL):
1. ASTROS - Mgr: Nick Willbanks
2. BLACK SOX - Mgr: Steve Cooper
3. COLT 45's - Mgr: Eric Davison Coach: Sam Boyd
4. INDIANS - Mgr: Thomas Laches
5. KC OUTLAWS - Mgr: Kaleb Settle
6. KC MONARCHS - Mgr: Jonathan Krysa
7. KC NATURALS - Mgr: Cody Knapp; Coach: Aaron Harrelson

National League (NL):
1. BLAZERS - Mgr: Rocco Scarcello
2. EXPOS - Mgr/GM: Jeremy Saportito; Coach: Eduardo Calles
3. KC BLUE JAYS - Mgr: Jason Morris
4. PIRATES - Mgr: Nick Caldrone
5. SUN DEVILS - Mgr: Carl Damron
6. WARRIORS - Mgr: Joel Hansen
7. YANKEES - Mgr: Kevin Davenport

Teams MUST report scores and stats.

Playoff eligibility standards: A minimum of 5 games or 1/3rd season