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Author TOPIC: ONLINE APPLICATIONS are now re-open!!!
Paula E

April 4, 2016
10:18:53 PM

Entry #: 4194750
Thank you for your patience….

ONLINE APPLICATIONS are being accepted for:

1. Pep Teams
2. 3rd thru 6th Grade Cheer
3. Dance Teams / Officer Candidates

The ONLY EXCEPTION – we are no longer accepting applications for the 6th grade Hawks.

In order for our coaches to give their full attention to the girls assigned to their individual teams, GCDTA has set the maximum number of participants for each team, grades 3rd thru 6th grade at twelve (12). However, GCDTA reserves the right to make any adjustments needed in order to provide cheer coverage for all football teams.

All tryouts will be waived for cheer and dance with the exceptions of: Dance Team - Dazzler Officers and Cheer – 3rd thru 6th graders - IF applicants exceed 12 for any one team.

A “Closed tryout” will be held for that individual team only and will be held based on the guidelines used by GISD. No one allowed in the room at the time of tryout except for the judges and participant. Results will be posted on GCDTA website – by assigned tryout numbers.

If try-outs are required - ALL Participants will be notified in a timely manner if they will be required to go thru the try-out process. All Participants will be required to wear: Plain white shirt, black shorts, white socks and white tennis shoes. Hair must be worn in a ponytail. NO hair bows or hair scrunchies allowed. NO names on clothing will be allowed. Gymnastics of any kind are forbidden (including splits, round-offs or kicks). Participants will NOT be allowed to try-out if Registration Fee has not been paid in advanced and / or have an outstanding balance due from previous year(s).

Thank you.

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