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Author TOPIC: Hesperia vs corona micro d1A

December 2, 2012
1:48:27 PM

Entry #: 4019106
Nail biter....came down to the PAT.... Hesperia 7 Corona 6... Hats off to corona great game!!!


December 2, 2012
2:08:12 PM

Entry #: 4019113
Who won micro 2 earlier this morning.

Proud Trojan Dad

December 2, 2012
2:11:48 PM

Entry #: 4019114
Trojans. I think it was 19-12. Another good game as well!


December 2, 2012
5:59:55 PM

Entry #: 4019198
so if the mighty hesperia team could only beat corona by one point how do you think hesperia 1a team would have done against corona's div 1 team. that is what i thought.


December 2, 2012
6:13:40 PM

Entry #: 4019207
Honestly, no one who cares about the kids or the league as a whole cares what bigots like you think.

The kids will celebrate as all of the champs should. A real man would congratulate the winners and not foster a Nazi mentality.


December 2, 2012
6:15:05 PM

Entry #: 4019208
Just proof all Hesperia teams are truly 1A quality teams. Next year they will have trouble in the 1 division unless they switch conferences again. Congrats on your Superbowls Hesperia


December 2, 2012
6:19:31 PM

Entry #: 4019210
@vick & @bronco, keep me updated on today's NFL scores since u guys lost already, don't worry about Hesperia ladies... See u guys next year...


December 2, 2012
6:26:28 PM

Entry #: 4019216
baaahhhhaa a nazi mentality. what a tool. my point is you hesperia clowns have been talking smack all year. congrats on your big win. it was basicaly cheating.


December 2, 2012
6:54:58 PM

Entry #: 4019228
@ vick ... You my friend has your head so far up your A** it aint even funny.... All you do is talk smack.... You have no balls cause till this day nobody even knows who you represent... What team you with??? As far as anybody knows your socal's little bi***.... quit running your mouth already.... Whoever your with you lost didnt make it .. Its a done deal.... Hesperia made a name for this league in 2012 and we aint going anywhere.... D1 or D1A we will be back next year.... And all i can tell you vick and socal is that it takes a little more to be a champion ... And we worked our a** off to get here...All your bs dont phase us.... We will be drinking and eating some pizza with 4 superbowl trophies in our face while you stare at socal wondering what to say next.... Better luck next year punk....


December 2, 2012
7:00:39 PM

Entry #: 4019231
you cheated all the boys who play D1a. enjoy your pizza b/c next year you will be playing D1 and your Dia team would get smoked by corona, CH, and Murriettas D1 teams. You all are cheaters. congrats


December 2, 2012
7:17:09 PM

Entry #: 4019235
Vick... Stop relying on big brother n fight your battles, Man U are weak with the same argument all the time.. U r WEAK


December 2, 2012
7:18:54 PM

Entry #: 4019237
Good job was a great game


December 2, 2012
7:27:35 PM

Entry #: 4019241
cheaters/tainted c-ship


December 2, 2012
7:47:56 PM

Entry #: 4019253
Cheaters???? Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha... Your funny... Thats all you got.... ??? Is that what socal told you to put??? The sad thing is nobody respects you on this board cause you aint coming with nothing.... Put something good together and maybe youll get a following... Cheater aint doing it... The whole D1 thing aint gonna do it .. Your done its over... We are champs and you didnt even come close.... I laugh everyday at how pisst you are at our sucess Its the funniest thing ever.... I love haters.. It makes us stronger... This message board has been quiet all day ... I would expect corona to run there mouth like they have been all week but they been M.I.A....and you vick played your last game 3 weeks ago and your still here... I think you are living your dream through your kid... Trying to make him a champion cause you never amounted to s**t... You were the one that was always picked last... Sooooooo sad!!! Grow up dude.. Your days our over....


December 2, 2012
8:22:28 PM

Entry #: 4019262
Congrats Hesperia

Conf AD- East tbirdfan4vr

December 2, 2012
8:25:52 PM

Entry #: 4019263
Knock this off please.

Congrats Hesperia. You guys played great today. Thank you for the hospitality.


December 3, 2012
4:57:50 AM

Entry #: 4019321
I think it's funny how Confrence tells everyone to "knock this off" or "please stop or we will be forced to shut this down" you guys created this nonsense by letting a team pick where they wanted to play. Why even have divisions why not just let teams go nope there probably gonna beat us so we don't want to do that. So maybe you at Confrence will re think how things are ran. Did Colton go all d1a last year when they can on board...nope. Just goes to show that if a chapter offers up playoff sites before season starts they can write there own ticket.

Conf AD- East tbirdfan4vr

December 3, 2012
6:57:23 AM

Entry #: 4019349
They didn't write their own ticket. Since you don't know how it works in SoCal Jaaf, let me tell you. Alignment is in May and WE didn't get a site for superbowl till October. We don't do playoff sites until October. Conference DIDN'T put them in D1A, YOUR OWN CHAPTER DID, and/or 22 other chapters did.

And on the superbowl site "selection" you refer to, Conference and chapters sat in a room that was silent for 15 minutes after Bill Ward asked someone to host. No one wanted to pony up their site. It involves a lot of work. Finally Hesperia said they might be able to host. So it was might, not definite.

And as for saying knock it off, I am sick of hearing everyone gripe about Hesperia. Whether you like them or not, that is your issue. As for the message board, it comes down this Friday for the season. And there will be discussion amongst the CHAPTER presidents/commissioners as to whether THEY want it up or not. See, its THEIR choice.


December 3, 2012
7:07:13 AM

Entry #: 4019354
Hesperia made a name for this league in 2012 and we aint going anywhere.... D1 or D1A we will be back next year

Congrats to Hesperia on running the board on super bowl titles (in the lower divisions)

I know we call 1A JV but truthfully I think we all know that 1A is pretty damn competitive especially this year with some Great athletes...Don't get me wrong it's not 1 but it is very competive!

That said TrojanMan, you really think your chapter made a name for THIS LEAGUE (JAAFSC)???

I'm going to assume you meant to say you made a name for YOUR CHAPTER in this league cause believe me when I say when people think JAAFSC they think CORONA, CHINO HILLS, MURRIETA, ORANGECREST & NORCO! (no dis to anyone else)...If you want that same regontion well I don't even have to say it you know what you have to do, and you have to have success when you do it....Not to say you cant have success in D1 I truely believe you have the talent, but you'll never know if you keep hiding in the lower divisions!!! And yes take it how you want but your doing exactly that, hidding.

Most people from Hesperia believe it or not will agree, and I know the rest of you will come on here talking ish (looking forward to it)....

I believe it was Coach Rob, Packer Brad (2 coaches) and Cold bacon (chain gain lol) who all said if Hesperia dosn't go 1 next year they wont even come on this board cause it would be an embarresment to there chapter and with the talent you have I couldn't agree more!!!

Again CONGRATS to THE KIDS & COACHES from Hesperia on there success, football is a long and brutal season and when you come out on top in any division it is quite an achievment!


December 3, 2012
7:59:06 AM

Entry #: 4019380
@outlaw.... Sorry let me explain.... I was to busy trying to carry one of our 4 trophies while trying to type...what i meant was Hesperia made a name for themselves in this league... The big argument is weather we are D1 teams... Well yesterday we beat corona white by one point... We lost to them weeks back and yesterday our defense did there thing and we came up on top... What im getting at is that we didnt run all over them... Everyone knows that chino's and corona's D1a teams are in fact D1 teams ... If anyone sits here and argues saying that its not true well then really you guys are truly stupid... You cant say that when you have 150 kids to chose from per division only 25 of them our studs... BS... Your D1A is stacked just as much as your D1 team... Then you have people on here bringing up the fact that we have a bigger population than some of your cities down below.. Well that might be the case but we cant force kids to sign up with our organization... Plus theres 4 or 5 other leagues that i can think of thats around our area...we had roughly about 50 kids in our micro division... FIFTY... Not 150.... Not even half of those kids were returners... Arent you guys sick of playing the same old teams??? Chino... Corona... Chino.. Corona... I hear it from a lot of people...chino went 8-1 regular season dominating most oponents... Corona 8-1 dominating most oponents... Murrieta same thing.... Hesperia same thing... Look at the total points scored and points scored against.... The powerhouses are all pretty close... And we werent even at the top of the list as far as points go... So if by looking at facts you still dont think we played at the right level than i give up!!! I wonder what you guys would be saying if we had lost the super bowl???? Cant wait to hear the replies on this one!!!


December 3, 2012
8:27:51 AM

Entry #: 4019399
Well its all over with and Hesperia came in and won a few super bowls in IA and he 2 divisions congrates on that. But be prepared cuz if what the AD said is true you can pretty much guarantee that the chapters will vote to have Hesperia feild a D1 team. So enjoy this years super bowls cuz probably wont happen again for awhile. By the way CORONA WAS STILL DOMINANT with the most SUPER BOWL WINS. JUST SAYIN!


December 3, 2012
8:43:52 AM

Entry #: 4019405
Well I'm just saying... "Just saying". Wow people are so bent that any other chapter won... You sound like a Raider fan always living in the past and saying we Won XX. Amount of Super Bowls blah blah will always be dominate regardless of who wins, .. I want to get me one of those mirrors that you have that says I will always be the best... Next year is next year....

@Trojanpiride5 no offense on being a Raider


December 3, 2012
9:04:25 AM

Entry #: 4019419
My Browns beat the Raiders yesterday. Good day for me. :-)


December 3, 2012
9:05:32 AM

Entry #: 4019420
@TrojanMan....First and foremost congrats on your super bowl victory, you beat a very tough and well coached Corona team, wish we could of meet this season I think are teams were alot alike but we fell short and that is what it is!

Heres the thing, in my opionion if you have more than 1 team in any divison then you have enough kids and talent to COMPETE in D1...Now if all you want to do is have easy seasons and win SuperBowls then suit yourself stay 1A and pound your chest. But if you want to teach your kids what it's really like to try and compete and be successful then you know where you need to be...It will only better them for the future

There are TEAMS that have 1 team per division that play and compete in D1 and too me those are the only teams that have the arguement to play 1A if they choose cause the ONLY HAVE 1 TEAM PER DIVISION.

Believe me when I say I hear what your saying about the numbers, the more kids you have the more talent comes your way hands down but the bigger chapters also have the coaches they need to coach that talent cause with out good coaching the talent means NOTHING!

Everyone competes in there respective cities for sign ups then thing is when you build a good program and have success more and more kids want to play for you...I know a couple of families in Hesperia who wont play for the Trojans simple because as they say it will not help there kid with nothing in the future to play down, that's coming from people from your city...

After Hesperia's done polishing all there 1A trophies maybe they'll put there BIG BOY pants on and see what there really made of...Funny thing is I think they will do just fine in D1 and have lots of success....

Take this post how you want but I doubt Hesperia Board & Coaches will get much respect until they "Man Up" JMO

bam bam 73

December 3, 2012
9:46:17 AM

Entry #: 4019442
The funny thing is that all of the fallout has nothing to do with the boys on the field, and everything to do with the coaches and parents. The biggest reason people hated on hesparia (myself included) is because of how they won. Arrogance in the face of playing out of your division only perpetuated the anger. your parents were/are living vicariously through there kids and not teaching the most important lessons that are to be learned in youth sports. Honor, integrity, sportsmanship. I congratulate Hespairas athletes on well deserved championships. I look forward to competing against the coaches again next year.


December 3, 2012
10:47:25 AM

Entry #: 4019470
Who are the Hesperia kids gonna play for? The High Desert or IE (lower weight) leagues? I suppose they could play for Victorville Pop Warner or Perhaps the AAU (no weight limit) team in Apple Valley.

When someone mentions cheating the kids out of playing the best, Corona is at the top of the heap. THREE or FOUR teams in Div 2? Please.

If Corona was in it for the kids & the parents instead of the chapter itself, things would change.

I asked a Corona D1a parent after the Hesp Jr Micro 1A game, if he thought his son was a D1 player. Answer - "Yes!, and in most chapters he would be." I asked why there was only one D1 team and he had to think about it. "Great Question" was his response.

There are three reasons for football to be successful. The kids (talent), the parents (support) & the chapter (organization). Corona appears to to play for the chapter 1st, the parents 2nd and the kids last. Here's why.

Jr Micro. One D1 team. So, if all of the players are truly D1 caliber, half of the team are getting cheated by being 10 play kids. They could start and play more if there was an EQUAL (as in serpentine draft) 2nd team.

The kids in D1a (who are just as good as the best of the single team chapters kids) could now play D1 and learn and play with and against the best.

There are plenty of returners and/or new 8 yr olds to have one or two D1a teams. They could get experience at the higher level instead of being put in D2 to keep them out of the way of the better kids.

With one D1 team, the parents get screwed out of their $$$, the kids get cheated out of playing in a higher level (and isn't that what all of the Corona whiners out there are saying about the numerous small chapters who don't play D1?), but the chapter gets to brag about SB victories and recruit more parents $$$ to have their kids play D2 to fund the "better kids."

Oh, and if the Corona D1 team doesn't truly take the best 25, but adds a few lessor players for whatever the reason, now the chapter is stacking the D1a team to win. WHICH IS IT? The best 25, and cheating the bottom 11 to 14 players, or I guess you could play all 25 equally which cheats the top teir, or letting some slide to D1a.

And let's say the Trojan Jr Micro team was D1 this year. Please explain how any coach would want 24 1st year players, half of which were 45-55 lb 7yr olds, competing against a big-bad D1 team?

People complained about the Hesperia PW team in the playoffs, and a game was called at the half for this very reason. Is winning is really so important that the Corona supporters want to see an offence of 7 yr olds, who haven't learned how to block, tackle or hit just yet, get injured by a stud D1 team? Go ahead, say yes.

Lastly, one thing would make sense for the league to consider. Only allow 1 D2 team for every D1 team a chapter has. This year Corona could have had 2 D1's and possibly 2 D1a's or D2's depending on the experience level.

If a chapter has one team in a division, make them D1a. If there are two, D1 & (D1a or D2.)

Hesperia's Micro & Peewee teams could have played D1. But Chino & Corona would have had two EQUAL teams. How much better would that have been for all?

Desert swarm

December 3, 2012
11:27:17 AM

Entry #: 4019487
First congrats on your victories yesterday, now heres what happened to us in 2008. My boys played for the Indio Bulldogs,3 of our teams made it to the super bowl in the lower levels. 2 teams won and one lost. The next year we were asked to go D1 and we did. Were we competitive? Yes, but not like before. It took Indio a few years to adjust and they are doing well. We are now at PDLQ, last year we had a new chapter open up for iejaaf which took half our chapter from us. We played D1 last year and some of our teams didn't do so well. We are now in d1a playing competitive football. Thats where we belong for now until we rebuild our chapter. You will move up and have to adjust as Indio did. I hope this was helpful.


December 3, 2012
12:19:19 PM

Entry #: 4019507
Well said Paul.... This debate can go on and on and can be flipped and ask why there is only one D1 team and 3 D2 teams ??? Nobody will touch on that.... So sick of all the hate... Its all good... Cant wait till next year!! The haters will find a new topic to start up when we do what we do... Play some good a** football!!!!!!!!!!


December 3, 2012
2:07:26 PM

Entry #: 4019554
@Trojan 5,No one well touch it cause they no its true , Corona should be placing 2 D1 teams.They have the talent and the coaching to do so ... Corona(white) micro 1a won the 2010 &2011 superbowl back 2back and why aren't they being asked to move up ? And they say we are sandbagging it ! Come on Corona step up and field 2 D1 teams ...


December 3, 2012
3:14:15 PM

Entry #: 4019581
trojan man is a joker. you girls dont even field one D1 team

Jamie H

December 3, 2012
3:19:49 PM

Entry #: 4019583
I am so disappointed at the example all the adults on this site have set for our children. Our coach and his entire staff, pride themselves on teaching our kids humility. We do our best to win with class and loss with class. We have worked very hard this season. Nothing was handed to us. We did not ever cancel a practice, not even for Thanksgiving. We have great support from our parents, coaching staff and our board. I know for a fact if we would have lost our Micro 1A game yesterday we would have held our heads high and truly congratulated Corona on a well earned win. I was amazed at the amount of class Corona's kids and staff showed to us not only yesterday when they lost, but also in week 4 when they won. They are a 1st rate team. While I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, please don't for 1 second confuse our kids,coaching staff, or board with the few parents on this message board. They DO NOT represent the Trojans league.GO TROJAN'S!


December 3, 2012
3:50:17 PM

Entry #: 4019594
Nice of you to chime in vick!!! So cal must have let you off restriction... I ask again .. What city or team do you represent??? Do you have the balls to answer that??? Lets see!!!! I will be waiting!!!

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