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Author TOPIC: 2017 burning questions???
OSBA Fanatic

April 28, 2017
3:23:19 PM

Entry #: 4219562
We are now less than one week away from the beginning of yet another OSBA season, and with lots of off-season changes it will be interesting to see how the season plays out. Here are some burning questions…

1. The league is now down to 16 teams, 8 in and East and 8 in West after the loss of 3 teams as the Ajax Angels, Forest Glen Giants and North York Yankees have ceased operations (okay, let’s be honest the league really only lost 2 teams. The Yankees don’t count). What teams stand to gain from this loss as players found new homes across the league?

2. What are team’s big roster additions this season? Who is the team to beat?

3. Will the 2016 OSBA champion Vaughn Vikings be able to build off of their big playoff run and continue to rule the West or will the Scarborough Dragons bounce back and reclaim their throne?

4. What do the OSBA finalist Pickering Pirates have left in the tank after their lengthy playoff run? They are an aging team that is now another year older and will also miss key offensive catalyst Scott Gray for the first portion of the season…..

5. Sticking with the East I see that the Clarington Cubs have added a blast from past to this year’s roster. Looks like the Cubs will easily have the oldest roster in the East. With this being Killers last year running the Cubs has he added to right pieces to compete? I am sure he will pull out all the stops to leave OSBA on top.

6. The Royal York Cardinals have continued to improve every year will this be the year that Perry’s group finally breaks through?

7. Nice to see that the Brooklin Dodgers have added a group of new young players into the mix. This will save the Dodgers from chasing player’s week in and week out. Give Coach Holinaty credit, he always had enough players and never forfeited. The question though is who is going to pitch every weekend?

8. Speaking of pitching, with the loss of Will Langford in Port Hope, how many innings will Bobby Gilligan need to pitch this year 85+? Same thing goes in Whitby, Tristan can’t pitch every game (although he likely would). But much like Clarington, the Chiefs roster is always a highly guarded secret. Kind of like their box scores. Did the Orioles manage to find another arm to help take the pressure off of Palma and Cappuccitti? In Kendal it looks to be the opposite problem, where are they going to find innings for that stable of arms they have built up? How much will Brodie Harkness be available to the Bowmanville Bandits as they finally add a top of line pitcher to already improving roster….

9. Is this the year the Mississauga Braves finally get over the hump? Barring the loss of any players, there is just too much talent on that roster.

10. Now that the new first round playoff format which consists of a 6 team double knockout tournament has been decided, does this shift the balance of power in each conference? Vaughn, Mississauga Orioles, Port Hope, Peterborough, Clarington and Kendal are all battle tested in this format. Pitching depth becomes even more valuable.

What does everybody think????

The answers will soon come, as the 2017 season kicks off next weekend with some interesting matchups. Here’s to another successful and healthy OSBA season!

OSBA Forcaster

May 2, 2017
5:08:17 PM

Entry #: 4219846
I think I'm qualified to answer these questions. I have been around the diamond along time and I hope to be around it for much, much more. Ok lets go !!

1) Well I think the Kendal Eagles will benefit a lot since they added both Ajax Angels aces to their already stack pitching depth.

2) Again, the same answer here...Kendal Eagles adding pitching Jenkins, Whalen, Norris to go along with their offense spells 1st place in the regular season. Eagles in the East. Dragons in the West. Not much changed with the Dragons so another 1st place regular season finish for them as well.

3) With the playoff structure changing, teams like Vaughan, Scarborough will do well. I believe Scarborough will reign again.

4) Pickering looks like they are bringing back most of the same team. Yes they are a year older but they are still the same intelligent baseball team they where last year. You can't teach baseball smarts and most of their team have it. Pitching might be their down fall but I expect them to do well again this year.

5) Clarington is an interesting team. They could have a great season but my gut tells me they will be fighting for the playoffs this year. They have decent pitching and so-so offense. Only time will tell if Killoran will be able to get the job done in his final year as team manager.

6) This is a forsure YES! Royal York will make the playoffs this year. The future is bright for this team.

7) It's unfortunate but Brooklin won't have enough pitching to find their way back into the playoffs. It's good they are adding some young kids. Rod is a very passionate manager so I'm sure his team will compete every game this year.

8) Pitching is so important to many teams. Again with the playoff structure changing, having more then 2 pitchers will do well. In Port Hope, Bobby Gilligan will log a lot of innings but rumour has it the Flyers past horse Mike McNaught will be back full time to go along with 3 young guys so I believe they will be fine. Whitby lost Ryan Norris but they still have Tristian Beadle but I am sure Steve will have atleast 3 to 4 arms the league doesn't know about. Kendal will have to find a way to get these pitchers 9 games and if they do, watch out for them in the playoffs. Mississauga Orioles will rely on the ace Cappuccitti but he might not be enough to improve to get past the Vikings, Dragons, Diamonds and Braves. Bowmanville Bandits have grown leaps and bounds since first going this league. Will it be enough to stay in the playoff race this year? I think so.

9) Mississauga Braves have always been a good team. It's tough to battle teams like York, Vaughn and Scarborough throughout the year. I'm still betting the Scarborough will take the West but if the Braves won the West it wouldn't be a shock to anybody. They are a good team.

10) I mention the playoff change in the previous answers but it will be different and I think you will see new teams in the conference finals this year.

My predictions coming soon!!

2017 Season will be a good one !! Good luck to all teams.


May 2, 2017
8:35:10 PM

Entry #: 4219860
I have a burning question... how do people pay money and sit on the bench all year??? some teams have a 30 man roster.

Pat B

May 6, 2017
3:34:06 PM

Entry #: 4220167
Burning question?

The real burning question should be is if Finn Balor comes out as the demon king at the next ppv (great balls of fire).
If it has to do with the genitals I'm pretty sure we have an ointment for that .

Same old shit different year .

No one will touch Kendall in the east , you all got no chance, no chance in hell .
The dragons are lucky they stayed in the west .

Good luck to all!

Play ball

Osba ! You just made the list .

OSBA Skeptic

May 10, 2017
10:01:04 PM

Entry #: 4220555
Here's some more burning questions...

1) Does Whitby finally have a home park this year or is the President's team going to have to rig the schedule so they don't have a home game until July again this year??

2) How long till Scarborough realizes that they are going to be invited back and just concede they are now and forever more...The Maple Dragons or maybe The Maple Maples!!:))

OSBA Skeptic

May 10, 2017
10:10:15 PM

Entry #: 4220557
Almost forgot the biggest burning question of them all...

In a league that has collapsed on itself in the last 2 years from 24 teams to 16 now and shrinking, when are the Toronto teams going to realize that they have nothing in common with these Durham teams they don't even play during the season, and just start their own league??? #HalfTheTeamsHalfTheHeadache


August 9, 2017
9:56:40 AM

Entry #: 4228160
looking to get back playing ball. I can hit 150 batting average and pitch to a 27.00 Era . should be able to find a team to join.

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