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Author TOPIC: East Power Rankings

July 26, 2017
5:56:30 PM

Entry #: 4226493
1) Whitby Chiefs – I know that Pickering is first place, however Whitby has 2 fewer points and has played 2 less games, in addition Whitby has scored 10 more runs and let us 3 less in 2 fewer games. Whitby has a somewhat favorable upcoming schedule with 2 make up games against Brooklin, 4 games against Bowmanville and a DH against both Kendal and Pickering remaining. While the names change in the land of the Chiefs the results usually remain about the same. Tristan Beadle is still one of the best players in the league and Shawn Mayhew has emerged as one of Whitby’s top players. However Whitby’s main point of strength may be the depth of their pitching staff, they have what appears to be a STUPID amount of pitchers, which is weird to see in this league and is a good thing for them. They have a total of SIX pitchers with a min to 10 IP and a sub 2.00 ERA…. This may not be the Whitby team of old who can mash, having scored more than 8 runs only 5 times this season.

2) Kendal Eagles – Kendal has only played a total of 11 games and only has 2 losses, while the eagles have had an average schedule thus far in terms of difficulty they will have a busy month of August ahead of them. The eagles are led by Logan Walters, Tyson Robinson and Cody Harrison, gone are the days of the older generation rosters. With a roster infused with young names the team seems to have regained its momentum, they will probably not out slug many teams by MAN are they scrappy and make contact. The team has an overall average of .414 OBP with only a .769 OPS. Kendal has always relied on Defense and pitching and to scrap enough hits together to get a W and with this staff it is looking like a very good plan. However 2 things make me very skeptical that this team will go far in the playoffs, only 14 players to date have reached 4 GP which is the first part of the criteria for playoff eligibility (Luke Jenkins has not played a game after coming from Ajax), and the second being with SO many games in august and Kendal making the annual OBA run, how much will they have left in the tank with a limited number of players being available?

3) Pickering Pirates – This is a team that DOES NOT GO AWAY…they are a veteran scrappy team who just plain get the job done. They are beating the teams they should and are now starting to beat the teams close to them in the standings. The team is being led by Jared Kwart and by the D’Souza’s, Jared has an outrageous .615 BA, .643 OBS and a 1.451 OPS and is followed closely in all stats by Ryan D’Souza. This team has seen some turnover in the past few years with fresh faces coming in to revitalize the group. Pickering has been winners in the past and show that they are built for the long haul of the season. Perhaps the surprising part of the Pirates is their pitching staff. Dan Miched has been outstanding, Will Mariani has been… well Will Mariani and that’s just consistently good, but it IS surprising to see how well their staff is doing without Brad Binns. This is a team with depth and experience and I would not sleep on them in the least and will probably end up in the top 2 of the division.

4) Peterborough Tigers – Peterborough is a young team which relies on pitching and defence to win, their pitchers have been outstanding and Mike Nieukirk if probably the early leader for Pitcher of the year for the east. Though as a team only 3 people are hitting above ,300 however they get on base at a very steady pace, however the absence of a bit power bat to help compliment Shawn Mattson may prove to be a big problem when it comes down to the playoffs and facing top arms. This team has beaten Pickering twice already with a bit matchup coming this weekend , however they will need to learn to beat Whitby and Kendal if they want to have a shot to make it far in the east.

5) Clarington Cubs – Killer has the cubs in the middle of the Eastern Pack and has a wealth of experience on the club and the hitting side is led by Brandon Tamburro, Luke Leoen and MacKenzie Sullivan, all relatively new names to the upper echelon of hitting in the east, however teams are starting to take notice. The pitching side of things could be a bit better with an underwhelming season from Todd Van Laere. Clarington has the ability to be in each game they play with an average of plus 3 runs for each victory and 3.75 for each defeat. They aren’t a part of many blow outs and if they can get a strong final month from Van Laere they could see themselves moving up 1 spot… 2 if everything goes perfect.

6) Bowmanville Bandits – this may be a shocker to some people but I think the Bandits have earned this. They have a young team and while they are tied with Port Hope with 4 wins they have 18 more runs scored and 27 less runs allowed than Port Hope (PH has 1 game in hand) While the Bandits are currently 6th I can EASILY forecast them dropping to 7th as they have a difficult second half of the schedule. 3 of the 4 wins have come against Brooklin and they are the only team to lose to Brooklin this year. The Bandit’s pitching is a bit below average, but the bit problem is the lack of playing time from both of the Harkness’, with a combined 5 games played so far this year. In their absence though come new faces have started to step forward, Kelly Durack and Matt Miller lead the way for the Bandits. While they are currently 6 I project them moving down in a hurry in a month after facing Peterborough, port Hope, Kendal and 4 games against Whitby.

7) Port Hope Flyers – It has seemed for years that this team goes as Brett Jiggins goes, and with Brett only making 1 game so far and 99% being unable to qualify for playoffs without an exception it may be more of the same. The team has relied on Bobby Gilligan’s arm this year as they have in the past, and to a tune of 46 IP, the Flyers team as a WHOLE has 56 innings pitched by people NOT named Bobby Gilligan. Putting that amount of workload on an aging arm seems like it may start taking its toll as we enter the dog days of the OSBA. The Flyers will need help from Baker, Medhurst and McNaught if they want to get into a good position leading up to the playoffs. The team does not have a player with more than 8 RBI and oddly enough the player with the most RBI’s hits and AB’s is Bobby Gilligan. This team needs to buy that man a few pints after every DH from what it appears like from the outside looking in.

8) Brooklin Dodgers – I am pretty sure this is not a shock to most people, however what is a shock if you actually look at the games played is that they have actually played the better teams in the division very well. They have 5 games where they have lost by less than 3 runs to teams which you would expect a blow out (Pickering, Whitby and Clarington included) This changing of the guard is a bit of a painful one for the long storied team in the OSBA. In a not too distant past the Dodgers were one of the more consistent teams around, however that was with an aging lineup. After the push a few years ago with solid and yet older players didn’t work out the Dodgers have gone to the youth movement and the growing pains are evident. The team relies on Robert Morris, Mike Desputeuax and Steve Moore. Gone are the days of Jason Graham, Jay Jarvie, Jason Bowman, Jeff Canning and Lawrence Thomas. It is a painful re-build however as everyone in the league knows Rod is determined and probably the most dedicated person in this league, so while it may be painful it will also probably yield results.

Bo G

July 27, 2017
6:09:48 PM

Entry #: 4226650
I would agree for the most part. Whitby has built their team to fit the new playoff format and are as good as I've seen them but don't count Kendal out of the #1 spot. Their offense and defense is really good. Pickering does so many things right that they will be in the top 3 seeds. Peterborough is better then their record. Their players haven't been showing up on a regular basis. Clarington is around where they should be but have the pitching to be better. Bowmanville are still improving but in tough in a good Eastern Conference. Brooklin is rebuilding and battle and keep games close. Port Hope should be higher because they have beat Pickering, Whitby, Kendal and Petrborough all top 4 seeds. The loss of their best player and best young player to season ending injury has hurt. I appreciate the compliment but the Flyers are more then just one player. I guess I am basis.

Bo G

July 27, 2017
6:33:11 PM

Entry #: 4226654
Stupid auto correct sorry

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