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debbie Settle
Marietta, Ga.
October 26, 2013
7:27:04 PM

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Thank you all, for continueing to remember Leighann Settle, each year, with the Halloween Havoc...It means so very much to me...You just dont know how much!....Altough most of the girls now do not know who Leighann Settle is, I continue to come over and post pic.'s and talk to all the parents, and players, and bring pic.'s so they know who she was...and it is theryputic to me to do that, so that the new children and young girls know how important, ball was in the growth of the girls, and learning of how it is to be a part of a team, and how important it is to be there for your team. That every position on the field in important, no matter where you play, that position is very important, for any team, to win, their game...and also it carries over to adult have to be a team member, in all walks of life. I just want to thank all the adminstration, and people who work so hard to see that this happens...I appreacitate it more that you know, for Leighann to be remembered. Ball was a life saver for her , for she did not excell in school, but she had other qualities, that helped her know that everyone is different, and may not be, the best at school, in reading...but you have to find their nictch, which for Leighann was ball, in turn, increased her self esteam, and also, increased her confidienced, in herself to do better at school....I , she, owe's it all to ball, for increasing, her self estem, not to be ashamed, of herself, if she wasen't the best in school, but ball make , her have the confidance in herself, to keep on trying, and a sturburnness, of competivness, to over come her fear of school and the peer presure, she had to deal with...she was good, at her ball, she found,"I can do this good"...I may not be as good at reading as some people, but I can play ball better that some...she learned, everyone has a nitch, that is they.....and in turn, learned to say, I need help here, and it is ok to ask,.....for I can play ball, and I know, but I need a little help, with other thing's, and not a afraid to ask....... Thank you KGSA, for makeing my daughter herself, and helping me to continue to know , even though she is no longer here on this earth, you've given me the courage to go on also....Love you all very much.... Debbie Settle...Thanks so much.
Softball player
March 5, 2013
4:02:29 PM

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I am so tired of the rain! Anyone else?
Debbie Settle
October 10, 2011
9:43:42 AM

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Coach Ray
May 11, 2011
11:22:21 AM

Entry ID: 1885772
Great job to all the girls that made the All Star Teams. Good Luck this summer!
Bill Malloy
May 11, 2011
10:42:05 AM

Entry ID: 1885761
Thanks to everyone involved with KGSA I thought the Spring season was fun for all of the girls. Scheduling of games and practices was flawless. Best of luck and congratulations to all of the All Stars.
Acworth, GA
February 9, 2011
4:42:07 PM

Entry ID: 1865287
I want to say thank you to George Heitz for putting me and my best friend on the same team, this will make it even more fun! : )
Debbie Settle
Kennesaw, Ga.
October 15, 2010
10:21:03 AM

Entry ID: 1836014
Just want to thank the Association, for continuing, to remember Leighann Settle.....Her mother.....Thanks.
Debbie Settle
Kennesaw, Ga.
October 15, 2010
9:53:11 AM

Entry ID: 1836007
Just trying to find out If you all are having the Halloween Havac, this year?
Coach Ray
July 25, 2010
8:22:16 AM

Entry ID: 1809716
Great Job of Marketing Folks. I love the billboards.
Coach Rick Lamb
June 21, 2010
10:29:30 PM

Entry ID: 1802056
I have been a coach for 21yr. at adams park and have loved the prevlege and the honer to be a coach. But the past few years instead of working as one family we have split one side slow pitch one side fast pitch. I have heard that slow pitch is a dieing sport why I ask myself? It is just as competive as fast it is easyer to tech foundamentals to young girls, if you fall behind say by 10 runs you still have a chance to come back and win. More players in the field has a better chance of a play, this game is desinged for the ball to be put into play. slow pitch is a little bit slower pace this is true sometimes not most because the ball is put into play more than fastpitch. Now on the other side fast pitch has stealing you need to be a more advanced player. There is only fast pitch in highschool. But realy how meany girls will play high school there is not enough spots on the team for every girl. It is wrong to kill shuch a good sport slow pitch is fun and so is fastpitch we need to work as one. Not fight who is best there is no best just 2 sports one family help each other out! Thank you Coach Rick Lamb
Coach Stacy
May 10, 2010
12:02:13 PM

Entry ID: 1788913
Lost hit stick, if anyone has seen a black and yellow hit stick, please let me know.
April 5, 2010
11:19:03 AM

Entry ID: 1777032
LOST GLOVE: Please contact me if you recently found a glove at the park. Thanks, Stacy six seven eight- four zero nine- two zero one zero Administrator---Some gloves have been turned in to the concession stand check with the player rep for your age group to see if the one of the ones in Lost and Found belongs to you. Thanks KGSA
Cassandra Brown
January 5, 2010
6:02:24 PM

Entry ID: 1747471
Is there going to be a 19 & under team this Spring? My daughter is interested... she has played there before, Lindsay Brown... Please get with me and let me know. Unfortunately, no there will not be a 19U team playing from Adams Park for the Spring Season of 2010-KGSA
Coach Ray
June 22, 2009
2:30:22 PM

Entry ID: 1648735
Great Job to the 8 and Under Krush All Star Team for winning the GSA State Championship ! Way to go 10 and Under Krazy Katz for Taking Second Place in the USSSA State Tournament! Awesome Job 12 and Under Kaos for Taking Second Place in the Tennessee State Tournament!
Proud Bandit parent
May 17, 2009
5:01:16 PM

Entry ID: 1626295
Great job on your second place finish in the Frank Breeden Classic.BANDITS ROCK!!! Also congratulations to the other Kennesaw teams for representing the park so well.Good Luck to all the Kennesaw Allstar teams this summer!!
Coach Ray
May 14, 2009
9:26:42 AM

Entry ID: 1624513
Great Job Regulators on your 3rd place finish at the Classic Tournament. Great Job Lady Dawgs on your 3rd place finish at the Classic Tournament. Great Job to the Lightning and Stingers for 2nd place and 3rd place finishes at the Classic. Slow Pitch is Alive and Well at Adams Park with KGSA !!
KGSA Parent
May 13, 2009
9:21:12 AM

Entry ID: 1623698
GOOD LUCK to the rest of the Kennesaw teams that are still playing in the Frank Breeden Classic at West Cobb! And... Congratulations to the Stingers for placing 3rd and the Lightning for placing 2nd in the 8U Division!
May 9, 2009
10:46:05 PM

Entry ID: 1621583
Kennesaw Summer Slam dates are: June 26th - June 28th
Coach Matt
May 5, 2009
11:13:09 AM

Entry ID: 1618494
Congratulations once again Kennesaw Regulators for winning and becomeing the 12u division CHAMPS!! By repeating in the spring. Now lets bring the 1st back from the CLASSIC!!! Good Luck to all Kennesaw teams In the Classic.
May 3, 2009
11:33:43 PM

Entry ID: 1617281
GREAT JOB! ALEXSIS for being called to try-outs for All-Stars. Way to go! I know you tried your hardest which is your best as always! Keep plugging in you'll reach your goal next time!! You're the best in my book!
softball mom
May 3, 2009
8:51:36 PM

Entry ID: 1617134
Does anyone know dates Of Kennesaw Slam..We played last yr & want to do same this yr....
Sue Smith
May 3, 2009
3:11:51 PM

Entry ID: 1616878
GO KENNESAW BANDITS!!!Congratulations on your 14U Division championship.You are a very talented group and have worked hard for this time.Good Luck to the Kennesaw 14U Sparks Allstar team this summer.I know you will represent the park admirably and go far in the upcoming tournaments.GO SPARKS!!!
another 19u player
February 13, 2009
7:52:56 PM

Entry ID: 1563417
haha i agree with the other 19u player...
January 2, 2009
4:51:53 PM

Entry ID: 1536021
December 4, 2008
9:24:22 PM

Entry ID: 1521355
HEY coach david!!!!! GOOD job on the Christmas tree... I know that the people that made the tree was very very happy. I think people that help the community is very good people. I love playing with the GEORGIA FORCE.

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