Last Updated: October 31, 2017
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CVVC Constitution (current)
Original "Toyota Volleyball" constitution and bylaws - to be replaced during 2018 season

2010 parent/coaches handbook

Score Sheet Clinic
Many parents will be tasked some day with keeping score. If you attend a Super Series, Provincials and/or the Nationals, it will be expected from you to know how to correctly fill out this form. This slideshow will help you through this. Good luck :)

Skipping Program
Skipping is a great way to improve your foot speed, agility and vertical. These are all important ingredients in the making of a serious volleyball player. Be sure to read this article.

Coaches Code of Conduct
The Strikers code of conduct for the coaches in our Club.

10 Commandments of Parents
Parents, please take the time to read this. We'll all be far better off if we can all agree to these simple rules.

Parent's Pledge
Another important read for our parents.

Pool Chart for 4 teams
For coaches organizing Playdays/tournaments

Pool Chart for 5 teams
For Coaches organizing Playdays and tournaments.

Athlete Performance Evaluation
An example that coaches can use during tryouts.

VBC Allsport Accident Insurance Claim Form
Policy Number #AS1242