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2017 - State Credentials Check List

2014 - Hall of Fame Press Release - Jim Bullard

2013 - Hall of fame Press Release George Jaye

2014 - Hall of Fame Press Release - Steve Klein

2014 - KLEIN Inducted into MAR Hall of Fame

2014 - BULLARD Inducted into MAR Hall of Fame

2015 - Hall of Fame Press Release - Elliott "Skip" Adams

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2015 - Press Release Hall Of Fame TORTORA

2016 & 2017 Suggested Tournament Pitching Rules


2017 6 team pool play 2 divisions

2017 - Reinstatement Rule Signature Page

2016 Presidents Handbook

2016 Hall of Fame Press Release- Frank Bellizzi

Directions for Mt Olive 2014 Credentials Meeting

Directions to Greenville West Side in Jersey City

Directions to North Flemington

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Directions to Edison Boys

Directions to Bayonne

Directions to Matawan-Aberdeen

Directions to Budd lake Field

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Directions to the Flemington Complex

Directions to Rutherford Memorial Field

Directions to Tamblyn Field Rutherford

Directions to Bridgewater Torpey Athletic Complex

Directions to Flemington 2012

Directions to Baird Cameron and Memorial Park

Directions to Monroe Park

Directions to East Brunswick

Directions to Mount Olive (Turkey Brook Park)

Directions to South Plainfield

Directions to Hazlet

Directions to Bud Lake School/Mount Olive

Directions to Manalapan

Directions to Bridgewater

Directions to The Yard at Foot Locker Stadium - Bayonne

Directions to Branchburg - White Oak Park

Directions to Wrights Field - Bloomfield Revised

Directions to Hillsborough

Directions to Mount Olive Muni Bldg

Directions to North Brunswick Revised

Directions to Union City Cal Ripken Field - Revised

Directions to Mt Olive Revised

Directions to Secaucus Kane Stadium
Kane Stadium is a new all turf field.
The Town of Secaucus and its Board of Education does not permit the use of metal cleats anywhere on the field.
You may use turf shoes, plastic cleats or sneakers.
Please advise your fans that no picnic coolers or alcoholic beverages are permitted within the confines of the stadium.
There are restrooms and a concession stand with a varied menu at the stadium.
We are guests in their home and must conform to their wishes.