Last Updated: 10/2/2017

Las Vegas - Coleco Classic Cup 2008


2007-08 Quebec Rankings - With Re-Sorts
Re-sorted the main spreadsheet for each tournament. Each tournament's ranking has its own page in this spreadsheet. Also, added the league each player is affiliated with (if known).

ATHL, Montreal, QC - Season to Date (Feb 17)
Montreal's ATHL. Individual game results per week and overall standings.

NYCTHA 2006-07 Regular Season & Playoff Statistics
Numerous spreadsheet pages of most, not all statistics from each day of league play. But all player vs player statistics for the regular season. Playoff statistics too.

NYC "Original Six" Tournament, Sept., 2006

A Guide to All Annual Table Hockey Tournaments In North America
This guide includes all known tournament dates, tournament names, location, board type, number of participants in previous years, tournament organizer's name, email and/or telephone number, and tournament website addresses. It will also tally up the number of tournaments each current and previous year by geography and board type, along with any other relevant information.